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  1. Why BYU? The WAC already has New Mexico State, which is an FBS member.
  2. The WAC isn't interested in UIW or Houston Baptist (although the Huskies are already a WAC affiliate member in men's soccer). This whole plan by the WAC (and to a lesser extent, the Atlantic Sun's plan) is fueled by the hopes and dreams of FBS money. The two biggest issues towards this are these. 1.) Attendance. Of the teams mentioned in both the plans for the WAC and the A-SUN, only two of three schools looked at by the A-Sun (Eastern Kentucky and Jacksonville State) have stadium numbers above the 15,000 threshold required to be an FBS member (even though this rule is rarely, if ever, enforced). Everyone else has to add seats to hopefully reach that threshold, which costs money. 2.) Scholarships. Does anyone out there think that any of these schools have the money to pay for 20+ more scholarships?!?
  3. To add a little extra intrigue here... The WAC is also looking into getting football back
  4. It's weird for a few reasons.. one being that EKU and Jacksonville State would leave for this half assed scheme. Same for Central Arkansas. But, something tells me that Liberty may really want an A-Sun football conference. There are a few hurdles with this plan, none bigger then Liberty being an FBS school while the remaining members (The three newcomers plus Kennesaw State, North Alabama and Stetson) are FCS schools. They also have to convince Stetson, a member of the Pioneer League, to pay for scholarships... a very hard sell in this day and age.
  5. Hello.


    Sorry I didn't get my lineup in in time (I thought the Saturday deadline was the usual 12:00 PM. Didn't realize it was 11:45 AM this week)


    Anyway, here's the lineup I would've gone with:


    QB: Chad Kanoff, Princeton

    RB: Martin Ruiz, Youngstown State

    WR: Keelan Doss, UC Davis

    WR: John Maddaluna, Colgate

    FLEX (TE): Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State

    FLEX (RB): Tremane McCullough, SE Missouri State

    DEF: Coastal Carolina

    TK: McNeese State

  6. PS, with the drafting of stables/tag teams, I think you'll see it move pretty quickly. 

  7. Hey, dude. So here's what I'm thinking for the supplemental draft.


    We go an additional 13 rounds. BUT, starting in the 14th round (after our initial scheduled draft concludes), you can draft tag teams/stables as a complete unit. However, doing so spends a draft pick for each member chosen.

    So, for example, let's say you choose the Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel) in round 14. That counts as your picks for round 15 and 16, too. I would then draft three in a row to even the scorecard. 


    And just like currently, you still could draft individual members – so let's say you really want Axel, but not the other two. That's fine. Just draft Curtis with your 14th round pick and then you'll have your 15th as scheduled. 


    Make sense and sound good?

    1. Seadragon76


      That's a great idea... It will make things easier at that point. Plus, it'll allow either one to take the team, like New Day, without any issues.

  8. just happens to like anything with caffeine... except coffee. Stinking tar like crap in a cup, I tell ya.