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  1. Isn't the "KENTUCKY" wordmark on the chest bigger than before?
  2. You are right about that. Many students and alumni are going crazy about the new logo discussion and offering many ridiculous suggestions. It seems a great deal of people just have no concept of a professionally executed new identity.
  3. Maybe tech could start by matching the gold in their helmet, logo, and uniforms!
  4. I like sort of like O, P, & Q without just an 'M' there...put the bulldog over the MState and it would be pretty nice. Is the bulldog mean enough looking, though?
  5. I've talked to some people close to the university that definitely "believe" the school is taking proposals and looking for a change. The new AD came in just a few months ago. So, YES i do believe a change will be occurring eventually.
  6. amacomo, where did you find this stuff? i would not be opposed to some of these new designs at all! very interesting stuff!
  7. i seriously believe vandy HAD one of the top three uniforms in the sec before this change
  8. Raftery would have been my choice for the promotion!
  9. i also wish Arkansas would remove the black from their colors...just stick with cardinal and white
  10. I prefer just the state logo on the jersey...nothing under the collar. Also, i'm not a fan of 'New Orleans' in the state logo...stick with 'Saints' All in all, GREAT design, and i think this is a definite improvement for the Saints!
  11. Best Plant/Fruit/Tree: Brutus Buckeye of Ohio State Best Insect: Buzz of Georgia Tech Best Bird: The Oregon Duck Best Demonic Figure: Sparky of Arizona State
  12. Mascots seem to be best suited for college in my eyes, so here's my list: Best Canine: Bully at Mississippi State (Yes, I'm biased!) Best Feline: Mike the Tiger at LSU Best Horse: Renegade at Florida State Best Human: The Leprechaun at Notre Dame
  13. Never have liked the way Arkansas has tried to use that wordmark in a combination with the hog. It just doesn't seem to match in my opinion. I am also surprised they have not already used it on the basketball unis!
  14. NFL: Kansas City Chiefs MLB: Tampa Bay Rays NBA: Charlotte Bobcats (Honorable Mention: Los Angeles Clippers & Washington Wizards) NHL: Florida Panthers
  15. i like that wordmark much better than the one they use now...nice concept
  16. I think "Rice" is too large on the chest. If it were smaller like Kentucky does there jerseys, then it would look a bit more desirable!
  17. slapshot, i think that the maroon should be darker...more like a&m's. just an observation, but great work!
  18. IF true...any change at all would be considered major for them!
  19. that logo has been used on the hornets website for a few years now. not really sure why...but its been seen there.
  20. It would look much better if they allowed the teams to use their own colors with them. Wouldn't seem as such an out of place addition.
  21. Wonder if Flame of Atlanta might have been there for the game...he's a big State fan!
  22. first all of the horrible difficulties with his eye problem, and now this! stu has really been through it. sounds like with kemo he should be able to bounce back!
  23. in my opinion, two of the best uniforms in college football! although, i preferred the ohio state unis from before the slight change with the sleeves a couple of years ago.
  24. Wouldn't count out Tampa or possibly New Orleans again this year!