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  1. Really dig it man. I really enjoy the new update with the less pointed highlight above the left eye! Line work is super clean! My only critiques would beon the left side right below the ear, one of the fur tufts waves out a bit to much, it just draws my attention. and i would work on somehow getting the black above the nose to flow a bit better, it just kinda awkwardly cuts off. Incredible update though man!
  2. You see alot of interesting logos and art in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, here are some of my friends logos, that I think could inspire some people. Jake Stanczak (Kill The Noise):[timg][/timg] Max Pote (Protohype): [timg][/timg] Also here is a site I love to visit, brilliant art pieces on here, great bold colours, everything is great on here.
  3. Spammy


    Hey guys! Long time no post, I came up with a background or just some fan art, for one of my favourite Dubstep producers, Excision. I really just went with the music on this one. I listened to one or two of his albums while making this and I thought it turned out nicely. C+C always appreciated. -Sam
  4. Spammy

    Personal Logo

    Its an ok start, but I think you need to refine it a little more, Try playing around with a few fonts and then go from there. Also you should try to use a vector program to make it look professional. Inkscape should work. -Sam
  5. I guess L.A. Will have a NFL Team in 2012
  6. Spammy

    Stencil Art.

    Yeah, sorry about the size. uploaded a new one and it should be all good.
  7. Spammy

    Stencil Art.

    Hey all, I have recently been getting into stencil art, and have been thinking about trying to make my own. Here is my first attempt, C+C please. Also please feel free to post yours as well! Original image: my attempt:
  8. Considering that these incorporate Montanta's ACTUAL school colors (unlike their regular uniforms), I rather like these. Especially when you think of all the disasters that could've emerged from the use of gold, silver and copper. Yeah, I believe they wear these in honor of the 1995 National Championship. so yeah.
  9. Hey, you forgot Reebok! -- who butchered the entire NHL. Reebok is considered a part of Adidas...
  10. Oh thank god were playing U of A this year...
  11. Yeah. I'm only seeing the adidas logo and a triangle. I think it needs a little more work. The concept is nice however.
  12. The only two tools you need are a pencil and paper.
  13. Spammy

    Bandits Logo.

    Bump for somee more c+c?
  14. Spammy

    Bandits Logo.

    Yeah, I drew it and I kept thinking of other logos. The first one I saw was the Patriots somehow. I think cause of the hat...
  15. Spammy

    Bandits Logo.

    Hey everyone! I have another concept, but I don't believe its up to par with my others... I would love some C+C on this as I think I need some help. Here was the original sketch of it: And my try at it in Inkscape: I will ad colours later, just working on the rendering of it first...