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  1. With the recent realignment talk in the MLB, I think there are two logical decisions they can make with the divisional alignment: Option 1 Have 15/15 alignment between AL and NL with three divisions each (schedule will be mostly intraleague with more interleague games). AL East: Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, Toronto Central: Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minnesota. (If anyone should go to the AL, it's Milwaukee b/c they were there originally.) West: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Texas (similar to the old AFC West) NL East: Atlanta, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Washington Central: Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Pittsburgh, Saint Louis. West: Same as current Or Option 2 Still 15/15 between AL/NL but each league has one 7-team and 8-team division each. AL East: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Tampa Bay, Toronto (8) West: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oakland, Seattle, Texas (7) NL East: Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington (8) West: Arizona, Colorado, Houston, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, San Diego, San Francisco (7) In addition, the 5-team playoff is a pretty dumb idea (uneven, if anything). I think MLB should either stick with 4 teams or go to 6 teams. With a 6-team playoff: a. Under three division alignment, the 3 division champions plus 3 wild card cards (by record) get to the playoffs. The top two division champions would get byes which will not only make it important to win your division but also to have a better season record hopefully resulting in more/better competition and motivation ("EQUALING RATINGS!!!") or b. Under two division alignment, the 2 division champs would get byes and the other seeds would be determined by record.
  2. Maybe you can try Purple (Dark) and silver/gray (w/black)?
  3. This isn't bad, few suggestions though. You should change the Citi font of the white jersey to blue (like http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citibank-3'>http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citibank-3 or http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citi . Move the ACM over to the right a little and just finish the star line to the top of the shield and, the logo seems to be missing something (a lot of open space). You should put a ball under the M in ACM.
  4. This is good. I think you should thin the white outline. Also, if you make uniforms, I think you should keep the current unis but subtract the black (just blue, orange, and white) plus using the New York font from the logo (http://sportslogos.net/images/logos/6/216/full/qq6jhhi515f6i5d38errfwyr1.gif) instead of the current New York font.
  5. I don't know about that. I think these are pretty good. The Bengals definitely need stripes. I think their uniforms are the worst of the series. And though the dolphins uniforms are on point, I think you should match the sleeves for the away as for the homes. You already gave Buffalo yoked sleeves. If anyone shouldn't get the same yoke, it would be someone like the Dolphins (a divisional foe).
  6. Hey, I would just like to say (IMO) so far you're putting out the best NFL pro-combat series yet. I think your broncos concept is the best I've seen for them. It does a great job a being modern, unique (in a subtle way), and simple while also incorporating throwbacks/past elemnts from Broncos uniform history. Good job although you could probably make the number font smaller and thicken the outlines a bit. The chargers....I kinda miss the dark blue, but your concept is still well put together. Again it does good with combining modern and past elements. In regards to the dark blue, although many professional teams have implemented the double blue outta trend sake, I know the Chargers owner prefered the navy but the fans like the light blue so they used both to appease all.
  7. I think the whole series has been great including the AFC West. The only issue (not a real issue though) is as a Chiefs fan, their look is boring. I would be interested in seeing a modern, yet simplistic version of their uniforms. And the stripe for the Broncos looks really old school. What if you eliminated it? Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And on the Broncos, which stripe are you referring to? The helmet (like the Bears).
  8. I think the whole series has been great including the AFC West. The only issue (not a real issue though) is as a Chiefs fan, their look is boring. I would be interested in seeing a modern, yet simplistic version of their uniforms. And the stripe for the Broncos looks really old school. What if you eliminated it?
  9. This post you got going is really good if not great. All the team names, logos, and uniforms look good. Keep up the good work. Three personal thoughts though: 1. I agree with the Arizona team looking like one representing New Mexico and I echo the need to add navy (maybe in place of maroon) in the logo along with in the uniform. 2. The cosmos, overall, look good. Maybe adding navy and yellow piping (minimal) would be good. Plus updating the logo would be cool. Nothing drastic. Maybe a more modern illustrated ball and fixing the cosmos wordmark a bit. 3. As for your Carolina Flyers, it's just amazingly crazy how I've also had the idea of making a soccer league with at team from Carolina (Carolina Cougars FC) that was located/representing the Triangular research area with the extra same colors representing the colleges in that area (Columbia- UNC, Blue-Duke, Red-NC State). That's really cool actually. The only difference is that I had Bank of America as team sponsor.
  10. I think you should make a Mr. Jay logo also (a running cartoon blue jay) like Mr. met
  11. You're new rendering looks really good. The scarlet is actually a good look, better than regular red. As for the LA in tertiary, as it's currently composed, it looks like an UA. I would suggest putting a thin red line to separate the L and the A to distinctly show both initials.
  12. Agreed. The Red is okay but the red-orange kinda meshes the support of red and orange together, while as someone mentioned earlier, being unique color choice. Plus how about making the outter outline, which is currently sky blue,silver then making the Los Angeles term in the logo sky blue. Overall this is great Clippers concept, the best I've seen on the board.
  13. Wait but too many teams don't also have Red, & Blue? (Detroit, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Cleveland, Atlanta. Red/Blue-5, Blue/Orange-3(?)). I think you should keep the Sky Blue, Orange color scheme, add a light gray or silver, and you would be good. Too many teams in the NBA and in sports wear red and blue. New York has royal, orange, and black. OKC has red in their unis but uses orange in the shoes and logo. And Charlotte, the closest, uses a unique type of blue. You could make the Clippers have orange unis with sky blue or light blue (which is more pale) and silver trim.
  14. I have to say, these are all PERFECT! No flaws at all. My favorite is definitely Hawaii with the hidden prints in the pants and jersey. An Utah State's is so simple but modern at the same time. These are cool man. Good Job.
  15. I echo the reaction towards this concept. It's great. You picked the right colors and meshed the eras, name, city together well. However for a bit of advice, you should probably have the sax lean to the right to match up with the reset of the wordmark (it kinda looks like it's running away from the other three letters) and then put the mountains over the wordmark instead of being next to the sax.Also the blue area in the sax looks weird.
  16. I don't understand why conference expansions can't stay regional? The Big 10 (11, or whatever) is filled with central/midwestern schools? So why do they want to invade the Big East to add eastern schools? Pitt needs to stay in the Big East, Boston College should come back, and Penn State should maybe join the Big East.Schools like Notre Dame, Iowa State, and Missouri should be considered for the Big 10. I really dislike seeing teams out of place in conferences (what is BC doing in the ACC? Why is St. Louis (MS) in the Atlantic 10?)
  17. The updated logo is cool but a few suggestions: 1. Maybe try a different color outline for the league logo not black maybe light gray. Also a football in the logo? 2. For the federals, you ever think of using mint/forest green and silver or gold for the color scheme. That gives more homage to the federal reserve. I'm the patriotic scheme is cool and works but may you should try something different.
  18. I'll bite with the seahawks unis. The 2nd top is good but I think you should tweek the the blue and green to something more unique the common royal blue and kelly green. Plus try to add a white line in between the blue and green on the pants and one between the green and silver on the jerseys like in the helmet logo.
  19. Don't forget this guy (or girl??? ) (though he/she might have to be tested for steroids first.)
  20. Seconded. Completely agree with all choices. Plus, the sleeveless jerseys are horrible.
  21. CHIEFS CLAIMED!!!! I will claim Kansas City (if there still available).
  22. This is really good. Its clean and simple. I think you should try making the helmet stripe pointy in the back (like the Panthers' helmet) to just make things look more modernized.
  23. The concept is cool (seeing one less team w/ navy is a plus and using the scarcely-used brown would be an extra plus), however, I think (personally) some alterations would make it more modern. You should maybe try a darker brown with different gold (something between athletic and vegas) because what you comprised isn't bad but it looks really dated/retro because of the yellow. Also, you should probably try thinner pant piping.
  24. These are good. Have you thought about adding a crown to the primary?