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  1. the Bear is officially rolling over in his grave with this little addition...although, just adding that gaudy nike check probably had him angry. seriously, why is bama doing this...just beat the webels!
  2. great pictures! makes me feel like i was there!
  3. during parcells press conference he was asked a million questions in twenty different ways about t.o. and then some guy asked him, "Bill what's the status of terry glenn?" priceless!!! parcells said, "What?"
  4. the police and hospital can't really do much b/c it is not a criminal offense in texas to attempt suicide. it is in just about every other state. that is why the dallas pd won't comment any further b/c "there hasn't been a crime committed"
  5. I HIGHLY doubt that he would nearly kill himself as a way to get attention. That would be playing with fire. It is either a legitimate attempt or else bad information. honestly, i counsel many people who do make attempts simply to get the attention of the people around them. some are serious about what the results could be and others just don't care.
  6. he's been taking pain meds for over a week now due to the surgery. if there was going to be some major reaction bc of that, don't you think it would have shown up way before now? i really think this is a serious attempt, but his publicist is trying to push it all under the rug.
  7. ask the people down there if that money shouldn't have been spent on getting the saints back in the dome! i guarantee about 90% of people in new orleans are so pumped to have the saints back and the dome up and running. it looked better than ever to me. its already been said here, people need a break and something else to turn to. i promise you, this community will support this team!
  8. I like this look for the ramblin wreck and think they should move to the old gold. also they should try to incorporate this into all of their sports uniforms. if its navy or consistent. these uniforms tonight are consistent
  9. jeff fisher NEVER calls someone out like this unless it is warranted. i know there are always two sides to the story, but i would take fisher's word over some cheap qb any day. and just for the record, i don't believe fishers had any thing to do with the mcnair dilema.
  10. im telling you, this franchise can survive in new orleans! there are people all around the gulf region that travel to the games. football is huge in this part of the country. the reggie bush pick is definitely what has been the selling point, though!
  11. nicely done with the logo! they should have used this when they first moved to tennessee and were still actually the oilers
  12. Carolina at Minnesota Buffalo at Miami NY Giants at Philadelphia New Orleans at Green Bay Houston at Indianapolis Detroit at Chicago Cleveland at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Atlanta Oakland at Baltimore Arizona at Seattle St. Louis at San Francisco Tennessee at San Diego New England at NY Jets Kansas City at Denver Washington at Dallas Pittsburgh at Jacksonville
  13. that is FUNNY!!! put together very well! by the way, i have a feeling southern miss hands him another loss this weekend
  14. looks really good. nice conglamoration of old colors with new logos!
  15. not too excited about the helmet, but the jerseys have potential. i would remove the double color outline from around the numerals...just stick to one thick color. other than that, not too bad at all!
  16. now that is WEIRD lookin! what year was that from? 80's?
  17. i still prefer the blue jersey, but liked the black jersey a lot more than i thought i would. hearing about it made me cringe, but seeing it wasn't so bad. the blue should still be the primary!
  18. i like this a long has this been around? the font does need to be thickened, though!
  19. this is a rediculous move by fsu! don't mess with a good thing!
  20. LOL! Have you guys even scored a touchdown yet? NO! but we'll score enough on ole piss' sorry excuse for a defense to win! mark it down!