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  1. I really like what you did with the Dynamo, RSL, LA, and Kansas City. I think the changes there were phenomenal and well-exectuted. But take a word from someone who has made one too many "quick concepts" ; quick concepts don't get the response you'd like. Also, some fans are set on their names/colors/styles, and that should be kept in mind when redesigning unless you're purposely trying to be other-dimensional. Ultimately, keeping an aspect of practicality in mind usually works well when presenting a concept
  2. So after discarding about five or six attempts at this, I decided I would get critique as I go. So as of right now, this is what I have. Just the lower bowl at the moment. C&C as I work is encouraged! Thanks!
  3. If there were ever to be a clueless team as far as how to design a hockey sweater in the early days of the NHL, it would be the Florida Panthers. Founded as the Miami Panthers, the team went with what they believed to be a solid Ronald McDonald meets Hershey Chocolate uniform combination, and took to the ice wearing this gem.
  4. Thanks all! Wondering if maybe I should do a few more.. Any suggestions if so?
  5. Back in a time when electricity was a newfangled technology (maybe not quite that far back), there was a hockey club in the land of sun, who established themselves as the Tampa Bay Lightning. But in all seriousness, here is my interpretation of the Lightning fauxback if there were such a thing. Thanks to Tim O'Brien for the template! C&C encouraged and appreciated!
  6. Good start, but here's a few things to consider. 1) You were right, the face looks off because the features are a bit too small, plus he doesn't look all that intimidating, he looks confused or bored. Or both. 2) Consider highlights within the texts to separate the TERROR from the silver. Also you might want to add a bit of a black outline to differentiate the two colors slightly, as that purple is not dark enough to be in contrast to the silver by itself. 3) Being nitpicky and OCD as I am, the logo is not as symmetrical as it should be in some places. The bottoms of the T and the last R should either arc together and run diagonally without an arc. Also the lightposts should be the same or at least create the same outline and stay the same distance away from the letters. Good start though! Looking forward to the progression!
  7. Great concept, although I think I'd go with the rink over the V(ANCOUVER) logo on the shoulders. Nice work!
  8. Well to diverge means to separate in two opposite directions, so the waves almost touch but then go in opposite directions. And so that it wasn't just two awkward lines, I added a lightning bolt of sorts to the end of the vertical lines.
  9. I recently left my old band and I'm starting a new one. I was just doodling one day in class and I came up with the basic idea for Diverge, and after some modifications I sketched this up. (large image) What do you all think?
  10. 1. White on a gray jersey is a negative, but I can understand the "white" needed for a White Sox jersey. 2. I'd like to see the flying sock in a baseball diamond, looks out of place in a circle IMO. 3. The numbers on the home and alternate look a bit thick to me, maybe think about thinning them up? Otherwise, pretty decent start!
  11. I came up with these... good start? (Large pictures, that's the reasoning for the links) C&C appreciated!
  12. I can try, I'm just not all too familiar with what makes a soccer crest a soccer crest. Any ideas?
  13. I wanted to do that, but I figured if I went the MLS route a black outline was a necessity, but I prefer that idea myself, soI'll change it up!
  14. Thanks to HarperK for the template, first and foremost! This is my first attempt at a soccer template, so don't go too hard on me haha! C&C is always appreciated!