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  1. another year where the pants won't match the metallic blue helmets. yippee.
  2. Like the Browns, these are definitely not an improvement on their classic unis. Here's hoping it's fake.
  3. The Cowboys are apparently wearing their all-white unis, like the ones vs the Saints.
  4. And bring back zippers too. Death to drawstrings.
  5. Dallas 1977. One of the few times the pants actually matched the metallic blue patina of the helmets.
  6. Who knew Kenneth from 30 Rock posted here?
  7. Sad that it went away. Added some flavor to the games. My only guess is that it was banned, not that fans lost interest.
  8. so they made them play on a dirt infield long after the baseball season was over? cheap bastards.
  9. I'll make it very simple for you, Jerry.
  10. not a fan of this, but I hate the green pants more, so ...
  11. either they thought no one would notice the cut-and-paste or they didn't care
  12. the "square patch" wasn't your imagination
  13. Saints have the cruddiest looking field turf
  14. well yeah, because the jersey matches the navy blue stripes and stars on the helmet, but the pants are a different story
  15. wut? neither the home or road pants match the metallic blue helmets.
  16. not in that graphic he uses. they're basically the same color.
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