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  1. Still ugly as sin. You'll never be able to fuse brown and orange successfully.
  2. So Dallas had the option of wearing white but opted for a dark on dark matchup? WTF?
  3. depends on the lighting. and seafoam green is an official color.
  4. Look at the helmet, then look at the pants. Case closed.
  5. If you can't see the blue tint, I can't help you.
  6. Place a Dallas and Oakland helmet side by side and you'll notice the difference. Nor do the Giants use metallic blue:
  7. HD video really brings out the differences. The shell of the helmet is metallic blue: The home pants are seafoam green: The road pants are silver, though not a true silver like the Raiders: In short, an absolute mess.
  8. Dallas has two sets of pants that don't match the helmets. Amazing even for them.
  9. Strange that they'd opt to wear blue at home vs the Vikes and Rams. I wonder if the Skins are back to their "make Dallas wear blue" tricks.
  10. Yes, since '64. I'm not sure why a narrow black strip bothers a lot of fans. The green pants are waaaaaaay worse. They really affect my enjoyment of the team.
  11. No, the black trim has been there since the 1960s. Here's an early 70's Staubach jersey. The black trim is clearly visible.
  12. I've seen worse
  13. another year where the pants won't match the metallic blue helmets. yippee.