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  1. Old news but did not see it covered, the Big Sky expands to 14. Expansion
  2. I believe that one is custom, They are a font company I think, and I believe they made it.
  3. I believe there is a free version called "ShadowRun
  4. Then what about the Pac-10? Every year, UT would play Sooner and the Corps, but just replace Baylor and Texas State with Purdue and Indiana. The Purdue game would be great so we could see who REALLY has the World's Biggest Snare Drum! That intrigues me. Hey, where's "spammy" with all his inside information since he works directly with a D-1 athletic director? ] Guys, the Big Ten is not going to expand, period. The whole conference would have to vote on it, its just not happening. If it did, however, Missouri or Iowa State would be added, just because of geographical location. Texas will stay in the Big 12, and if Texas were to leave, the would join the PAC 11. Thats really all I have to say on this...
  5. Oh my. Davidson, and DrMusicBoy, you guys are GOD!
  6. Alright, here are mine... Kevin Curtis: My dad coached him in college and he was my favorite player, we always had great times. We've had him over for thanksgiving in college, and I met him about a year ago as he played for the Eagles. Chris Cooley: Again, exact same story as Curtis. Utah State had some good players :\ Great guy and always helpful. Chris Horn: Old School player at Rocky Mountain College before we got there, I met him when he was playing for the Chiefs, he came up to Billings. Classy man. Matt Light: Long story, but basically: Was up for a hunting trip in Montana, and he called Rocky asking if he could come do a talk for the team. I got a ball signed by him and a few pictures. He is extremely nice. Ndamukong Suh: I met him at the Holiday Bowl luncheon on the Aircraft Carrier, Makin Island. Very nice, he a little frustrated at all the yelling at him for autographs but thats it. Chris "Beanie" Wells: Met him at Cardinals spring training, they were practicing in the dome and I was one of the only people who had field access. Matt Leinert: Absolutely great guy. He gave me some autographs, also at NAU Kurt Warner: Great guy, words cant describe it. He is nice and very willing, Larry Fitzgerald: Haha! This guy is awesome. Me and my dad got to have a convo with him. and he ran some routes with our team. haha! Anquan Boldin: Just like Fitz. Funny and a nice guy. Wasnt very social, but still nice... Dave Dickenson: Great guy, I met him at a University of Montana party Barry Bonds: He was very nice actually. I got a ball from him.. Andre Either: Very Nice. I got a private tour by someone who works for the dodgers. Coaches Most of these were at the AFCA Banquet. Jim Harbaugh, Randy Shannon, Bob Stoops, Pete Carroll and some others.
  7. I think they are called Serifs, but alright.
  8. Young Stars looks like Berthold City Medium
  9. I swear i just had that same idea lol.... THIS IS GODDAMN ADDICTING
  10. how do you get that logo-vinyl-sticker effect GTS?
  11. Hey Mr. Patchez! Can I get this logo embroidered?
  12. Hey whats up?? havent seen you in ages!!!

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