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  1. Eastern Conference: 1. Milwaukee 2. Boston 3. Philadelphia 4. Toronto 5. Orlando 6. Brooklyn (Could go up if Durant makes a comeback) 7. Indiana 8. Miami Western Conference: 1. Denver 2. Houston 3. LA Clippers 4. Portland 5. LA Lakers 6. Utah 7. San Antonio 8. Golden State
  2. I don't know which fate is worst: Getting cold cocked in the 1st Inning like Atlanta had or seeing a game and series ending Grand Slam end your hope like LA had.
  3. New England (Jones is in for a world of hurt here...) Tampa Bay (Call this my upset special...) Washington (TANK BOWL! The Redskins win the game, but the Lolphins take the tank) Kansas City (I don't see the current power outage for the offense last any longer then this week...) Seattle (Cleveland will be glad to get a bye week after this one) Philadelphia (This is simple: Philly has a winning record. Kirk Cousins doesn't beat teams with winning records. Therefore, Eagles win) New Orleans (Saints are looking very good right now. More then enough to take care of the Mississippi Mustache) Baltimore (Cincinnati continues to be snake bitten...) San Francisco (The other upset special..) Arizona (Atlanta's defense was roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp by Houston... imagine what the Air Raid could do here??) Tennessee (I don't see a repeat of last week for the Titans... in case anyone wanted to know, it was like getting kicked in the yams) Dallas (After 2 losses in a row, the Cowboys need a punching bag. Sorry, Jets) LA Chargers (After last week, Pittsburgh is going to need a stronger medical cart to carry them out of LA...) Green Bay (Just cause...)
  4. I want Narwhals because... well, dammit, Narwhals is the only acceptable choice here.
  5. Tarleton State's move isn't official yet, but the idea is that they're going to be in the WAC for all sports outside of football, which will be an FCS independent. This is... a strange move, to a degree. They're in danger of being under the six school limit to considered a legitimate conference next season. They're losing Cal State Bakersfield to the Big West and Kansas City to the Summit. In return, you have two D-II invites (Dixie State and Tarleton State) coming in as replacements. Cal Baptist will only be halfway through the reclassification process. The WAC is basically one move or Chicago State closure from being dead meat.
  6. Like I mentioned before, this could give the Summit League football for the first time ever. That's a big deal. In other realignment based moves: -Tarleton State (TX) is heading to the WAC in 2020. Similar to fellow newcomer Dixie State, the Texans will become an FCS Independent program. -Purdue Fort Wayne leaves the Summit for the Horizon. This move works better for the Mastodons since they'll be in a more centrally based league instead of being the eastern most school in a league that's looking to be more Great Plains based.
  7. A few things to note: This move wouldn't happen until 2021 (when the Tommies are going to get the boot from the MIAC for being too good) and the NCAA has to grant their waiver allowing them to jump from Division III to Division I. This would help the Summit League get football off the ground. They already have five football playing schools (The Dakota schools and Western Illinois). Adding St. Thomas would allow the Summit League to have football at the FCS level.
  8. It was a bad call, but I don't care. Seattle won, end of story.
  9. That was fun... It's always nice when the Seahawks win and it's even better when it's against the Lambs. Especially when Clay Matthews brought his uncanny ability to get craptastic roughing the passer calls with him to L.A.
  10. UC-Anaheim reminds of the Alouettes in the CFL, for some reason.
  11. Woof... Well, time to try again. Seattle (I don't expect the Rams to give up double nickels again, but the short rest will catch up to them...) Philadelphia (Has Darnold gotten over his mono issues? The Jets could use him right about now) Houston (Atlanta just doesn't have the same firepower on defense that Houston does) Baltimore (Lamar Jackson is due for a bounce back game) New England (The Patriots are going to be so full from the cupcakes that college teams are looking at them like "I want their schedule") Buffalo (Defense saves the day) Cincinnati (You know, if they didn't shoot themselves in the foot, the Bengals would be 2-2 right now) Chicago (It's a Mack Attack in London.) NY Giants (Although this is perfect prey for Cousins since the Giants are at .500, I'm starting to like Daniel Jones) Jacksonville (Dat Minshew Swagger (TM) is more then enough here) New Orleans (There's no way the Bucs are dropping 55 again, especially after what the Saints did last weekend) LA Chargers (Melvin Gordon returns to basically make Denver fans hit the bottle once again) Green Bay (Rodgers > Prescott) Kansas City (Mahomes continues to amaze) San Francisco (Okay, Cleveland... back to reality for you)
  12. I know here in Washington State that the 3A and 4A title games are on Root Sports Northwest. Speaking of the title games, the state had to move them from the Tacoma Dome thanks to rising rent prices and a seating change. They'll still be in the Tacoma area, but not at the dome itself. The 1B and 4A championship games will be Mt. Tahoma Stadium (Which is in Tacoma), the 2A and 3A championship games will be Sparks Stadium in Puyallup and the 2B and 1A championship games will be at Harry Lang Stadium in Lakewood. The stadiums are within 13 miles of each other, so fans can go to one game and then catch another (One ticket is good for all three sites). If the title game is between two central or eastern schools, then they may move the game to a closer location for them with state approval.
  13. I don't know what's more shocking: The fact that the Rams lost... or the fact that they gave up 55 points to Tampa Bay... They gave up double nickels to Famous Jameis and his Turnover Bakery. Well, it sure makes Thursday more interesting!
  14. Tonight is gonna feel bittersweet... It's probably the last start for Felix in a Mariners jersey. God, why does this team waste talent all the time?