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  1. Couple of hockey matchups from the 90's:
  2. Umm... Who the hell is on the mound being dragged around and slumped up like Bernie? WTF? (At the end of gof when crossing home) That would be Mariano Rivera.
  3. I'm sure this has been covered, though I couldn't find it in a search. Are the Mets' uniforms this year a permanent change, or just a temporary thing for the anniversary season? In other words, is the black returning next year?
  7. I see Comic Sans all the time. Most recently was yesterday, when two different people from the legal department at a well-known company sent me emails using the font. I was pretty horrified.
  8. I believe the Yankees played a late-spring exhibition game at Enron Field -- the first game ever there, if I recall. I think that would've been in April of 2000.
  9. I can't shed light on the MLB/NFL Giants thing. I can shed light on the NY Rangers. They were founded by a guy named "Tex" Rickard who, according to Wikipedia, was planning on calling the team the New York Giants. The press, however, started calling them Tex's Rangers - a play on words referencing the Texas Rangers. That's why they are called the New York Rangers.
  10. This might be a rare case of every single AL East team really rooting for the same thing and being thrilled with the outcome.
  11. I've always thought the team name referred to a type of giant. They're football-giants -- giants in the football world.
  12. Sounds like he's just as sick as he is stupid.
  13. Has Buffalo's jersey always had the inconsistent striping? I feel like the jersey would be so much nicer if the striping on the hem was the same color order as the striping on the sleeve.