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  1. Found this at a new location being build nearby...but no further indication that this is really happening. Looks better in my opinion!
  2. It almost feels like this would be the next logical step:
  3. Potential looks - and I think they both look terrible.
  4. Haven't posted much here in a long while...but I finally put something together (it literally came together within minutes of creating another icon) that I actually really like. My initials/first name (NED/Neal) are apparent within the icon but it can also be conceived as a bowtie/ribbon/link/crossing/lemniscate, perhaps? I'd love to get your feedback and see if there's anything else I can do to perfect this. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. At Camden Yards... Major League II: The West Wing: Chris Rock's Head of State: The Wire: And at Nats Park... How Do You Know:
  6. I'm looking at a new Nats cap right now. rofl Hello. Laugh all you want - it wasn't in the style guide back in October. In other logo/uni-related news, my access to the Style Guide is no longer valid. Fan-frickin-tastic.
  7. It's dawned on me that I really should've watermarked this photo. It's all over the internet now!
  8. Do we have to keep posting videos of the Bullets/Wizards losing in the last minute in big games? Yeesh...being there for all of them was bad enough. ICYMI, the US Air Arena people accidentally released confetti when the Bullets missed the last shot in the 1997 game against MJ and the Bulls. Yep.
  9. I'll run the risk of sounding conceited and say that I think my submission was better than all three of these. I do like #2 though.
  10. Just noticed that that last two days are kinda blurry in quality compared to the first 11. Anyone else see that? It's probably not your fault, but just wanted to point it out.
  11. I think this is good time to interject with an "I told you so." These were spotted for the first time just a few weeks ago, and after showing them to Mr. Creamer, I received this simple response: "Um...wow."
  12. As per ColorWerx's comment on the new BP caps, I can 100% confirm that they are surprising. Maybe Definitely too surprising for my liking.
  13. Going back and forth between the 2012 and 2013 Reds road uniforms, I don't notice anything different aside from the back name and number shrinking in size and the pants piping getting slightly thicker. I can confirm, however, that the Reds' red has gotten darker.
  14. Just saw the Ems' new home uniform. Think , but on the top of a white uniform. Perhaps the sasquatch got sick from eating too many trees.
  15. This was my submission -- a faux-back to the 80s-style powder unis:
  16. Any significance in the time being 8:40 on the clock?
  17. Two rumors I will kick out the door: • St. Louis on the roads • Bat without birds
  18. MLB.com has it: http://shop.mlb.com/...896&cp=17131846
  19. FYI, all the new 'Stros unis are now up on the Motherboard.
  20. Before I go too far, I must ask you all to please not turn this topic into a political and/or religious free-for-all. This is the design forum, not the watercooler/debate forum. Thank you. - - - - - - - - - - Moving on, here is the old logo: And here is the new(?) logo spotted on cups and their website: I happen to think the newer version is much cleaner and friendlier in a way. You can see the biggest differences when looking at the two "Chick"s (heh).
  21. Don't fret, Reds fans. In fact, one of the changes I had seen before has suddenly vanished from the style sheet.
  22. Loria getting married? What's with the rings at the bottom? Just figured it out: they're the two WS rings. And when I said, "This patch is almost as tacky as the home run thingamawhatsit," I meant no disrespect to Patchez.
  23. I'm going to assume it's a throwback or a BP, because it ain't on the style guide. All the other changes (minus 1/2) I can confirm, including the Rays' old/new cap. PM maybe?