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  1. The saving graces of the powder blue look was the shiny fabric and the absence of navy. Once they switched to the matte fabric in @DG_ThenNowForever's middle pic, that was the beginning of the end. The yellow skyline alts were good, but they quickly committed to navy after those were released and we ended up with this set.
  2. Those Cooper masks were my favorite. As a kid who did not play organized hockey and couldn't ice skate without falling, I always told myself I would rock one of these when I made it to the NHL.
  3. We still haven't seen the full stadium series uniform including pants/helmets/gloves officially. The leak had blue pants, and a blue helmet would make sense with that. But in all the promo photos everyone is wearing black pants and accessories (including gloves). So I wouldn't be surprised if they trot these out with their standard black pants/helmets/gloves. They look a lot better in the promo shots than they did in the leak, but I still think they look ridiculous. I'm definitely going to buy one, though.
  4. Seeing how they utilize a base color that literally no one else uses, I'd say they are very unique.
  5. Because those people usually have no actual knowledge of design principles and no basis for that accusation. It's like me criticizing NASA because they took the same route to the moon again. How lazy and boring of them.
  6. I stand by what I said. It’s not a terrible identity, but it gets way too much praise. The Stars look their best right now. The only thing I’d change is to put a Texas shoulder patch in place of the roundel logo, and then give me a black alternate with g/b/w/b/g striping like their original Dallas set.
  7. The Dallas Stars tried to forget about Minnesota before they even left Minnesota. Why would they throwback to those years? Plus the North Stars identity has to be the most overrated identity in hockey. There’s no need for anyone to do a North Stars throwback.
  8. I see my Colorado/Mountain design that I did like 10 years ago all over the place. Etsy, a shirt in K-Mart a couple years ago, and there’s even a dispensary in downtown Denver that has a sticker of it on their window. I realize it’s a super common design to do for anything Colorado related, and I have no issue with people doing their own version. What irks me is when people just straight lift mine and use it for their Etsy shop. Especially because they always steal the first draft version and not the updated one. At least use the better looking one.
  9. Slate numbers aren't terrible.
  10. I never understood the 'hard on my eyes' argument that the Oilers royal/orange combos seem to bring up. Maybe my eyes aren't as sensitive to shades of orange as every one else's. But, it's a deep royal blue and a muted orange, nothing eye-searing about either of those colors. If anything, the current shade of orange they use is hard on the eyes.
  11. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for a hockey rink template that includes the boards, like below. Willing to pay for the template if need be. My google searches have come up empty.
  12. In most cases I like when teams do that. 100% stripe consistency is a little boring to me. The current Maple Leafs both do a fantastic job with stripe consistency while not just slapping the same design everywhere. Their sleeve stripes match their sock stripes, and their hem stripes match their pants stripe.
  13. Unpopular opinion, but I'm a huge fan of hockey uniforms that have the numbers on the shoulders. This is the best Oilers uniform, ever.
  14. Other than mountains (which, even though us native Coloradans like to think we invented mountains, are very much a huge part of Calgary's culture as well) nothing says Avalanche or Colorado at all. Everything pretty clearly says Calgary Flames. They could probably come up with a more unique C+F or just C mark for the middle. But regardless, this should be the replacement for those stupid shoulder flags.
  15. If the flames are switching back to their throwbacks like we think they are, then they need to just leave the shoulders blank. If they stick with the current setup or go a new direction, then this needs to be their shoulder patch.
  16. Here's a pic from Baylor's website. While they still look a little more drab than usual, they aren't nearly as bad as they looked on TV. I think it had to do with the camera lighting as everything else looked washed out too.
  17. Every concept I’ve seen that switch’s black out of the Avs set looks worse off. I think the black works. Especially for a 90s team where everything else is over designed, having the equipment portion of the uniforms (pants, gloves, helmet) be just standard black equipment is a nice contrast.
  18. So is using food chain puns as the basis for any decision.
  19. Using 50% less is still a win. You’re never going to eliminate the manufacturing completely and you’re never going to eliminate the environmental impact completely. But what you can do is push the materials that have the least impact and hopefully they became the norm rather than the exception. This “Sustainable Uniform” is definitely not a perfect product, but it’s a start. And it’s a little push in the right direction for an industry that is in desperate need of one.