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  1. It's like they're formal, but they're here to party.
  2. Robert Vaden, BJ Mullens and James Harden DeMar DeRozan Reggie Evans (sorry for the small pics, they are the best I could find)
  3. Steph Curry Jon Brockman and Tyreke Evans And now, for a couple generic 09 jerseys Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison Earl Clark
  4. Rodrigue Beaubois and Ahmad Nivins Gerald Henderson and Derrick Brown Tyler Hansbrough Terrence Williams Vinsanity, with a numberless jersey
  5. Jrue Holiday, with MAYBE (?) the new Sixers uni (or not) Sam Young, Hasheem Thabeet and DeMarre Carroll Jonny Flynn and Wayne Ellington (Rubio was not present since his buyout situation is still unresolved)
  6. Juwan Howard, 2001-03. And from his most recent stint in Denver, Preseason-last week.