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  1. No offense but neither of these are good. The old school ones don't scream Jets other than for history sake and the 90s ones looks cheap. I think a perfect medium, close to the 80s with some modern elements, would've been great.
  2. This looks like and already is a great series so far. Definitely looking forward to see how you the other teams and the city flags into the design.
  3. What template is that? Uniforms aren't bad. They're good actually but leave room for the imagination.
  4. If I ruled sports (Part Deux) - NHL Edition: - 32 Teams (31 Current + Seattle) - A lot of Relocations. Too many unnecessary nonsensical Sun Belt teams. Relocate them to more northern "hockey" cities: 1. Carolina back to Hartford 2. Florida to Quebec 3. Columbus to Hamilton 4. Nashville to Houston 5. Phoenix to Winnipeg 6. Winnipeg to Portland Was very tempted to move Calgary back to Atlanta (love the old Atlanta Flames logo, etc. But it would destroy the old Oilers-Flames rivalry. I'm torn on Vegas. Didn't they should get a team. But they were successf last year. Calgary and Edmonton are tie at the hip. Don't knkw how to handle their divisional alignment unless I move Vegas to say KC or Milwaukee. Rules: Not to deep into NHL but I know some don't like shootouts in comparison to the old tie system. Woukd definitely get rid of the current nonsensical playoff system in favor of the old way (division champs and next best 6 teams). Division Alignment Eastern Atlantic Division: Boston, Hartford, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Washington Northeast Division: Buffalo, Detroit, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Quebec, Toronto Western Central Division: Calgary/Edmonton, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Houston, Minnesota,, St. Louis, Winnipeg Pacific Division: Anaheim, Calgary/Edmonton, Las Vegas*, Los Angeles, Portland, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver
  5. Btw, in addition, bring back unique team specific warm up suits. Shooting shirts and other materials, however, can be streamlined for every team. And this is the only place (warm ups) where ads can be placed (non jersey/in-game player apparel).
  6. If I ruled sports (Part 1) - NBA Edition: - 32 Teams (30 Current + 2 "expansion" teams) - Relocations: OKC back to Seattle (Supersonics), Memphis back to Vancouver (Grizzlies), New Orleans back to OKC*, Utah back to New Orleans (Jazz) - Expansion: Utah Stars, Memphis Bobcats - 2 Conferences (East, West). 4 Divisions (Atlantic, Central, Midwest, Pacific) - Atlantic: Heat, Hawks, Knicks, Nets. Celtics, Magic, 76ers, Wizards - Central: Hornets, Raptors, Pacers, Pistons, Bucks, Bobcats, Bulls, Cavs - Midwest: T'Wolves, Jazz, Stars, Mavs, Rockets, Spurs, Nuggets, Thunder - Pacific: Sonics, Blazers, Grizzlies, Kings, Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Suns - Playoffs: Top 8 from each conference - All Star back to East-West format - No Jersey Ads. NBA logo back on FRONT on right side. Manufacture logo on back of jersey.
  7. Hopefully this turns out well because looking at their prior logo history, their track record isn't good. Who was their prior graphic design firm? A kindergarten class?
  8. I think this color scheme and font amalgamized with the current uniform design/template would be grea.....no perfect. No purple, no black, no wisconsin lake blue or whatever they call it. Irish green rainbow, red and cream.
  9. Yeah the blue jerseys have so much life to them. The black ones??? Not so much
  10. I love. The presentation is nice. And everything else is close to top notch. 8.5 or 9 out of 10
  11. Reverse the greens and you'd be on to something.
  12. Tomato, tomahto. They're all the same to corporate folk.
  13. They trying to cater to the new New York, full of Hipsters, Starbucks, enviromental friendly ideologies. The 2019 Jets (and their logo) will be eco-friendly
  14. I definitely prefer the eagle as @BellaSpurs mentioned. I find this one to be lacking. Looks more like a store or business logo and not one for sports albeit soccer/futbol.
  15. They should go with the Oranges as the primary (is there a Orange-primary team in the NBA?), get rid of the white outline. Those OKC unis are probably some of my favorite unis in the NBA
  16. But here is the problem with modern sports (and somewhat society) in general; there just seems to be this desire to be "progressive" just for the sake of being progressive. Just because something is coined as "traditional" shouldn't equivalate to it being bad or needing for change. There seems to be a pining to be progressive, not realizing the chaotic environment that all this progression creates. There are some places where progressiveness is needed, but sports, at least in some aspects, isn't necessarily one of those places.
  17. Speaking of this logo, I always thought the mane was the face and the curvature in the mane actually was the horse's mouth, which makes for an ugly horse, lol.
  18. That's perfect, man. Keeps some of the spirit of the current Carolina while making a modern classic. Great job! EDIT: Agree with the poster under me. For the black jerseys, white numbers would look better.
  19. Agreed. The light blue facemask looks minor league. A stripe would give the helmet extra definition and character that would be removed by the addition of black facemask. A white one wouldn't bad either (as well as a white online aroubd the logo).
  20. Switch the cross between the letters. Right now the way you have it cross seems to help the C be more defined than the D. Switching the cross over with help switch that. The C can stand to lose definition and still look like a C. The D can't. In other words, overlap the top left side over the right.
  21. Agreed. I know you were trying to do something with the logo, resembling a steer, but the logo is good enough that its abstract form brings the point home.