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  1. If they had put the 9rocket logo on a shoulder and the Canadiens logo on the other would look better than having those extra graphics on the sleeve. A plus to me is they are making their own identity than using Montreal's uniforms but you still see the relationship with the parent club. Iffy on the number font.
  2. @Conrad.Outstanding work, really am sorry to see that you are dealing with this. Always looked forward to seeing what you were working on next. Unfortunate how the world is nowadays. Wish you all the best in where and whatever life's path takes you
  3. Yea I would like to see what you come up with and I will out your ID and give you credit for the work

    1. ZionEagle


      Okay sure. I've already been working on one logo, I might show you in a bit. Not sure if I'm happy with it, so I'll do at least one or two more :)

    2. deked73


      its the first step so i never expect it to be the final design. as you have probably seen how many variations companies come out with before the final version is decided on


  4. Wilkes-Barre Scranton are the Baby-Pens this would work for them
  5. Okay take three. I think this is correct now. I hope so at least


    1. StaatsBrett


      Thanks  will  get  on it

  6. Nope I am Wrong again. I will get the right main logo to you. I hadnt had any coffee yet today. I'll get there

  7. Here is a corrected version of the main logo. I dont know why the first one was missing part of the gray on the front if the ship. I think i got them all now. LOL


  8. here are the team logos and wormarks, plus the team sponsor and league logo. I really want to see what your creativity comes up with as far as design goes. 


    The only input I have is that because it is a semi-pro or a junior type team the arena should be a 10,000 seat or fewer sized building I just picture it being a single level arena without a any balcony seating in my mind. But I really want to see what you come up with on this.  So if you want to make it larger, go with it.


    argos shield.png

    argos wordmark.png

    glha logo.png

    shaw telecommunications.png

    spartan helmet2.png

  9. Yea let me get those sent off to you. I would be very curious to see what you come up with. 

  10. The Chicago Wolves sponsored a local short track car that was driven by a former linesmen from the IHL and AHL Steve "Soupy" Campbell
  11. These names are a part of minor league baseball history. Dash Warthogs Hops Junior hockey Tee Pees There was the Crackers in Atlanta before the Braves came around
  12. This i hope is really the only change that we will see. We dont need anymore radical designs. Hockey has been about tradition to me and I would like to see the NHL go back to the old conference and division names Prince of Wales, Campbell, Smythe, Patrick, Adams and Norris. Stop dumbing down things for the bandwagon fans that will jump ship once their "favorite" NHL team struggles or is not as popular. Real fans I hope would want to learn why these names are this way and learn the history and the heritage of the game.
  13. Great list of names here i looked and did not see this one which was used in Joliet, Illinois for the former Northern League baseball team the Jackhammers. Also the old UHL team the Danbury Trashers. yes Trashers. I think the owner of the team also owned a waste removal company and the logo was a trash can wielding a hockey stick. Can't forget the Banana Slugs in college sports. Look forward to seeing more on here. Are you including any concept or fantasy team names or just real team names?
  14. Seriously Patchez, you just keep in awe with each and every piece you make from each and every design I have sent you and everyone else's. I really do appreciate the work that you have done on here and hopefully will continue to do. Keep it up.
  15. If you can make this Manitoba Moose patch that i created i am really curious to see what it would look like embroidered
  16. Patchez, I have said this and it bears repeating. Absolutely awesome work. Thank you again it came out fantastic.
  17. Is it possible to make this one up for me?
  18. Glad I could help ya out with that.
  19. this font is National Debt www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Uncategorized/31541/National_Debt
  20. Patchez you have done absolutely amazing work without a doubt. If at all possible to make these ones I recently created
  21. I like this one its a great logo
  22. howlers islanders 66ers broncos I hope these will work. if you are able to convert them thank you, if not no big deal.
  23. it just amazes me the stuff that program can create. Patchez Thank you again for creating this image.
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