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  1. Interesting. I have a feeling these were the uniform designs when the All-Star game was originally going to be held in Indy. This feels very retro Pacers. Curious if they'll just carry these over to Atlanta or create something new...
  2. That's not a new logo. It's the ball logo they use for every team in the playoffs. That ball w/ streaks is something they've used in the playoffs for awhile now. If you look, that large ball behind the "LA" is the exact same one on the bottom with the white and blue streak. also, here's a Spurs version with the exact same ball from 2013 http://www.nba.com/spurs/news/130603_nba_finals_schedule
  3. Any chance Indiana gets a new look? I feel like they're over due for a new uniform...
  4. More recently, the Spurs jerseys remind me of the North Carolina and Michigan (and maybe other schools did it, can't remember) jerseys of circa 1999. Not a big fan of this look. Woah, didn't know Julius Peppers played college ball too. Beast.
  5. ucla31

    Indiana Pacers

    Hey everyone, I've always wanted to rebrand the Pacers (who I feel need some new uniforms soon). Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think. I've always loved the Flo Jos from the 90's and feel that they were an iconic look for the Pacers. Modernizing that to fit into today's game was really the direction I was going for. Hope you guys like it! http://www.behance.net/gallery/Indiana-Pacers-TEAM-REBRAND/4722109
  6. It looks like one of those novelty shirts with a white girl with no chest wearing a little black dress. Or some kind of strapless black dress. Brooklynettes indeed. Yep, that's the first thing i thought when I saw it. Some spaghetti strapped black dress. Especially with that v-shaped cut down the middle, the nets would be rocking some flat artificial cleavage.
  7. ucla31

    Indiana Pacers

    Concept inspired by the "FloJo's" and some other past pacer unis - Flojo inspired side panel - back to block lettering/numbers - got rid of unnecessary grey/silver V1 + V2
  8. yea i understand. I honestly didn't know I was having this meeting until this morning so it was pretty short notice for myself. My friend who works for them and does promotions for all athletic events told me they have been looking for a new logo. She mentioned that they had already hired professionals to give it a shot but weren't really fond of their concepts i guess. We'll see, I'm not really sure what to expect but my original question was just something i was wondering in general, not necessarily just for my case. Someone had asked me and I really didn't know what to tell him. and yes, I'll make sure to watermark it just in case Thanks!
  9. Just curious how much someone would charge for a new logo for a school? I have a meeting with the an athletic director at my school (ball state university) to look over my logo concept. I'm not sure how much they're really pursuing to get a new look (even though they need one badly) or if they'll even use mine, but just getting this opportunity made me think about it. I mean, say they did want it...how much should I expect? I mean, it is a division I school lol
  10. yup.... Mayo and Love swapping teams. Too bad, a Gay / Love combo woulda dominated.
  11. I'm pretty pissed at the moment. I feel the finalists are pretty bad and were not worth the opportunity to win the contest I felt mine was better than many of the entries. i emailed the colts stating my disappointment with the link to my entry hoping they'd reconsider feel free to email them yourselves if you feel the same http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=informat...namic&id=83
  12. i just called the colts about the contest and they said that there were so many entrants that they want to give the judges more time. The 26th announcement will probably be pushed back.
  13. for some reason it reminded me of hotdogs...
  14. you guys forgot Mr. Moss ...even if i do despise him...
  15. since the pacers can actually have alts this year, thought i'd fix up a concept of my own *added pinstripe version for kicks Version 1 Version 2 (pinstripes) comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated -thanks