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  1. State needs to get rid of the stupid white helmets! Maroon helmets with white jersey and maroon pants would look great!
  2. it appears the saints did not have the louisiana patch on last night in the hall of fame game vs pittsburgh. does this mean they have removed it from the uniform for this year? personally, i hope not!
  3. i've always loved the font auburn uses here, but i am not a fan of the numerals.
  4. i agree that it would look better without the arena, but it is definitely a nice upgrade for the dome!
  5. Does this mean that we can finally have peace around here?
  6. worst alternates in the league!!!!!!!
  7. would've been better to have reggie bush on the cover if they had to go with a rookie.
  8. i don't like that new gamecock. the current one just has that traditional feel. they shouldn't do away with it in my opinion
  9. not a bad upgrade...i wish they would go to the black helmet. although, i know most carolina fans hate that look
  10. ESPN is reporting Billy Gillespie from A&M has been hired at Kentucky. I think this is a great hire for UK. He's a good recruiter and will turn Kentucky back into a real national power. Look at what he did with A&M in 3 years! Much better choice than Rick Barnes of Texas in my opinion. Your thoughts...
  11. i guarantee spurrier is a MUCH better coach than tommy bowden! if i was to forecast the future for both programs, i would have to say that the cocks have a lot to look forward to.
  12. i honestly think the original look the twolves had is better than the lynx and christmas tree look they have now.
  13. statebully

    Vols Revamp

    looks good except for the fact that ole davey's hand is not holding anything. it looks a little awkward.
  14. statebully

    NO Saints

    nicely done, big ben. i'm just not sure about the gold numerals on the white jersey. might want to try black there.
  15. too much like the steelers colors to me.
  16. If the Gators hang on (which shouldn't be a problem) they still have one loss. Boise State doesn't. Shouldn't the team with the best winning percentage over an entire season be the #1 team? PLEASE don't even act like they deserve to be mentioned with florida! after this spanking and the schedule that the gators have come through...PLEASE!!!
  17. no excuses osu...gators are just hittin 'em in the mouth! definitely the better football team!
  18. by far the most talented wide receiver this year wouldn't you guys say!?!
  19. probably the best saints concept i've seen....and there have been quite a few lately!
  20. the gold lsu helmet is very nicely done and keeps with the traditional form. great job
  21. wow...y'all are kinda harsh on the poor guy. sure most of these should never actually make it onto the field, but considering it is probably on of his first attempts...not bad. i enjoyed it.
  22. love the mississippi state update...the gray outline is sharp too. nice work overall