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  1. I partially I agree with you. No one seems to take responsibility for their actions nowadays but if A-Rod has to live to the standard he does as a player, shouldn't the media have to live up to a standard also? The media seems to get a pass a lot of the time. They can trash people by using methods that are illegal, start falsehood and get away with it. All need to be held to an equivalent standard.
  2. These are very creative though I can't see the Jags, or Seahawks ones. Atlanta is the best out of the other 3 (no suggestions). But Miami's and Baltimore could be better (Miami's helmet looks to detailed and powder blue won't mix well w/ aqua and orange and Baltimore.....meh).
  3. These are actually cool man. Nothing over the top. This might be your best concept in terms of simplicity. Though you should switch white and black on the red jerseys.
  4. I partially I agree with everyone. While re-coloring isn't a concept, the bashing is unnecessary. Those who been around long enough should know better that this isn't something new. So calling someone lazy or saying yea someone found the fill tool isn't helpful. To this guy it might be something new. With that said, I agree with the others, being one of those who made this mistake of just re-coloring. A lot of people put effort and time into making new concepts (not saying you didn't) but next time put more stuff up like a uni, court or something because w/ only a logo, this will be the response you'll get.
  5. These aren't bad but i second, third or whatever that additional outlines are needed to make this concept perfect. Plus: The look is better suited for Syracuse rather than Denver.
  6. These are some great uniforms. The Broncos need to go back to an orange primary and you somehow made the royal look good without looking old.My only gripe would be the multiple pants. Nice Job. I think the white a good enough or white and only another color would be necessary.
  7. 33 probably. Or 10 (His high school football jersey number).
  8. I think you shouldn't get the best looking caps mixed up with the most iconic caps. For example, The Yankees. Yeah sure their hat is iconic, the interlocking NY and all but it's as simple as a lot of other caps.
  9. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing watching the game.
  10. Haven't we covered all of this stuff in this very thread? Yea, My bad. These are just actually pictures. Gimme some slack.
  11. Sorry, it's your unlucky day. The T'Wolves took the Phoenix root to the fullest (The lane down under the rim is painted but the arena floor is barren): I like two-toned courts but too many teams are over-doing it. There's needs to be less uniformity when it comes to courts, team unis, and such.
  12. There is a 2008 NBA Season Preview Uni Blog up and there are some interesting things that haven't seen yet that are revealed here. 1. More teams will be wearing those uniforms for Latin Night (or La Noche Latina) Rockets: Los Rockets http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3006/296397...5d3c28bfb_b.jpg They all look stupid for the most part, but the Knicks (who are also doing it) have the best (and most logical) Latin Night Design. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3214/296397...b1c35a37e_b.jpg 2. If you haven't seen the Celtics Championship Golden-Trimmed Home Unis, here they are (with a Larry O'brien (NBA Championship) Trophy patch in the corner): http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3168/296472...642dd746b_b.jpg 3. There are a lot of extra stuff, like a comparison of the nuggets unis with navy to w/ cobalt blue and such, so you guys should look. Here's the link (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=lukas/081028&sportCat=nba)
  13. This is maybe this worst but funniest of them all but it barely beats this one out
  14. Good Idea Again though, lest then 4 team divisions don't work.
  15. Well, you've fixed the Bills, the next team in dire need of fixin' would be (and i would imagine you'd get an almost unanimous decision on this) ...the Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals don't really need to change anything or that much. They just need to get rid of the white side panel and they would be good.
  16. Is it me or as the more sugar/caffeine is included the pepsi type, the "smile" (or the globe) gets bigger? Also the globe directed more horizontally (you compare them to check) the more caffeine included. I actually that's kinda lame but a clever idea though.
  17. I understand your point but The Florida Marlins don't play in the Florida Division or Florida League. Maybe If you said like South Florida Suns in the Florida Division or South Bronx Bombers in the Bronx Division would be fine but saying the Brooklyn Superbas in the Brooklyn Division sounds like they represent the whole division. Bushwick is actually in Brooklyn not the Bronx. Here's a wikipedia link to for the neighborhoods in each NYC borough (at the bottom): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neighborhoods_of_New_York_City
  18. Agreed. I was going to say the exact same thing. You need to be able to differentiate not only from the Patriots but also the Texans. I would say try to use a new kinda blue (definitely not navy but a little different from royal). Plus, add something red to the numbers and a blue facemask wouldn't hurt.
  19. As a Bronxite (lifelong, 30+ years), I'm not sure where the North Side is. (It's not a neighborhood. Neither is "the South Side." And I know nobody from here under the age of 50 who refers to either place as North Side or South Side. The "South Side" is the South Bronx. Period.) I would recommend using actual neighborhood names, like Riverdale or Woodlawn, or street names like The Concourse or Webster Ave, or parks like Pelham Bay or Crotona. Perhaps the "North Side Nine" could be the Pelham Bay Gulls? (Pelham Bay is right on Long Island Sound) Or the Woodlawn Rovers? (Woodlawn is, by most accounts, the biggest Irish neighborhood in the city). I agree. Something like the Bushwick Bombers would make sense. Having divisions with the borough name then having a team don the same name (ex: Brooklyn Superbas in the Brooklyn Division) doesn't really make sense. If you need neighborhoods or street names, I can help or you can use wikipedia (they have everything). Edit: A couple of things. First, It's a good idea to use old baseball names but also make team names based on neighborhoods (things that neighborhoods are known for) or even famous people from those neighborhoods. Secondly, the league name is kinda generic. Something the Empire City League or Empire City Summer Baseball Classic would sound better.
  20. Being a New Yorker, this is an intriguing idea. I like it except a three team division is uneven and a two team division......well...just doesn't make sense.
  21. Don't make that public. The Pirates might try to get some new uniform ideas using more red.
  22. This is a great concept, especially the logo but the ones things that irks me is the seems to be black in the uniform and it doesn't look good. You should get rid of it (maybe for nickel?).
  23. You honestly think the official intended on making the tackle? It's an accident, and for all parties involved, it didn't affect the game. And for those that do that sort of thing....it didn't alter the outcome of the game in terms of covering the spread People keep stating that point in defense of what happened...um, THAT DOESN'T MATTER. Just because it didn't affect the outcome of the game, that means it should be brushed aside? What if you owned a small electronics store and I work for you. During the Christmas holidays, you have a HUGE weekend but looking at the security tape notice that I stole $1,000 from the cash register one night. Now...since you made the best profits you have ever made...are you just going to brush it off like it never happened or is someone going to get wrote up/fired/etc? The matter at hand is that something looks VERY suspicious in the video and whether he tripped or made a bad error of judgment...many questions need to be asked and if something is fishy, a fine or suspension needs to take place. I have no clue why a referee would jeopardize his career like that but there is nothing wrong with an investigation to get the facts. For one, why wasn't he stationary? Referees are taught to remain still as possible when a play is near so they can get the best view and not let shaking eyesight and jerking affect their judgment. Plus if you look at the last video posted, there's no one around him. He sees the QB coming and actually appears to hunker down and start moving to his right, putting him in the QB's path. And then leans in with the shoulder as he comes. Every bit of video evidences seems to support that it was intentional, and I see absolutely no evidence that shows this as being incidental contact. None what so ever. I've been thinking all season the officiating in College and the NFL has seemed to be pretty bad this year, but this just takes the cake. I agree with yall. That was intentionally from both angles. If the ref was trying to avoid SC QB, he would've moved to the left or back, not to the right and forward in the direction the player was coming in. And with that forward shoulder, ( ), CASE CLOSED!
  24. This is good. Try to use a modern D though.
  25. GENERIC TO THE EXTREME!!!! Man, they look (and probably will play) like a NBDL team.