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  1. if they rolled out with these id be a Happy camper
  2. they should keep em
  3. Hoping they hire one of you guys to do it
  4. That Browns Uni is Awesome... Not many people know here in Cleveland know the Browns original Helmet was White.
  5. I ride and Breath Perfectly...
  6. Couldn't they do some sort of a Motorcycle type helmet? it would be pretty cool
  7. I live in Cleveland , and other than the white jerseys, brown pant and orange sock combo...I HATE the new unis. really really hate them., And the guy who picked them doesn't even work here anymore.
  8. Original name for Browns was Panthers but some semi pro team in the area was horrible.... So people just started calling it Paul Browns team...and That's how we get Browns
  9. Couldn't the teams just wrap the helmets like they do with cars?
  10. The Cleveland Browns are wearing new uniforms in 2015 and the brown jerseys/orange numeral combos have the coaching staff miffed, according toESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi. “I’m told the coaches themselves were not happy with the orange numerals when they reviewed the coaches tape of the Tampa game. They had trouble identifying players. It’s hard to believe that after two years of research on all the uniform combinations that Nike could not detect a problem with that particular orange on brown combo. From what I recall, the uniforms can’t be changed for five years. They can just refrain from wearing the orange-on-brown.” If the Browns don’t wear the brown jersey with the orange numerals, the franchise is setting itself for a huge backlash. No data to back this up yet, but my “man on the street” observation of the Ohio State scrimmage revealed a majority of the fans wearing these jerseys. Grossi raises a great point. The uniforms were supposedly heavily researched, as actors wore the uniforms and were recorded, so Nike and Browns executives could get an idea of what the uniforms looked like on television. If it’s true, and the Dawg Pound sees less of the of the brown jersey’s, it will be another embarrassing black eye for Jimmy Haslam and the team’s PR department. Grossi’s comments come after the celebrated news that Joe Haden’s jersey was the top seller among all NFL players in the weeks after the NFL Draft. Cleveland still has several different combinations to try out in the regular season, and most Browns fans would agree, their pairings during the preseason were pretty boring. For what it’s worth, I thought the white on whites in the preseason opener were a good look.