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  1. just get rid of those stupid black pants and the belly won't matter.
  2. i think jim mora, jr. has worn out the welcome. falcons need a new coach, but PLEASE its time to recognize that the saints are not a joke! they are the best team in the south and have got a real shot at a first round bye.
  3. You are talking about Sylvester Croom for the reason Shula was fired after just 4 years it shows Croom was better off not getting the job then, as for now, maybe it will be the best move Bama could make. Though not if they don't plan on giving him more then 4 years. No I'm not talking about Sylvester Croom. Why in the hell does everyone think they are inside my head all of a sudden. I didn't think Sylvester Croom was the right choice for Bama then or or now. Shula got the job because of his last name and his stellar playing career at Bama. Croom is another of Bama's favorite sons. Regardless of how great of a player Shula (or Croom for that matter) was, a school like Bama shouldn't really be giving their HC job to someone who has no previous head coaching experience. Look at their better coaches in their history...both the Bear and Gene Stallings had previous experience (both at Texas A&M, right?) Someone's going to want this job. I hope they land someone who can actually coach this time. Good assessment. State is a place that can get away with giving an unexperienced coach a chance, however, it should have never happened at bama. the fans i know really blame all of it on their crazy AD. maybe this time they'll get it right...they haven't since gene stallings! as for croom, miss. state is one of the hardest places to win at. i will say this, he is instilling new attitude and cleaning up the mess left from the previous regime. i just hope this is a rutgers or wake forest story one day b/c croom is definitely a man deserving of that success.
  4. i couldn't agree more! check this billboard that has been spotted in memphis! what a loser! Yeah, O was a real loser Saturday, wasn't he. (OK, fine, he did everything he could to give y'all that game, but Croom couldn't capitalize enough.) That said, remember last year when CroomDawg said the Bullies were turning the corner after beating Ole Miss. They sure did. From 3-8 to 3-9!!! yeah, you have braggin rights (like either one of us deserve that). but we did lose 4 games by three points or less. i think croom will get us turned around. however, you do have to admit 'uh o' is a loser. i mean...he makes you laugh by just listening to him during an interview.
  5. cool you are awesome at these.
  6. except for the alternate that has the crazy nike sleeve, the washington concept is my favorite.
  7. those are amazing. now... SEC! SEC! SEC!
  8. statebully


    nicely executed concept. the only thing that bothers me is the funny tail on the 9. i know its an old school thing, but sometimes modern is better.
  9. fresno state has always been really weird about their uniform stuff. they have that V thing on the helmets, which is weird and a different color than their normal stuff.
  10. I love how they have Franc for Texas A&M showing no emotion whatsoever. But the Ed Orgeron one is dead on. That guy is nuts. And Fran looks like he doesn't know what's going on... Fran definitely knew what was going on today...A&M 12, Texas 7!
  11. i couldn't agree more! check this billboard that has been spotted in memphis! what a loser!
  12. Let's add a little SEC flavor to the discussion: BEST: 1999 Egg Bowl, STate / Ole Miss: it was a great game that miss. state won 23-20
  13. Only seen this for the SEC, sorry!
  14. Ran across this not too long ago and thought it was funny as heck. any SEC folks out there ought to get a pretty good laugh at this!
  15. great job. i'm not a fan of the letters in the stands, but the overall detail is great. i do a lot of work in paint and i've always been fascinated with stadium designs like this. how did you create such detail on all the individual bleacher seats?
  16. Not at all trying to deminish Bo's accomplishments by this question, but . . . did he ever win a national title? i've heard about all the big wins against ohio state, the numerous rose bowls and big ten championships, but what about being #1?
  17. here's my first jersey to ever purchase. no its not the expensive authentic, but its what i could afford right now.
  18. i grew up loving just this simple louisville logo, and then they changed to the one with a horrendous font and odd shaped bird. i just really prefer the old classic logo, and i feel they could've made it work much better than what they wear now. i also don't like the yellow added into their uniforms. the yellow is fine as a supplement to the logo, but not as a secondary color in the uniform. just wanted your opinions!! Old Louisville: Current Louisville:
  19. uh where's the gold? i like that particular color with the hornets. as far as the wordmark would be nice to see that in conjunction with a logo.
  20. AMAZING upgrade for the broncos! brings back the feel of the orange crush in a really modern way!
  21. never seen those uniforms before, but here are a few observations: - what is the date on your program? i know that this was not what emory bellard's teams wore regularly during his tenure as head coach. i have picture from the '80 and '81 season showing they wore just plain maroon jerseys with white numerals (no striping on the shoulders). all pictures i have from teams from the bellard era used the same uniforms. - was this program from the infamous 'hand of god' game? were you there? i believe that game would've been 1983.
  22. please try a new template so we can get a better idea of what this would look like
  23. no offense (not a ut fan...just an sec observer) but if bama had to squeek past lowly Duke, what makes you think they will beat tennessee?
  24. skyaaa, you are a real photographer and put together great work. are you going to anymore games this year? GEAUX SAINTS!