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  1. mavrxboy2

    NBA Re-brand

    A lot of New Yorkers, including myself, have a fair bit of disdain for the whole "Big Apple" nickname. It seems like the only people who really like it at all are those who live outside of the city. I would ditch the Apple idea altogether. It has no place with any New York sports team.
  2. Saw Wisconsin mentioned a few times, and I just saw this picture as a bumper sticker for the first time today (I live on Long Island) and thought it was sheer brilliance. Not sure who else has seen it but I figured I'd share. Also, I never noticed the Flyers' logo was a P for Philadelphia neither until a couple years ago. (I'm 20) The stem on the P is just too damn short. I always thought it was just an interesting looking logo.
  3. just figured out what bothers me about the logo. that right horn looks too small and in the wrong place. id recommend going with far larger horns, sort of like a texas longhorn length
  4. frankly i think it trumps the old caps logo
  5. terrible considering there are so many incorrect alignments
  6. ive only just seen this thread and im incredibly disappointed i cant see most of the pics, and i understand the issue with photobucket, so i suggest uploading images with ? its what i used to use on forums a few years ago and never had a problem
  7. ive just been following the pictures and i have to say this concept is fantastic and has made great strides forward since you started. 2 complaints: the ball the snake is around is a volleyball and i dont agree with the transparency of the ball itself. idno if either of these were addressed in comments because i havent been reading them but those are the only things i have a problem with
  8. as a yankee fan i can say that i do like the bat+hat logo but thats really about it
  9. Those look incredible and i'm already using the yankees wallpaper. i have a request for a pair of wallpapers. 1. dallas mavericks logo on black background and 2. bucknell bison logo on black background. bucknell logo link direct from school website: thanks!
  10. if you could post a blowup of the logo thatd be great... i cant figure it out. like i see the hands under the bridge, but is that the top of his head poking through? hard to tell
  11. i like how its simpler and consequently more serious than current, but i dont like the gradient in the DC logo
  12. wizards third jerseys look FANTASTIC. not really feeling stripes like those on NBA unis tho
  13. Team: Dallas Mavericks City: Dallas Logo: scratch that. this one would be awesome: Background Print: Nowitzki Beaubois Terry Anything Else: the ones ive seen look awesome, thanks for doing these i could really use my first sig :]
  14. great concept itself, but the thickness of the black outline of the ball is WAY too thick imo and the crown is too detailed. otherwise i like it
  15. i think this looks great, particularly in comparison with all of the cartoony concepts that float around and all the over-the-top logos that (have) exist(ed). i.e. toronto raptors (wtf?), and 2000's GS warriors. i like how you've taken out a distracting color and replaced it with one thats more neutral and fits the remaining color scheme. if that uni with the script on the chest existed, id consider buying it just because it looks so good