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  1. The "strawberry" is literally the outline of a guitar pick.
  2. First thing I thought of was this:
  3. I don't watch much football any more, so color (har har) me surprised to see so many teams doing the all-white thing. So bland.
  4. The lack of contrast on the white jerseys and the hats is truly awful. If you're going for "black and white" uniforms, do that, not "black or white."
  5. Instead of simulating the lighthouse shape inside of the letters, what if you made the S and G progressively larger than the D? It'd still have the shape and wouldn't make things so messy. Obviously, you can do better than this, but just for a visual:
  6. Wasn't expecting to see Tony Mazz in this thread.
  7. As long as you include Monty's Blue Plate, it'll rule.
  8. No sound, due to licensing rights. EDIT: Working now.
  9. sinistas

    MLB Cap Concepts

    Really dig the original one, and really like the feather detail on the update. Not sure about the added stuff in the negative space, though.
  10. United is like a mashup of the BankBoston and Fleet Bank logos:
  11. Definitely fits the vibe you're going for. Dig it.
  12. They should change to the Charlotte LOLcats and have the I Can Haz Cheezburgr cat as the primary.