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  1. On 10/11/2019 at 10:33 AM, Shadojoker said:

    Scroll back a few pages...it's been discussed fam. 


    Pacers Statement jersey has been revealed 




    Here is the press release. Don't know how to imbedd twitter. 




    Close.......... but no cigar? 🥴


    So I like the direction; the Flo-Jos were cool. But I would makes some slights alterations:

    1. The farm lines, prarie lines, sun rays whatever they are, are not needed. But it they do remain, the opacity of them should be lowered.

    2. The number should be moved to all the way to the right like the original flo-jos.

    3. The jersey font (Indiana, the number (perhaps)) should italicized.


    All that to say, this and the other statement/pride (whatever its called) should be the basis of the uniforms not that old circular basketball hoosiers garbage they got now.

  2. On 10/2/2019 at 12:24 PM, SFGiants58 said:

    Excuse the crappy use of a helmet template, but I think a white helmet with a three-color tonal stripe looks fantastic with the maroon-heavy logo.



    @McCarthy, you made one of the most ridiculed logos in NFL history look both menacing and classy. Well done!




    Also have you tried your second Bucco Bruce (with the maroon) on the Pewter helmet?

  3. 8 hours ago, Derek94 said:

    Remember years back we feared how used to ads we'd become.   Count me as having succumbed to that and even for a set like San Antonio hate to admit prefer the logo + ad patch look vs the blank shoulders in 2017.  


    The elements add more variety, though could be a symptom of how basic the Spurs sets have always been. 






    That's what the NBA logo is/was for. Too bad they put that at the back rather in the front where it belongs.

  4. 17 hours ago, infrared41 said:

    2. Titans - Jaguars: Our first contributory negligence game of the year. We're breaking down the blame like this - Titans 68% for being straight up ugly and 32% Jags for blowing the teal jersey by wearing black pants. 




    I know this is your opinion, so it is what is. But I definitely disagree. Definitely think this probably is their best set, the Jags that is. I like when the helmet and pants match. The white pants arent bad at all but three different colored uniform elements is a little weird to me. Just wish they had sone designs on them.


    The Titans tho? They look like titantic trash, lol.

  5. Universal

    - No ads except for the MLS. They can keep them. NBA has enough places on the courts with ads of different companies. Stop invading.

    - No speciality uniforms (no GFGS, no BFBS, no fathers day, mothers day, veterans day, independnce day, no breast cancer, no jackie robinson, no pride uniforms, no gimmicks, nothing). Just home, away, 1-2 alternates (throwbacks included).

    - League logos on front (except MLB. Will be placed elsewhere). Manufacture logo allowed on the side or back at minimal size.



    - White Uniforms at home. Yellow ones granfathered in for home (Lakers, Warriors, Cavs, etc.). Dark/Colored uniforms on the road.

    - Team specific warm ups RETURN! Other apparel (shooting shirts, headbands, etc) will be generic.

    - Team colored sneakers are required. No more random colored sneakers.

    - Oh yeah, NO MORE ASSOCIATION, ICON, CITY, PRIDE, MUNICIPALITY jersey designations. Jist sinple Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback will do.



    - Facemasks must be team official color. No more gray masks (unless gray is an official color)

    - Team socks cannot be the same color as team pants

    - During the seasons, six weeks will be designated as "Rivalry weeks" for divisional matchups. Teams will be allowed to wear throwbacks during these games.




    - White homes. Colored aways. No more colored vs colored.



    - Eh.... the white home vs white away I'm indifferent to. Although I grew up with White at home so I guess that can go back.

    - THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE: Ottawa must install the 2D Profile Senator logo as their primary logo! 😊


    That's all folks.

  6. On 8/28/2019 at 10:59 AM, buckeye said:




    I'm sorry. I want to like these but that Nike Uniform Template is horrible.....NO....TURRRIBLE!


    The Uniform itself is too small/tight. The Nike and Sponsor logos are too big and because of it the rest of the uniform details don't come off right (Cleveland is too high, the light blue sash is too thick). At least these things proportional to uniform fit.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


    The Atlanta and Salt Lake logos were better than anything in the XFL, apart from Los Angleles. 


    And please be clear that this is not a knock on the XFL logos; it is praise of the AAF logos.  


    You must have a low standard of logos, IMO. Those three are all the worst of their respective leagues.

  8. 27 minutes ago, officeglenn said:

    So that they're all in one handy spot:




    Personally, for the most part, these logos are pretty good. But they don't come w/o critiques in my opinion.

    1. It looks like these were all designed by the same designer. There's a uniformity that I don't like (similar wordmark placement (city and nickname)).

    2. Some of the team names are weird. LA Wildcats. Too generic. St. Louis Battlehawks. Too wordy. 

    3. Last, but not least, TOOO MUCH RED. Too many of the teams have red, whether as a major color or a minor one (you could sorta say the same with blue). With so many colors like Purple and Teal or colors combos to choose from, the XFL shouldve made use of that. At least the AAF had a variety.


    Overall, it's not bad. Theyre pretty good actually. The LA Wildcats are the worst mainly because the lack of creativity (in name, and logo) and color choice. DCs are fine with me.

  9. 1 hour ago, CrimsonBull9584 said:


    1. spacer.png =spacer.png + spacer.png St. Louis     You got me! No idea what this could be.


    Didn't someone mention the possibility of a team being named after Randy Orton?


    St. Louis Predators confirmed




    Or....maybe that team has to be named after a creature of the night? Bats? Owls?

  10. 1 minute ago, CrimsonBull9584 said:


    How so?


    Well that was a little harsh. Not all of them but some.


    The refinery one definitely will be with Houston likers the Oilers. The flying one has nothing to do with NASA; if so it would be more spaced themed. And some of the city associations are off to me

  11. 25 minutes ago, CrimsonBull9584 said:

    My guesses based on the images in the video and the teases:


    1. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png  Los Angeles      Something to do with bikers: Angels?
    2. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png Tampa      Something to do with the swamp: Vipers/Crocs/Leatherheads
    3. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png Seattle Dragons
    4. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png Dallas      Something about oil or blue color factory work: Wildcatters, Roughnecks, Drillers
    5. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png New York   Gargoyles or Sentries
    6. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png Houston   Something to do with the Air Force/NASA?
    7. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png Washington   Military theme: Generals/Soldiers/Marines/Calvary
    8. spacer.png = spacer.png + spacer.png St. Louis     You got me! No idea what this could be.


    Those are some bad guesses, no offense.

  12. On 8/17/2019 at 6:42 PM, jus2damcrazey219 said:

    Too much red. 😕


    20 hours ago, Volt said:


    Seattle Dragons:  looks like 2 shades of Green + Navy + a little Orange.  That could get a little 90’s ish.


    Tampa ?:  they just went and matched the Bucs.  Odd, but makes some sense.  I was hoping for Tennessee/Creamsicle Orange + Black + Gray, similar to what Oklahoma State used to do.  The Red is just too much.



  13. Knowing Vince McMahon and how he thinks and does things at times, I wouldn't be surprised if the teams had no nicknames and ended up being called Team Tampa Bay, Team Houston, Team New York, Team LA, Team.....I think you get the point. 😁

  14. 7 hours ago, Punchy_Gungus said:

    Moving on to the next team, the Las Vegas Venom. (Thanks @Brian in Boston for the suggestion!)




    Named for the several species of snakes that roam the Nevada desert. Shield shape and wordmark based off of the iconic Las Vegas sign.

    Card suit symbols reflect Las Vegas' status as gambling capital of the US.


    With that, we are now halfway done with the team identities. 


    Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.


    This by far your best one.

  15. On 8/13/2019 at 7:57 PM, Shadojoker said:

    These are 2 of 3 of my favorite players growing up aside from Jordan and Pippen. Alvin Robertson and Drazen Petrovic. Unfortunately both careers ended tragically (Robertson though made me lose all respect for him as a human). 


    Side Note:


    Yeah....on that Robertson thing. I'd check into that. Apparently the charges brought against him were dropped and found to be false.


    No thar's out the way. Back to your regularly scheduled programming 😁.

  16. On 8/10/2019 at 11:10 PM, dont care said:

    You mean just in the face mask? That for the most part just figuratively disappears when watching games


    It's the facemask and in the helmet logo. Too Little. Too Much.

  17. 19 hours ago, j'villejags said:

    It is loud, but I like it! It's refreshing to see teams around the league transitioning back to rich, vibrant colors after so many years of seeing dark, drab colors.


    It looks like they pretty much nailed the color tweak. Well done, Vikings. 


    They need to get rid of all the black in that uniform. It's unnecessary. COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!