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  1. Having UTRGV with football helps the WAC land on their feet a little quicker then the ASUN will. The ASUN still has to find that sixth member to help reach that guideline for an automatic bid in the FCS playoffs.
  2. So, what happens now? Is someone one else coming in to take the spot that Sacramento had? Are they going to just stay at 29 teams??
  3. IF this trade happens... I want everyone GONE. Carroll, The GM, everyone in the front office... All of them OUT! These are the kind of moves that ruins franchises. This is the first time ever that Seattle is relevant in the football world and now they're looking to ruin it... No. Russ needs to stay in Seattle, dammit.
  4. It's WAY too late to move an event of this magnitude elsewhere, so.. yeah, FIFA is hosed here.
  5. I understand the history behind the nickname is not exactly clean.. But, part of me wished that Valpo went the way Holy Cross did: Keep the name, but change the logo to a shield with a monogram on it.
  6. The halftime show was.. okay. Granted, I have no knowledge at all of the guy performing at all and I spent the rest of it wondering why his dancers looked like they had underwear on their heads like they were going to a Florida Man party after the show. As for the game itself: What a stark contrast to what Kansas City did to Tampa on Thanksgiving weekend, when Mahomes and Hill literally ran the Buccaneer secondary out of the stadium in the 1st quarter. Tampa made a game out of it in the end, but what Kansas City did in the first quarter set the tone for the game and gave Tampa Bay a blueprint as to how they could stop the Chiefs if they met again. Lo and behold, the Buccaneers had their blueprint ready to go in the Super Bowl and it worked - Hill torched them for 13 catches for 269 yards and 3 scores. In the Super Bowl? 7 catches for 73 yards. Whatever that blueprint was worked to damn near perfection. It also didn't help that the Chiefs were shorthanded on the offensive line and had so many penalty issues. It was just a total and complete off game for them, which is weird as hell. On the other side... what else can you say about Tom Brady that hasn't been said yet? I personally think he found the fabled Fountain of Youth after that loss to Kansas City..
  7. You know, the new nicknames are making a ton of sense to me. This one, for example, is a good one that works with what the area is known for - water sports.
  8. Am I the only one thinking of old pinball tables with the name 'Bally'?
  9. That's a possibility. They may have gone the same route as Stetson, though. As for that 6th team: I've heard that Chattanooga might be it.
  10. More like NO on anyone jumping up. All the schools have to adhere to the attendance rules and have to find a way for each school to get to 85 scholarships. In this day and age where money is scarce, it's not going to happen.
  11. We now have a general idea for March Madness... Selection Sunday - March 14th First Four - March 18th (Two games at West Lafayette and Bloomington) First Round - March 19th and 20th (All six sites host games; First Four winners play on Saturday) Second Round - March 21st and 22nd (All six sites host games) Sweet 16 - March 27th and 28th (Held at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Hinkle Fieldhouse) Elite Eight - March 29th and 30th (Held at Lucas Oil Stadium) Final Four - April 3rd and 5th (Held at Lucas Oil Stadium)
  12. Hmm... I'm probably sure he does. In fact, it might go like this: "I want to thank the former GM for bringing me in, despite the fact that he was so thirsty that Niagara Falls couldn't quench his thirst for foreign women. I also want to thank the current GM for cleaning up that mess and letting me play on a team that couldn't close out games to save their lives. Thanks and remember: LOL METS!"
  13. It's another episode of LOLMETS! Dude should just know better. Stuff like that always, always ends up biting the guy in the ass.
  14. Neither option works for me. The Pac-12 would want Boise to in with someone in order to keep the partner pairs equal and to keep some sort of order. Now, who would be willing to join Boise? Well, BYU is a decent option.. but you have to work around their 'No Sunday' rule (which isn't that difficult to work with). Idaho is another option, but who am I kidding? Going Independent in football requires lots of money. Boise would need to get some sort of sweet heart deal with ESPN (Like BYU does) or Fox Sports (Who has the Mountain West deal right now)