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  1. 13 hours ago, chakfu said:

    Adding a little *more* orange is what would make the Super Bowl set pop a bit more, tie in better with the history, and allow a pallette swap orange alternate.  Would have been the perfect update.  Instead I fear they'll be like the orangeless Dolphins until it was recently fixed.  Or the Jags without real. Why is it all Florida teams?


    Florida is a weird place

  2. 4 hours ago, raysox said:

    In January I was in a rut. I had been at my current job for over 2 years, still officially a Junior Graphic Designer, and had 160 hours of PTO time saved up because the world of Tennis hardly has an offseason. I ended up losing my mind, booking a flight to Asheville, and took a week off work. I drank tons of beer, saw snow for the first time in years, and also UNC-Asheville had a home basketball game vs South Carolina Upstate. UNC Asheville has a bad logo! It's probably what comes up when you google Bulldog Clipart!

    So I took a few weeks refining this logo idea. My first draft never looked right, and that's because it looks more like a French Bulldog than a traditional English Bulldog.


    But! I'm at a place where i'm happy with my concept!


    The bulldog face would be the primary. Then I created a font where UNC and Asheville would be distinct. I created the A logo even though it doesn't fit with the main branding. The idea behind it is that it would make a cool baseball logo, which i tied in with a crest logo for the seal of the college.

    I'm going to turn this into a Behance project so look forward to some uniforms and photoshops


    Oh also, Asheville is cool as hell and I got a raise and a promotion!


    It's pretty interesting. Like the A-mountain logo.


    PS - Glad u were able to take a break from work. Felt the same frustration with my own job/lack of job progression. Mental health is no joke and self-care is totally needed.

  3. 4 hours ago, Whittier S said:

    Seems to me the solution is as simple as posting your designs here with a link to the story written up in a blog. That way, the designs stay here, and those who want to pursue the story can navigate away from here.



  4. 20 hours ago, officeglenn said:

    All in all, I think this is pretty nice. One thing I would suggest trying out — and it might not work — is having the lines of the basketball match up with the lines of the waves. Does that make any sense? Like, if you keep the waves they are, then the basketball lines could be redrawn to match up and make it all look more cohesive.


    I would also try to cut down on the number of colours you're using. Currently you have five shades of blue, white, light grey and the red-orange. You could cut that down to two shades of blue — one dark and one light — by making all the river waves the same color, a light blue, and getting rid of the shadow under the wordmark, which might not be necessary. You could use the same light blue from the waves in the highlight on "TAMIS" as well to get rid of the light grey. I do like the red-orange colour, though; it's not one you see very often. 


    I agree with this 💯. There are too many unnecessary colors, although the logo is great. Pick two blues (one lighter, one darker) to go along with the color of the ball and white.

  5. On 1/22/2020 at 2:45 PM, McCarthy said:


    I tried to smooth it out a couple days ago.



    I don't think the current logo is the worst in the league, but it's got a lot of unnecessary stuff going on


    This the first time I can truly see an actual bird, its motion/position and the letter F and it all makes sense 😁. Great job!

  6. 6 hours ago, pelicanfan said:

    Interesting matchup with the suns and knicks too. 

    essentially nothing is wrong with the matchup but for some reason that Knicks blue looked weird on the suns court 


    The quality of Nike's NBA jerseys template come (and sterile). 

  7. 2 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


    Wow!  I have ridden my bike right past there several times during my trips to Philadelphia, and I never saw this mural.  The reason I didn't see it is that Walnut Street is one way going west, but you can see this mural only if you are looking east!


    Anyway, my favourite baseball-related mural in Philly depicts an historic moment in New York baseball: Jackie Robinson's steal of home in the 1955 World Series.





    This mural is located on Broad Street at Somerset Street.  The building is on the northeast corner; and the mural is on the north side of the building, so can be seen while looking south down Broad Street.

    The day I found this, I was already in a baseball-history-type mood, because I was riding along Lehigh Avenue in order to visit the sites of Shibe Park and the Baker Bowl.  And the Universe cooperated by presenting me with this piece dedicated to a very historic baseball moment.


    P.S. — Robinson was called safe mainly because his jump was so great.  Yogi had his glove down on the ground in front of home plate, so Robinson's foot would have to have touched Yogi's glove before it touched the plate.





    Yeah u'd have to be walking down Walnut going east or walking backwards 😂🤣😁 to see that mural. 


    There's another one by Fairmount Park celebrating the old Philly Stars, negro baseball team. I think that's where there stadium was.spacer.png

  8. On 11/3/2019 at 9:56 PM, natolian10 said:

    Ok I think I got Tampa Bay down, so I'll move onto Atlanta.






    • Changed outline from gray to black
















    • The horrible and outdated piping is gone. New design is based off the "wings" of the falcon logo
    • Stripe color does not change when on different background colors (I normally don't like this process but because the striping is based off the logo, I think it works here).
    • New font for the wordmark and numbers


    • Red helmet is back! This opens up for throwbacks and a black helmet for a different NFC South team...
    • Satin red helmet (a la Utah)
    • Black facemask
    • No Stripe


    • Red jersey continues as home
    • Black jersey is back! The Michael Vick jerseys are low-key one of my favorite jerseys so I wanted to bring back the black
    • Striping on each. 
    • "FALCONS" on home and alt, "ATLANTA" on away


    • Red, white, and black pants vary under jersey circumstances
    • Striping on each


    • Red and black socks. Depends on the jersey color
    • Red cleats. Red shoes are popular in pop culture and Atlanta is a pop culture hot spot. Plus I think they look sweet.









    • All black with red. No white
    • Logo and stripe has white eliminated


    • Different colored logo on same helmet


    • "ATL" wordmark. I kind of used the NBA's city edition jersey mantra here.
    • New colored striping


    • New colored striping


    • Black with red accents


    Thanks for looking and as always C&C is greatly appreciated!



    I actually don't agree with Atlanta. I think it looks very amateurish. The Red helmet is one thing (I'm indifferent) but the red numbers especially on the black uniform look Arena football-ish. I'd reverse all the numbering colors and it probably with look more NFL-ish.

  9. On 11/2/2019 at 10:15 AM, BringBackTheVet said:



    Eh... depends.  There's a "permanent" (meaning, one's been up for 10 years so far) huge murals near me on the sides of large/old buildings.  One celebrating the Phillies NL/WS championships, with key players from each era all around them.  I can't recall the exact error unless I go look at it again, but there's something... that probably only I notice.\

    EDIT: Re Phillies, there's at least one player with a front number under his script, which was never a thing:



    5 hours ago, bcon_731 said:

    Where in philly is this? 


    Walnut St. By 24th Street. The bridge by the Schulykill Banks.

  10. 18 minutes ago, kimball said:


    I'd be MAJORLY disappointed if they used ANYTHING from the Skyhawks identity.



    Default Microsoft Font.

    Cheap AF look altogether. 




    When I first saw this logo, I thought "this has to be a placeholder" only for my thought to switch to "U gotta be kidding me?" when I found the logo to be official. Looks like they handed their graphic design work to one of the owner's kids, smh.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Chromatic said:

    They’re not going to be removing Pittsburgh from those division rivalries 




    So we're gonna make nonsensical alignment just to perserve rivalries that havent been around for thar long. Wasnt Pittsburgh in the Northeast, historically?

  12. 20 minutes ago, charger77 said:


    Heck swap Tampa and Florida for Columbus and Carolina and call it a day.


    Make it Pittsburgh instead. Then you have a true Northeast (Atlantic) and true Atlantic (Metro) division.


    NORTHEAST: Boston, Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Toronto


    ATLANTIC:  Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Washington