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  1. I clicked on the NHL tab of that and lol at the Vancouver jerseys. That's the tip of the iceberg in regards to the fakes. This is incredible. http://www.nhljerseysussale.com/kesler-jersey-17-vancouver-canucks-authentic-ice-jersey-in-black-p-1510.html
  2. Absolutely. With the ease of iTunes and the low pricepoint, why wouldn't I pay for music? Aside from the obvious theft issues.
  3. The shoulder design you see on Woodson isn't a Rose Bowl thing, it was a Michigan thing. We called it the "Big Jonny Special" after our equipment manager. Thank you that is something I had no idea about! That is a pretty neat thing than. Still doesn't look good, but neat reasoning! No, they looked awful. We all hated it. Almost as bad as the 1970s style track suits we'd get as part of our bowl gifts. I have no clue where the designs came from, either. Some brutal fonts and random drop shadows...ugh.
  4. The shoulder design you see on Woodson isn't a Rose Bowl thing, it was a Michigan thing. We called it the "Big Jonny Special" after our equipment manager. Here they are on the white unis in the 93 Rose Bowl: Here they are in the 1999 Citrus Bowl: The 2005 Rose Bowl (note Texas just has the patch) In the 2000 Orange Bowl, the "Michigan Orange Bowl" logo was added opposite the shoulder of the Obie patch (Bama had nothing similar) The 2007 Rose Bowl broke the "Big Jonny Special" trend as just the RB patch was on the uni and that trend continued in the 2011 Gator Bowl. Last year's Sugar Bowl we went with just the bowl patch as well, though the uniforms were one game only designs:
  5. Real or fake, that looks like crap and nothing like what the Hornets wore.
  6. On the contrary. I purchase retail authentics or team issued jerseys for the most part, but have opted for NFL replicas when authentics were unavailable rather than buying a fake. To me, a fake looks like garbage, I know it's fake, and I don't believe in supporting that market. Money really isn't an issue for me, so I don't mind making a stand on principle. At the AFCCG last Sunday, I'd estimate about 95% of the Ravens jerseys and at least 60% of the Pats jerseys were fakes and looked like absolute garbage. Some people legitimately don't care. I guess they're the same people who buy the Colosseum college jerseys because the numbers are sewn on. If I'm going to get my wife a purse, I'll go to the department store and get the real thing. If I want to see Death Blow, I'll buy the DVD and not a choppy copy from Brody on the street.
  7. Except that everything about it screams "fake." The jersey mesh, bubbly numbers, shoddy sleeve logo and super-tight neck. It's lasted 6 years. You put a replica through a fourth as many wash cycles and it's destroyed. And people wonder why anyone would buy fakes... I'd rather look good for a year and a half than cheap for six?
  8. Except that everything about it screams "fake." The jersey mesh, bubbly numbers, shoddy sleeve logo and super-tight neck.
  9. No, they can get a cheap and poorly made knock-off of an expensive product at a reasonable price.
  10. I was on the field for the Pats celebration in Pittsburgh for the 04 season. It was pretty awesome. Trophy was presented on the field in 01 when we beat them there, too. Not sure if it changed across the board or what.
  11. Then you're not entitled to own a jersey. Sorry, that's life. You do not think I should own a fake jersey but I do, and you cannot stop me from doing this. I can't, but my buddies in the DOJ can. Or at least make it more difficult for you.
  12. Suuuure. think what you want. My autographs I get in-person and because I am a dealer, I get discounted pricing. Once I sell my inventory, the stuff for my personal collection is free (plus additional cash in my pocket). Owning a business and buying something you've paid for at cost is not similar to buying unlicensed merchandise because you feel that licensed products are too expensive.
  13. Honestly? I buy them because I like the product and don't find the price to be egregious. I really like the quality of NFL (and NCAA) authentics. I've bought some replicas and premier jerseys, but usually stick with authentics now that I have the disposable income to support my hobby.
  14. Just like you CHOOSE to purchase counterfeit jerseys. That's not Reebok's fault. In your honest opinion, which one looks better and more like the real thing? The left one is an authentic and the one on the right is an average counterfeit. The shiny, bubbly numbers add character.
  15. Why not? You'd get to see a football game for way cheaper than the NFL. Granted, the games wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch and you'd probably miss your season tickets at Meadowlands Stadium, but that's the NFL's fault for being such meanies and charging high prices for a top-of-the-line product, as opposed to yours for making the personal choice to trade those tickets in for Pop Warner. The nerve of Goodell! In this case I CHOOSE to purchase the tickets I purchase. Secondly, comparing the two is ridiculous. I don't need the exact jersey Justin Tuck is wearing. If Tuck is hurt, I don't think they are going to ask me to fill-in for him just because I have the licensed jersey. The Giants jerseys I have bought on EBay look just as good as the idiots who pay $250+ on nfl.com I'd like to congratulate you for missing the point of this topic more than I thought was humanly possible. If you were here, I would give you a gold star and a Yoohoo. Also, damn those idiots who can afford a quality, licensed product.
  16. These clowns are never going to understand a proportionality argument. If you've ever done something that is not legal- no matter the severity- it is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE WORST CRIME POSSIBLE!!!! It's true. Way back in my first year of law school, I had a crim law exam and the question was something about what to crimes to charge an individual who had spray painted a neighbor's boat. I ignored the given statute and just wrote how I was seeking the death penalty for premeditated murder. And, because ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IS THE SAME, I booked the out of that class. Thinkin' outside the freakin' box.
  17. The difference is, the cheaper barber is still legal, while the cheaper jerseys aren't. Willing to bet you have done quite a few illegal things in your life. Like I said, as far as I am concerned, it is EBay's job to take down the counterfeits. Besides, HIS point was about not being able to afford it. My point was I can afford it, just not paying that price. I can afford to pay $9 for a beer at the game, I just choose not to. Yeah, but in this scenario, if I piss in a cup and write "beer" on it, you're buying it for $1.50.
  18. The difference is, the cheaper barber is still legal, while the cheaper jerseys aren't.
  19. The central issue isn't really the profit made by the manufacturer or the licensing organization. Commerce is regulated for a reason, in this situation, protection of intellectual property rights and aversion of organized crime are two central reasons. And, if you could afford it, you would buy the real thing, because then you wouldn't look stupid wearing an inferior product. Instead of buying a Kia and slapping a Mercedes ornament on it and trying to convince everyone I bought/can afford a Mercedes, I prefer to just buy the Mercedes and enjoy the quality.
  20. Well, as a side, I believe drugs should be legal but regulated and taxed. I make the PERSONAL CHOICE to buy the jersey that saves me $200. In the last 12 years or so the only jersey I did not buy on EBay was a Giants jersey for my wife. She wanted something for our trip to Dallas. Think it cost me $60 for a ladies cut replica with the heat-screened numbers? As far as buying on EBay, they allege they remove sales of counterfeit/knock-off items. As far as I am concerned, it is legit if it is not taken down. Who knows, maybe the person I am buying from got at a HUGE discount and therefore can sell to me for the price I pay. Or, he/she is liquidating inventory and trying to unload stuff. Not my concern. Except for the fact that you've just admitted that you love fakes, and know that the product you are purchasing is a fake. "It's legit if it's not taken down" is certainly not a defense. This whole "honest belief" thing comes into play. You're just being cheap.
  21. because most people care more about their own wallet. Let's see, I can buy a licensed jersey for $250 or a knock-off for $50? So long as the quality is there (and nowadays, the knock-offs are pretty much just as good) I'll take the knock-off and use the extra $200 for something else. 1. The knock-offs are nowhere near as good. It isn't even debatable. 2. It has become acceptable when one cannot afford something to instead buy a cheaper, illegally produced version of it? Perhaps if you can't afford it, you shouldn't have it. 3. You will still look like a clown wearing that garbage.
  22. Well, depending on the volume, you may have some explaining to do at some point. But, the bottom line is that you and others wearing these poorly made knock-offs will continue to look stupid in public and be laughed at (by many more than just us) behind your back. I don't see the allure of buying a vastly inferior product just to save a few bucks.
  23. Sick bro, you really showed us Doesn't change the fact that you're an ignorant fool for failing to acknowledge the negative implications of the counterfeit jersey trade. Dude, don't you see? Both he AND the guy he gets jerseys for think we all are hilarious. BANG!
  24. "NBA ones are perfect" Perfectly awful. I wouldn't spend $2 on this garbage, let alone $20. http://www.stajump.net/nba-jerseys/boston-celtics/36-oneal-white-jerseys
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