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  1. In their press release they mentioned “several jersey modifications” or something to that effect, which I assumed meant swapping number colors. But there hasn’t been any official look at those changes yet.
  2. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, but as of right now I hate it.
  3. As @sportsfan7 mentioned above, there are a few other recognized major leagues who are not apart of MLB and whose stats are not used to determine MLB records so this won't change anything in that regard. I imagine this was mainly done so that, as @GDAWG said, they can finally induct some Negro League players into the baseball hall of fame that were previously excluded because they did not have 10 years of "major league" service time.
  4. Katie dressed for Colorado but never actually played.
  5. I could be mistaken, but I believe Ball sold off its canning jar manufacturing business (as well as licensed out the name) awhile ago. So while the jars still say Ball, they’re made by a completely separate company.
  6. Ball hasn’t manufactured canning jars in quite some time. Most of their business is in aerospace manufacturing now, as well as trying to replace plastic cups with recyclable aluminum cups. They’re also one of Colorado’s largest employers. Ball Arena sounds like a weird name at first, but there’s honestly no better ‘Colorado’ company to sell the rights to.
  7. Not the Colorado team I thought would make the conference finals, but I’ll take it!
  8. It's a bit of Stockholm syndrome for sure, but I feel the same way. Their current look isn't spectacular but it's better than any other idea I have seen presented for the team and it's stuck this long. I was fairly certain they were going to switch to the alternate look when Adidas took over and am so glad they didn't. The alternate faux-Rockies look is just so boring and forgettable. EDIT: And as someone born and raised in Colorado, I am so sick of seeing the damn flag on everything. I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL had a rule about switching brezzers for a non-event one off. I can't think of an example where a team wore different breezers with their primary look for a random game in the middle of a season.
  9. They just got a new owner almost a year ago. They also replaced their CFO a couple months ago. This embarrassing error is probably due to high turnover within their finance department because of the new CFO and a complete lack of organization during the switchover of employees.
  10. That was a heart-breaking exit for the Avalanche. The Avs were such a fun time to watch all year, and this series with Dallas was fantastic. Even with the injuries and the third string goalie, I thought they were going to pull off the comeback. I'll now be rooting for the Canucks to get a Canadian team the cup again. But, Vegas/Dallas would be an incredibly physical series and a lot of fun to watch.