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  1. buckeyes1

    Bear Logo

    This is phenomenal. Great work!
  2. You gotta love that "Indians" script. The I is unique.
  3. What do you guys think are the best road jerseys in the MLB? These are some of my favorites.... Twins (Liriano's no-hitter!) Indians (Technically their road alternate, but I like it a lot. They sometimes wear it at home)
  4. Wow! Some of these I've never seen before. Also, a little embarrassed that I like some of these.
  5. buckeyes1

    Trading Cards

    Wow!!! Those Topps baseball cards look amazing! Great work!
  6. These are awesome! Great work sir!
  7. Not a fan of the 'tight fit' version. I like them. Just remove "the".
  8. I understand it's for safety purposes and all.....but quite frankly it's U...G...L...Y!
  9. Those Redskins jerseys are sweeeeet!! Loving the sleeves. Looks like Florid State but I like it a lot.
  10. buckeyes1

    Shadow Icons

    These are AWESOME! Do you think I could get the template please?
  11. No, I am not a style cop or a dweeby little tattletale. I agree. Who cares? It's not like you created that logo yourself. If you report all these high school's, these poor kids are going to be subject to plain jerseys and logos!!! Blasphemy!
  12. My old high school uses the Kansas State wildcat logo, except ours is green. We've had it since the early 2000's, not sure if KSU even knows.
  13. I agree with you 100%. I love VT's flat black helmet. And the white helmet and that silver/grayish UNC helmet that BMAC posted are awesome. I wish they would use those.
  14. How come they want to change all of these conferences? Why not keep them the same and just add a playoff? I don't know about any of you but I'm not a fan of all this.