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  1. Let's see Rogers pitch Game 6 and wash his hands before the game. Maybe he'll get rocked like he did as a Yankee!
  2. i kind of get this (the nba thing) but then the question is why six divisions? division winners should be rewarded... is it good to have two teams from the same state playing in a championship series?
  3. I was talking about Davis here not Alford I agree with the comments that Davis was not a great recruiter by any means..Indiana should have had Oden and May go there..He went to the finals his first year with Knight recruits ..I think players liked Davis and he is a nice guy but he was a terrible game coach and consistently lost big games...He still coaches like he is in the CBA...He might do well at a smaller school Alford would restore the program..What people who aren't close to Indiana don't realize is that basketball is the school's identity..They don't have big football teams and soccer doesn't register big.. Say what you will about Knight...He didn't do anything horrible (except maybe moon Puerto Rico)..He may have been crude and obnoxious..but he won..his players graduated and were successful and people knew and respected his teams (even if they didn't respect him).. Alford is a disciple but he is respected as a decent person as well..He would be ideal
  4. He is a nice guy, but was out of his league as a Big Ten coach. He was consistently out-coached in big games.
  5. It would have taken him more than a year to get twelve home runs anyway!
  6. I kind of agree with that.. If the Pistons had taken Anthony at #2 then Darko would have gone to Denver and maybe have done well there and Brown would have buried Anthony on the bench.
  7. Yeah maybe equal to Portland passing on Jordan to take Bowie What is up with Orlando? Rumors that they will trade Francis
  8. I believe Gretsky should be given the benefit of the doubt..right now it is all heresay But does anyone know a woman who would bet a half million bucks on the Super Bowl??? It is all kind of crazy
  9. Quinn quits! Bring on the Knight!
  10. The West forwards are always stacked..when you start with Garnett and Duncan and Nowitzki not much room Good to see Brand there Overall pretty good
  11. His assistant coach is running a gambling ring and his wife is a gambler.. I hope he is innocent and definitely until proven otherwise..but what a PR disaster for him This is pretty tragic!
  12. Knight to Mizzou?? Yeah! At least there wouldn't be all the infractions anymore..The Quinn era has been a disaster!