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  1. Can't see why that's bad news. That will be a very popular kit among Spurs fans. Reminiscent of some classic away kits of the late 70s and early 80s.
  2. That was an umbro design. Adidas did make a blue and white travesty for United, similar to the Arsenal bruised banana design. But the grey kit was umbro.
  3. I have read several articles about them being dropped by Adidas but never any ones about a new supplier. The release on their website mentions words such as 'bespoke' and 'unique'. Plus other (non-official) websites have mentioned 'in-house' in their release stories. Either way, stripes are good but I am not too keen on the socks. The rumours doing the rounds were that Cortese had a spat with adidas, and terminated the contract, the new executive chairman wanted to 're sign the contract with adidas but they couldn't sort the prototypes in time, so Saints went bespoke this year and will be back in adidas next season. One minor complaint 're the new kit is that it's awfully reminiscent of the kit we wore last time we were relegated from the EPL. Other than that, whats not to like? West Ham have worn a plain claret shirt quite often recently. The year they got to the Cup Final is an example. But they have tended to pair an all claret shirt with white shorts. Not sure it works so well with Sky shorts. That particular shirt is a throwback to the shirt they wore when Frank McAvennie and Tony Cottee scored a hat full of goals and the team finished high in the table. Or at least it's reminiscent of that Jersey.
  4. I can't see how that destroys Arsenal 's look? I don't really mind Arsenal playing around with the socks, as they do that quite often. In fact hopped socks is a good look for the gunners. It's not an amazing kit, but it's clearly Arsenal, so it's fine!
  5. Money.When Adidas and Nike pretty much act as a cartel in the sports kit manufacturing only two countries get to do that. But even still that's not been the case in a long time, France haven't used Le Coq Sportif for a long time, if ever, Spain could use any number of manufacturers, same with Italy. But no, instead money wins and they go for the highest bidder, whoever that might be. Beyond Germany and the US it's hard to think of one country wearing a manufacturer based in that country.
  6. All 3 of those shirts are pretty sharp from what I can tell.Roma setting the 2014-15 bar very high. Hard to imagine how a Roma kit could be better. I'll reserve judgement on the City kit. But it doesn't look bad.
  7. I personally quite like the Argentina, Sweden and Russia always. I actually design wise quite like the Germany one, but why have Germany sidelined gold so much in this collection of kits? Seems like a colour short to me to really sing out 'Germany'
  8. Ok first off, the FIFA seedings are strange today the least. No one has any real confidence in the FIFA rankings, no disrespect but Belgium, and especially Switzerland as seeds? C'mon. The knockout rounds are going to be a minefield. That being said, when you are the USA, you're almost bound to get a tricky draw. That's part of the deal with not being seeded. So don't, please don't, announce every four years, that you are in The group of death. And FWIW England's isn't much better. Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Ah well, at least no one in England will be getting optimistic!
  9. Good thinking.FWIW I'm not at all expecting any releases. I can't really recall that ever happening before.
  10. When is at George's day? April 23rd. Correct. However, I will be shocked if it is not released by then. Especially given the friendlies due to be played in March. I see those friendlies as the latest realistic date of release. Maybe there will be some leaks before then anyway at least. It's not really a 'tradition' as much as a commonly used marketing strategy. And less commonly used before major championships, Ben it doesn't give much time for major marketing blitzes. I'd be surprised if England don't launch something before the Denmark game, given the Danes play in red, it would be more than likely the home kit.
  11. how so? they went with a very traditional look for them, it's about as good as it could get with out looking like a nikefied mess Too plain for my liking.With that one comment you've lost the right to be taken seriously when discussing soccer kits!! That's pretty much a perfect Brazil kit. Instantly recognisable for what it is!In my opinion of course!
  12. And remember that the World Cup will be held in the Brazilian winter. It shouldn't be that cold, but it gives an option of the weather turns bad somewhere. Those Brazil kits are great. Not seen a really bad kit for the World Cup yet. But those Brazilian kits might be might favourites so far.
  13. Here's my take. If it's an Adidas decision, as seems likely, monochrome is more than likely part of the #allin marketing bit. If it's FIFA putting pressure on federations, it's probably more to do with FIFA wanting teams to wear the same kit more often than not and not playing 6 games in 4 or 5 combinations of kits. Nike in General seem to be avoiding non traditional monochrome combinations so far though.
  14. But the Spain monochrome has nothing to do with the regulations either. The blue shorts would make for an all dark colour kit, just as much as the red shorts do. I wouldn't be surprised if really what FIFA want is teams only wearing two combinations of kit. That is to say Germany not changing into black shorts for the odd game.