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  1. Couple of hockey matchups from the 90's:
  2. Umm... Who the hell is on the mound being dragged around and slumped up like Bernie? WTF? (At the end of gof when crossing home) That would be Mariano Rivera.
  3. I'm sure this has been covered, though I couldn't find it in a search. Are the Mets' uniforms this year a permanent change, or just a temporary thing for the anniversary season? In other words, is the black returning next year?
  7. I see Comic Sans all the time. Most recently was yesterday, when two different people from the legal department at a well-known company sent me emails using the font. I was pretty horrified.
  8. I believe the Yankees played a late-spring exhibition game at Enron Field -- the first game ever there, if I recall. I think that would've been in April of 2000.
  9. I can't shed light on the MLB/NFL Giants thing. I can shed light on the NY Rangers. They were founded by a guy named "Tex" Rickard who, according to Wikipedia, was planning on calling the team the New York Giants. The press, however, started calling them Tex's Rangers - a play on words referencing the Texas Rangers. That's why they are called the New York Rangers.
  10. This might be a rare case of every single AL East team really rooting for the same thing and being thrilled with the outcome.
  11. I've always thought the team name referred to a type of giant. They're football-giants -- giants in the football world.
  12. Sounds like he's just as sick as he is stupid.
  13. Has Buffalo's jersey always had the inconsistent striping? I feel like the jersey would be so much nicer if the striping on the hem was the same color order as the striping on the sleeve.
  14. Braves won the first two on the road, at Yankee Stadium. As for the correct answer to the question, I haven't got a clue.
  15. They used to wear them years ago, but definitely haven't worn them anytime in the time I've been at ASU (2004-present). They returned last weekend at Stanford and again this week at Washington State. They really don't match, as the shade of maroon is different on the pants and on the rest of the uniform. I definitely prefer the white jersey-gold pants look from an aesthetics standpoint, but I can't argue with 2 straight wins on the road in maroon pants. They're good luck - keep wearing them*. *with white jerseys; maroon pants and maroon jerseys will be unacceptable.
  16. I remember Juan Encarnacion once hit a ball into the bleachers in left field at Yankee Stadium. That was the only time I've ever seen it happen. Very sad to hear about this. I really hope that baseball takes it very seriously and starts making strides to protect people from batted balls. Coaches, players, and fans. This kind of thing should never happen. It's senseless.
  17. New York is definitely a baseball town. The Mets and Yankees get much more play on sports talk radio and sports sections in newspapers than anything else. Sure, Monday mornings during the fall it's all football. And yes, come springtime New York gets basketball or hockey crazy depending on what teams are doing well in that year. But overall New York is all about baseball. Phoenix, the only other city I'm qualified to discuss, is a basketball town. Especially the last few years where the Suns have been both entertaining and successful. You'll hear about the Suns year-round in Phoenix. Also, a lot of fans in Phoenix have their own home allegiances, which I think hurts the Diamondbacks, Cardinals and Coyotes quite a bit. ASU football is also pretty popular when it's in-season, and if they were to actually, say, win a game or two in California I think the excitement would be even greater than I've ever seen before. But the Suns are still, for now, number one in Phoenix.
  18. Tony Saunders of Tampa Bay is one of those pitchers whose arm snapped mid-pitch. Actually happened to him twice. Pretty horrific. I remember Donald Audette had a skate blade go over his wrist. Lots of bleeding and a lot of damage done. It was a very scary scene that night and I think he almost lost his hand. This video is NOT for those with weak stomachs. Footage of a bunch of these incidents that have been mentioned.
  19. Luis Sojo, Ramiro Mendoza
  20. I was thrilled when they changed their uniforms. But a couple years later, I really wish they hadn't. They're a new team, so it's OK for them to be non-traditional. Their old uniforms were so cool and so unique that it was good. Arizona's a weird place for hockey to exist anyway - I kind of think it fit that their teams' uniforms were weird too. They had nice colors that looked cool together and a unique look to them. Plus, the crescent moon at center-ice was WAY cool. They need to put some version of that back at center ice immediately.
  21. A-Rod should take Schilling's bet to test the sock. Not that I think it won't come back as blood, but it'd be hilarious if it did. And all the procedes go to charity anyway.
  22. Jagr...A stronger, more dominant player that could create plays, not just snipe. Not taking anything away from Bure, he was the best sniper I've ever seen. On Schilling's sock: Blood or Paint/Some Other Substance?