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  1. Okay... so Seattle some moving around, landed at 29 and took a defensive end. That's nice and all... the guy I wished they would of taken (Montez Sweat) was already taken by Washington, so I guess the market for edge rushers was weaker then I thought. Sounds like he's good against the run, which is a great thing (Despite how good the defense was last year, they did allow nearly 5 yards a run last year). The best part? More picks.
  2. That was one hell of a lucky bounce to get the game winner. With this win, the highest seeds left are now San Jose and Boston.
  3. For all the crap OKC was talking in this series (especially Westbrook), they got quieted pretty quickly. Of course, Dame going off for 50 and finishing them off with a shot from freaking Hillsboro can do that. Now, for the best part: rest. Denver and San Antonio are fighting it out and that helps the Blazers.
  4. Bravo, San Jose... I was expecting the usual, but that didn't happen. Instead, they grew some big balls and came back to win. Will this get rid of the stench of years past? No... but does it feel good for Sharks fans? Yeah. This has to feel really good.
  5. Yeah... it is and there will be a Game 7. Who would of guess that a shorty would save the day?
  6. Why do I get the feeling that San Jose is going to win this game only to get beaten to a bloody pulp in Game 7 on Tuesday?
  7. They must be content with competing in the Europa League next year...
  8. Watching these games have given me a little insight here... this year, it's really about throwing the regular season record out. So far, of the four that have advanced to the 2nd round, the lower seed has advanced in three of the four series (The Islanders are the lone exception). In the other four series, the lower seed currently leads with, again, one exception in Washington. It sure as hell makes for interesting television.
  9. So, that means 22 postseason trips for them... Of those trips, here's how it breaks down (not including this season since that series is still going on): Did Not Qualify - 6 Out in the 1st Round - 7 Out in the 2nd Round - 9 Out in the Conference Finals - 3 Stanley Cup Finals - 1 (Lost) Of these playoff trips, 16 of them end in the first two rounds... they are the hockey equivalent to Gonzaga basketball.
  10. True... at least the Sharks are playoff contenders year in and year out. They just keep pulling the rug out Charlie Brown style every year.
  11. I wonder how San Jose fans stay fans after everything the Sharks have done to basically throw the fans under the bus..
  12. It makes more sense if you live in an area of the country where high school and college wrestling is a big deal, like I did when I lived in Iowa.
  13. True... but if I'm Columbus, I want the Boston/Toronto series to go 7 games. All that rest can be a really good thing AND whoever survives that series may not be 100% by the time the 2nd Round series begins.
  14. That's why I apologized. Hell, even I realize that all I have are excuses that are extremely flimsy at best and at worst... well.. paper thin would be right. Now comes the million dollar question for Tampa Bay: What the hell do you do now? Your team won 62 games only to crash and burn in the worst way possible: getting swept in the 1st round against a team that, before today, hasn't won a playoff series in franchise history.
  15. Because so many people have made fun of the teams that I like for so long that sometimes, the only joy I get is through schadenfreude. Look... I can try to explain my reasoning as much as I can, but the fact of the matter is that I acted like a jerk and tried to ruin your celebration here. I'm better then that and I should realize that. For that, I apologize to you, @Ice_Cap and @crashcarson15.