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  1. In a way, you're right. Half of their schedule was gone thanks to other conferences either going with a conference only schedule or outright cancelling their seasons. People are going to say that health and the safety of the players are a big part of the decision... but half their season gone, I think it was a money decision. I also want to say that at this point, I personally think that Group of 5 schools might want to start planning to schedule games against fellow Group of 5 schools. The Sun Belt is going to allow each member to have their four non-conference games and from my research, it comes out like this: -Appalachian State and Troy comes out the worst for wear as they lost three non-conference games each -Coastal Carolina lost one game and has the potential to lose another game depending on what Kansas does for their 9+1 format -Most of the schools have lost at least 1 game -Texas State is the lucky one as they've lost no games.
  2. We have our first team bowing out due the pandemic as UConn pulls the plug on their 2020 season
  3. Now the Power 5 is taken care of after the Big 12's decision to go with a 9+1 scheduling model, it's now time to see how the Group of 5 will deal with it. First off is the Sun Belt, who has announced that Everything will be running as normal as possible.
  4. So, what does that mean for Grand Rapids? Would this be a chance for Denver or Portland to finally put their G League roots down?
  5. Well, looks like the Big 12 might be the lone wolf in playing a traditional schedule unless something happens on Monday where they change it up. What about the Group of 5 conferences? Has anyone heard anything about what they plan to do??
  6. And here we go! A quick goal, a fight... My god, it's like 4 months of rust was shaken off in that quick burst of awesome. Thank you, hockey.
  7. Good freaking riddance! May the rumors of him going to Seattle now officially die a fiery, horrible death.
  8. The name might be gimmicky, but it sense because of where they are... which is Prince Edward Island. I like the plan. A decent sized regular season (quad round robin), then a playoff round with a triple round robin and a championship game.
  9. I thought it would much longer before an outbreak happened... but not even four days into the season? That's record breaking speed on MLB's part. Bravo..
  10. And it ends with a Grand Slam..
  11. Hey, anything to get Seattle in, dammit!
  12. Okay, what the hell are they feeding the guys from Cincinnati? They were drop kicked by Columbus to start the tournament, now they're Round of 16 bound after back to back shutout wins against Atlanta and the Red Bulls.