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  1. The Texans logo vaguely reminds me of the L.A. Stallions from The Last Boy Scout.
  2. You might try incorporating the Marine Eagle, Globe & Anchor logo in there somehow.
  3. They might have to make you create colleges in Madden as odd as that seems b/c the college names could be in the disc but the player comes from the gaming system's hard drive so that might have something to do with it. Could be, but to me if Madden can recognize the players first and last name that you imported from NCAA, there is no reason it can't recognize the school name too.
  4. One minor thing that always bugged me about the crate a school feature on past versions: When your players are loaded into Madden via the draft class, it always listed their school as "N/A" I hope they fixed this so Madden lists their schools, so if I create a school called Illinois Tech, Madden will list "Illinois Tech" as their school as opposed to just "N/A".
  5. I guess if someone drops out, I'll give you first dibs on whatever team opens up. May I make a suggestion? Let anybody contibute any team they want, regardless of what has already been claimed. Then, in the end, the votes will decide the best ones.
  6. Hey, that's not too bad.... Maybe I'll whip up something for football using the Iowa Oaks logos in the future... But next time... please ask me first if you do something like this with my logos. Thanks. Sorry. I meant no offense. What I meant to say was, I really like the logo and team name, perhaps you should submit it as the Chicago team. My intentions were not to submit a concept for consideration or claim anything for my own, I mearly included a quick work-up to demonstrate it's effectiveness as a football logo. If I had it to do over again, I would have just made the sugestion and not included a pic. Again, my apologies.
  7. I really love RoughRiders9's Iowa Oaks Baseball logo concept. I think it would also work as a football team logo. It could be great as the Chicago Bears farm team. I'm just throwing the idea out there.
  8. A team will never work in Mexico. Security would be an issue. All the athletes will get kidnapped and held for ransom to their teams. For the Hartford team I say go classic and use "Charter Oaks". It's a cool name that steals a little history from professional football in the area.