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  1. I don't think they've ever done those horns in Green/Gold but they have done them in White/Green.
  2. I have one expiring this week as well. Send me a link to some of your work if you are interested.
  3. Since I really came into my hockey fandom during his tenure with the Rangers, I always associate Gretzky with them first. Plus, I used to play this game all the time. Another hockey one, Peter Forsberg as a Flyer.
  4. I’d really love to see the NHL commit to a 4 division, no conferences alignment. Put Seattle in the Pacific, move Arizona to the Central. And then have the top four teams in each division make the playoffs and face off against their division for the first two rounds. Then when you get to the final four division winners, re-seed based on regular season record.
  5. The Avs just posted this a couple minutes ago. No real surprise that the navy alt is back.
  6. They should have gone with Austin Wanderers FC.
  7. A lot of it depends on individual things; What state you are in, is this your sole source of income or do you have a full-time job and this is a second job, how much income are you bringing in, your business org structure, etc. The short answer to these things (like BrandMoore pointed out) is to find a tax guy. It'll save you a lot of guesswork.
  8. The city/state has some potential, but literally everything has a Colorado flag on it now. So, they are a little late to that party. The name is definitely rough, though. The pick axe logo is the best design they’ve ever had. Which isn’t saying much, as they’ve had a lot of garbage logos.
  9. Those aren’t just three uniform styles in the past 37 years, those are three different brands. And this new one makes 4 different brands in just under 40 years. Substaintially changing your look every decade is not the best way to go about things. They are certainly an organization that doesn’t known what they want to be. The more I look at this look, the more it grows on me. I just hope they actually stick with it.
  10. Over the past couple years they have been doing everything they could to distance themselves from powder blue. They dropped it from all their social media and promotional materials about 3-4 years ago, all their recent merchandise has been navy centric, progressively adding more and more navy to the uniforms, etc. I think they used the Nike overhaul as a means to loose the powder blue jerseys even sooner.
  11. That’s my biggest gripe with the color balance. The shorts being devoid of clay and gold throws everything off for me. Even just a tad bit of gold and clay trim would go a long way.
  12. They aren’t terrible. The color balance is off, and I hate that style of collar. But overal, they’re fine. I am going to miss that weird looking mountain logo though. It was weirdly charming, the way a logo for a terrible team should be. My reaction to these new logos/uniforms is my general reaction to everything this organization does: Why?
  13. No one is bashing the mountains behind the skyline. Like you said, you need those in order for people not to mistake it for a different skyline. It’s the mountain/hill in front of the skyline that people are objecting to. Not only is it cluttered and unnecessary, but regardless what mountainside star it is trying to represent, its geographically incorrect. And neither is close enough to Denver for it to warrant inclusion.
  14. It definitely makes more sense, but it is still a bit of a stretch. I don’t mind the star on either of the logos, but just leave it as a star. There’s no need to force some kind of half-hearted reasoning behind it.