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  1. thank you mizzou for making my college football weekend tolerable! as for ole piss' uniforms, those are awful...couldn't sum up this school any better.
  2. I must have seen a different game. All I saw was "Cleveland" set in Brush Script. I will assume that they are attempting t go with the enitre "60 yseason" theme. Their field markings (10, 30, etc.) look amateur. i thought cleveland's endzones looked very lame! the brush script is tacky and so 1980's! The yard markers were in a block style that was okay...not too much different than some college fields. all in all, have the browns ever had a good looking uniform or field????? no in my opinion!
  3. good use of the silver as opposed to too much black. i like the concept very much except for the shoulders. they just seem to stand out more than they should. like too much attention is drawn there. it still looks good the way it is, but cutting down on some of the action in the shoulder area would make it better in my opinion. good job, though!
  4. great looking template. it seems to me that the torso is a bit too long and this might explain the 'gut.' you might want to bring the waist up a tad. just a thought.
  5. why did they not wear the patch? was it just a marketing gimmick to sell more jerseys?
  6. this was just like the first nfl hat i got as a kid!
  7. what does a green or orange helmet look like? i still think you should go with the winged shield that has the D.
  8. i wonder how close the yellow in usc, michigan, and lsu's uniforms is. all are done by nike, and all have that almost highlighter yellow feel. i know that each has its own specific color...just an observation.
  9. I heard that it was because Stoops just got tired of the media scrutiny around the QB fiasco. He wanted to get the message to the kids about the whole "TEAM" speech. Heard it on Rivals Radio on Sirius one morning a few weeks ago from the Oklahoma beat writer.
  10. here's what i think was the best msu uniform concept. it was worn during jackie sherrill days of late 90's to early 2000s. when coach croom came in, nike was out, which meant the patent interlocking 'MSU' was gone as well. apparently they came up with it and had the rights to it, and the school wanted to use the current M-state logo anyways. Fred Smoot Dicenzo Miller: Mario Haggan:
  11. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Now you've messed with the beloved Bulldogs! 1. The MSU thing on the helmet is not working at all. Go back to the Mstate logo. 2. The diamond/tectured stuff on the shoulders is only for Oregon. 3. 'DAWGS' written on both shoulders also reminds me of the Oregon uniform debacle! Plus the 'DAWGS' nickname tends to get mixed up with Georgia. We prefer to be known as STATE or DOGS! 4. You've outlined the numbers in Gray. Mississippi State's colors are MAROON & WHITE! No gray 5. The different shades of maroon here is troubling...the socks are a different shade of maroon, and the side stripe under the arm of the jersey is a different shade of maroon. This is a not good technique. 6. Furthermore, do you have to give everything the NIKE treatment? We might not score any points all year long, but we look better in the Russell stuff than this suggestion.
  12. i know the collar thing is supposed to look like a 'deacon' but its a football jersey, not a sunday shirt. please, no more different colored sleeves!
  13. yeah, but...3-13 for the redskins???
  14. In my opinion, ESPNU should have had the 8 screens and ESPN2 should have had Skycam since most people don't get ESPNU (at least I don't on my cable plan) i agree. no matter how loud i scream to the cable company, espn u won't become available. they wasted an entire 3 1/2 hours of programing on espn2 tonight. What a game, though. Bobby Bowden should have a shot at another title with that cupcake schedule.
  15. how does the aachan font resemble alabama's? the font i'm thinking about doesn't really look like the tide. whatever the case, the copperplate is awful!!!
  16. Miami @ Pittsburgh Atlanta @ Carolina New Orleans @ Ceveland Seattle @ Detroit Philadelphia @ Houston Cincinnati @ Kansas City Buffalo @ New England Denver @ St. Louis Baltimore @ Tampa Bay N.Y Jets @ Tennessee San Fransico @ Arizona Chicago @ Green Bay Dallas @ Jacksonville Indianapolis @ N.Y Giants Minnesota @ Washington San Diego @ Oakland
  17. Don't get all excited about ole piss just yet. they did beat a pesky memphis team, but they do have some defensive questions. schaffer will get better if the o-line holds up...unfortunately it looked good today. FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS GO TO OLE MISS At least the Rebels can score points..... unfortunately...this is very true!
  18. i think its great to see how this design has developed. the main thing i think that should change is the secondary with the longhorn/dragon inside the shield. as someone else has already mentioned, it would probably just be best to put a 'D' in there instead of that dragon. not only does it look a little strange, but having a dragon with the dragon wings is...well, just needs some tweeking. great job so far.
  19. i don't like the white shoulders. just makes it look weird.
  20. i could see them putting the logo in the corners of the visor, but not right in the middle of the player's vision. good idea, though. it will probably happen one day in some shape or form
  21. inkscape is a pretty good little deal for free. it can't get stuff looking good. as for your logo, spend a lot of time doing different alternatives. don't get caught up in one way of shaping it. dont copy the other logo as one has suggested, but just create several options that you can work with.
  22. if i would have known about the switch to stripes on the pants before watching it, i would have not approved. however, when i saw it during the game saturday, i was pleasantly surprised. it really looked sharp. reminds you of the volunteers from the 80's but in a good way.
  23. i'm not a big fan of the new wordmark in the end zones and under the collar on the jerseys. i think this is becoming the standard font around auburn. i've seen it on their basketball uniforms as well, but i just don't think its that attractive.