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  1. Yeah that's a pretty incredible touch. Quberten's work is gorgeous, love coming across studios I haven't seen before.
  2. This is really strong, nicely done! Simple, iconic, great use of color, no unneccesary bells and whistles. Would love to see more identities like this make their way into the big 4.
  3. I hope this split N thing isn't becoming a trend. That being said it's a nice mark, very balanced. Looks great in that embroidered visual on the website.
  4. That Riptide mark would be a nice modernized look for the Carolina Hurricanes
  5. It's well designed and I want to like it but there's something real weird going on with the dragon's mouth. Also would like the wordmark better without the horn on the D.
  6. Yeah I'd be interested in seeing this as well. Say what you want about Brandiose's gimmick but at least their stuff is well designed.
  7. Pretty gimmicky and that primary is all sorts of illustration but that F-Cow is genius.
  8. I've always been a bit easier on Brandiose as they're very technically skilled and most of their work is enjoyable, but this one is a bit much for my taste.
  9. I'd say the top right is certainly the strongest one. Having the animal in white on a red background doesn't work due to the contrast/colour balance, so I'd stick to the red on white. I think the red outlines of the stag could be just a bit thicker as well. I'd stick to the shield as opposed to the roundel, as the overall shape of the stag head leaves a lot of negative space when placed in the circle. The shield offers a nicer balance. I'm also not sure you gain anything by having the shield be dual-toned, and I'd try keeping the top of the shield flat instead of arched. Hopefully some of that is a bit helpful, nice work.
  10. Quick Blue Jay mark I whipped up watching the Opening Day game today! Inspired by Toronto but not really designed with them in mind, more so just a generic jay mark. Trying to get back into coming up with more sport's content, so any feedback would be rad. Cheers!
  11. I think the first iteration is stronger. Your second mark is a bit too detailed, especially the black shape. Having the 4 points, like the first, helps keep everything balanced.
  12. Have to echo everyone on the SC. I get being really attached to a unique idea you come up with, and I tend to agree that not every detail needs to be immediately recognized, but it's such a focal point of the logo and really draws the eye to it. Only other thing I'd mention is maybe bump up the bridge slightly so the Nashville type doesn't have to be so elongated. Beyond those two points, it's really a beautiful mark, both in concept and in execution. Very jealous you were taught by Joe, that must have been an awesome day.
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