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  1. Really do hope Huddersfield just revert to that Terriers crest, what a beauty.
  2. IANAAthletic apparel designer, but... ... it really feels like Adidas said "look, we're really focused on World Cup designs this year, so... here's the graphics we're working on/have used lately, pick what you want to work off of. I know we've had some template heavy seasons before but lately designs have felt pretty bespoke, and certainly hypokits -> wings is about as extreme of an example as possible when it comes to swapping bespoke design for lazy templating.
  3. This is really too cool to pass up, totally understand you've got a lot on your plate, I'm in no rush:
  4. I need your help folks! I'm trying to identify the font - or a free approximate - used on Bob Dole's presidential campaigns in the 80's. Either will do.
  5. FC Dallas showing off their new kits in a friendly
  6. This might be a good thread for it -- how do we feel about the Obama/Biden logo?
  7. They're sponsored by Oakley exclusively, right?
  8. I love those Suriname kits, don't know why.
  9. It's because of the new federation badge, I believe
  10. For as many design studios come out with tons of concepts that all look like absolute (often even becoming the final product), whoever is doing these has done an excellent job, there are some I love, quite a few I like, and very few that I would consider a legitimate downgrade.
  11. The subliminal maple leaf is so stupid.
  12. Airness is so poor, I have a friend with one of their Fulham kits and I routinely make fun of him every time he wears it. So ugly.
  13. The number font is hideous, but a nice kit from Puma, better than adidas ever did with them.
  14. Le Coque Sportif has done a beautiful job these past two (three?) seasons, impressive stuff from them.