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  1. Canadiens in red against the Bruins in white has always been my favorite NHL matchup.
  2. I'm really interested in seeing how the Final Four route works this year compared to the usual conference championships, because I'm hoping this format sticks around post-covid.
  3. The navy shorts for Columbus are similar to the blue shorts for the Avalanche, black socks for the Bruins, and white numbers for the Blues. Does it look better? I guess. But it doesn't look right.
  4. Eh. While I agree this is a publicity stunt, I honestly don't care what/who a team wants to put into their own "ring of honor." It's more or less an Employee of the Month award. Want to put in a kid with cancer that spent a lot of time with the team? Sure. Want to put in your mascot? Sure. Want to put in the owner's dog? Why not? I think people put way too much emphasis on hall of fames and even more unnecessary emphasis on team's individual ring of whatevers. Anybody spending substantial time arguing against "honoring" an athlete should probably find a healthier obsession.
  5. That's with just the name "Peachtree." If you factor in streets that contain the word Peachtree (Peachtree Park, Peachtree Hills, Peachtree Forest, etc.) in their name it jumps up over 70. My favorite of which being Peachtree Battle Avenue.
  6. In their press release they mentioned “several jersey modifications” or something to that effect, which I assumed meant swapping number colors. But there hasn’t been any official look at those changes yet.
  7. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, but as of right now I hate it.
  8. As @sportsfan7 mentioned above, there are a few other recognized major leagues who are not apart of MLB and whose stats are not used to determine MLB records so this won't change anything in that regard. I imagine this was mainly done so that, as @GDAWG said, they can finally induct some Negro League players into the baseball hall of fame that were previously excluded because they did not have 10 years of "major league" service time.
  9. Katie dressed for Colorado but never actually played.
  10. I could be mistaken, but I believe Ball sold off its canning jar manufacturing business (as well as licensed out the name) awhile ago. So while the jars still say Ball, they’re made by a completely separate company.
  11. Ball hasn’t manufactured canning jars in quite some time. Most of their business is in aerospace manufacturing now, as well as trying to replace plastic cups with recyclable aluminum cups. They’re also one of Colorado’s largest employers. Ball Arena sounds like a weird name at first, but there’s honestly no better ‘Colorado’ company to sell the rights to.
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