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  1. Are these teams that desperate to get away from the Champions League and Europa League and avoid potential embarrassment in the form of losing to some no name club or something?
  2. Even reading the article from ESPN, it sounded like it was a circus... maybe something along the lines of Attitude Era WWE. I just think that some poor sap who paid into this Triller thing might of been duped - there wasn't much boxing involved. The next PPV event for this brand is in June and they have a big juicy match-up set for this event: The lightweight title on the line and the return of Evander Holyfield to the ring in a exhibition match.
  3. Thankfully, it's a one time move. Otherwise, it becomes akin to free agency in pro sports. I think you'll see more high level talent leaving the bigger schools and heading to smaller schools.
  4. I want to see someone in the checkerboard outfit in the same fashion Vancouver uses the green guys..
  5. While this is nice and all, I'm pretty sure Anaheim is going to find a way to screw this up down the road.. it's the Angel way.
  6. You got the right idea, @QCS. This move alone won't revoke the bill, but it will put pressure on the legislators to fix what they've done. Also... Keep an eye on states who have similar bills like the one in Georgia that is coming through and what the leagues do in response. Arizona has a Super Bowl and a Final Four set for Glendale in the next two years; Atlanta, Miami and Orlando are bid cities for the 2026 World Cup (and there are other sports as well).
  7. I feel like this was the right move for them. Staying in Atlanta would of meant silently supporting a bill that was built on opinions that weren't true.. and that wouldn't stick well with younger fans. What they should do now: Move the game to Dodger Stadium. I know, I know.. they're getting it in 2022. Instead of that - give this year's game to Dodger Stadium and next year's game goes to an AL site.
  8. I'll take it. I was concerned when it was 5-0, but it is nice to see the M's steal one at the end.
  9. It's Tins... They don't get the 'W' in their name until they can win a playoff game. Speaking of Opening Day: I can't wait to see the M's disappoint me yet again.
  10. It's in their best interest for Atlantic Hockey to snatch up all three schools. LIU had a scheduling agreement with Atlantic Hockey this season and it makes sense to upgrade to full membership. Navy might be ready to move up and you can promote a Commander in Chief trophy for hockey since all three military schools are in this conference. Alabama-Huntsville would need a home and they could be a great middle ground between Air Force and the other members.
  11. That is rough... Replacing St. Lawrence in the bracket is Quinnipiac. The Bobcats were going to be an at-large team, but this ends up allowing Omaha and Notre Dame to get in. Anyhow, the games: Midwest Regional - Fargo, ND (4) American International vs. (1) North Dakota (3) Minnesota Duluth vs. (2) Michigan East Regional - Bridgeport, CT (4) Bemidji State vs (1) Wisconsin (3) Lake Superior State vs. (2) Massachusetts West Regional - Loveland, CO (4) Omaha vs. (1) Minnesota (3) Quinnipiac vs. (2) Minnesota State-Mankato Northeast Regional - Albany, NY (4) Notre Dame vs. (1) Boston College (3) Boston University vs. (2) St. Cloud State
  12. How the hell did the LA team get the Memorial Coliseum for their home games?!? The stadiums in MLR are small compared to that place.
  13. I wasn't sold on Georgetown when the brackets came out and my thoughts were validated in a very emphatic fashion. It's funny how the 5-12 games were this year: The upsets everyone wanted didn't happen and the one that did happen was the one no one wanted (Oregon State).
  14. If the Bears want Wilson that badly, then they better be prepared to part with something very dear to them - Khail Mack. That's right. Wilson for Mack and their first rounder this year.
  15. Time for a resurrection as it is Championship Time... Ohio Valley - Evansville, IN #2 Morehead State Eagles vs. #1 Belmont Bruins Records MORE: 22-7 (17-3) BEL: 26-3 (18-2) March begins with an Evening in Evansville... The Bruins have ran roughshod through the Ohio Valley yet again, but Morehead State has been able to keep pace with the Bruins throughout the season. They also took down Belmont in the regular season finale - something that Belmont remembers very, very well. It's also a rubber match for these two.
  16. Having UTRGV with football helps the WAC land on their feet a little quicker then the ASUN will. The ASUN still has to find that sixth member to help reach that guideline for an automatic bid in the FCS playoffs.
  17. So, what happens now? Is someone one else coming in to take the spot that Sacramento had? Are they going to just stay at 29 teams??
  18. IF this trade happens... I want everyone GONE. Carroll, The GM, everyone in the front office... All of them OUT! These are the kind of moves that ruins franchises. This is the first time ever that Seattle is relevant in the football world and now they're looking to ruin it... No. Russ needs to stay in Seattle, dammit.
  19. It's WAY too late to move an event of this magnitude elsewhere, so.. yeah, FIFA is hosed here.
  20. I understand the history behind the nickname is not exactly clean.. But, part of me wished that Valpo went the way Holy Cross did: Keep the name, but change the logo to a shield with a monogram on it.
  21. The halftime show was.. okay. Granted, I have no knowledge at all of the guy performing at all and I spent the rest of it wondering why his dancers looked like they had underwear on their heads like they were going to a Florida Man party after the show. As for the game itself: What a stark contrast to what Kansas City did to Tampa on Thanksgiving weekend, when Mahomes and Hill literally ran the Buccaneer secondary out of the stadium in the 1st quarter. Tampa made a game out of it in the end, but what Kansas City did in the first quarter set the tone for the game and gave Tampa Bay a blueprint as to how they could stop the Chiefs if they met again. Lo and behold, the Buccaneers had their blueprint ready to go in the Super Bowl and it worked - Hill torched them for 13 catches for 269 yards and 3 scores. In the Super Bowl? 7 catches for 73 yards. Whatever that blueprint was worked to damn near perfection. It also didn't help that the Chiefs were shorthanded on the offensive line and had so many penalty issues. It was just a total and complete off game for them, which is weird as hell. On the other side... what else can you say about Tom Brady that hasn't been said yet? I personally think he found the fabled Fountain of Youth after that loss to Kansas City..
  22. You know, the new nicknames are making a ton of sense to me. This one, for example, is a good one that works with what the area is known for - water sports.
  23. Am I the only one thinking of old pinball tables with the name 'Bally'?
  24. That's a possibility. They may have gone the same route as Stetson, though. As for that 6th team: I've heard that Chattanooga might be it.