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  1. Hornets played the Warriors at home Sunday night. Here are some action shots: IMHO, the homes do look good, and I am in agreement with you in that I'm no fan of the aways. The white pinstripes mess it up for me. Luckily, I'll only have to see them on TV. I second or third (??? )that.
  2. It's weird because I was watching sportscenter and one the guys was saying if he didn't know if this was the Knicks or the Thunder/ he couldn't tell the difference. It's funny because he also said he wouldn't be able to tell the difference because of their records.
  3. I really don't know what is so sacred about white pants (maybe with the brown uniforms) but as for the white ones, what wrong with the orange pants? Even a Brown jersey with orange pants? Those combinations should be in place. I like the orange pants and would keep them. People are too uptight about uniforms.
  4. I'm not sure they would be able to with all those lawsuits in reards to using indigenous imagery. I would want to see a chiefs update though (maybe like bohob's concept).
  5. Nah. I like it with gunmetal. The first concept was good (to me at least). You should have probably put middle white stripe in the away uniform sleeves.
  6. These aren't bad but look like the Lions concept (lack of number outline, middle pants stripe). Suggestion: Add a thin outline around the numbers and add a white inner stripe for the pants. Then the uniforms would really look like a child between the royal and yellow with the current ones. Maybe a navy mask too.
  7. This is a perfect set (colors, logo, everything). Nice Job.
  8. I don't know if you guys noticed but their jackets that are typically black with blue font are now blue with a black font so that might signal changes.
  9. You're not Kidding PS: Thunder have too many colors. They look like a paint palette. Just pick two or three (preferably not navy, yellow, light blue) and call it a day!
  10. See, that's beautiful. Why couldn't they adopt the bee as a primary? Question: Do the Hornets have purple anymore? Cause colors on that court look light blue and navy blue. That would spell trouble with 6 navy-light blue teams in the NBA, all in the Western Conference, half in the same division.
  11. The identity and uniforms are very generic. Uniforms are that bad best the whole identity says Cleveland Cavaliers (pre-Lebron).
  12. I agree with the last post. He did apologize for what he said and this thread is all about new unis for the 08-09 season. So let's try as hard as it may seem, to move on. Regardless of what he said, the backlash of his comment isn't making the situation better. Toronto's new threads are cool but the numerals and such that are silver should be white IMO. The Bucks alts are a nice try to pay omage to the past, but the Red alts that have been created by board members are a perfect rendition of what they should look like.
  13. Looks like the Thunder uniforms will be coming as soon as next week (Monday to be precise). (source. Yahoo Sports) http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont...?urn=nba,110127 Info is toward the bottom of the page.
  14. Nice work man. I can't say nothing more.
  15. These are all, for the most part, top notch. Those Bills jerseys are perfect. Simple but with a great touch. Like Billy B said, that is the best Titans uni concept I've ever seen but I would switch the away bottoms with the alternate bottoms. The Chargers are ok but I also don't know why you are plain stripe on the helmets and pants and not use a bots on either one. Lastly, the Lions ones are okay but they seem to be missing something (no number outline, no middle stripe on pants). Overall, these are good. Great Job ny.
  16. What about Jerry Manuel for NL MOY?
  17. Also as a Chiefs fan(see sig), I'll have to echo everyone one else in saying this is the best Chiefs concept I've ever seen. Not too boring bit not over-modernized (unnecessary piping and such). The one thing that I may suggest is about the pant striping. Instead of it being Red on the away set and white on the home set, you should switch it so that for example the red pants have a white stripe down the middle that it looks in unison with the white jerseys. Plus the yellow facemasks may look pretty weird (make em white). Looks alike the Vikings though. As for the Bucs, the jersey isn't bad but the shoulder stripe looks weird and I think you should change the numbers.
  18. Uggh. That looks terrible. I just don't understand why some people think the blue jersey/white pant combo looks bad. Other than just not being used to seeing it worn commonly. It is the original design home combo. It looks no different than other teams when they wear their dark helmets, dark jerseys, and white pants like the Eagles, Redskins, Texans, Broncos, Chiefs, Bears, and Vikings.................... Too Plain for one. And to have a double blue jersey and and have some plain white pants, let's just say it look inconsistent. The reason all those teams you mentioned look fine is they have a color in the unis and have the same colors on their pants. The Seahawks have a double-blue jersey and their white pants have only a thin navy blue stripe no Seahawk blue or whatever the other blue is called.
  19. I think this is just a generic okc logo until the real thing comes out. That can't be the actual logo. I believe it 2008 not 1994.
  20. I was looking for something else today on second hard drive and found these, which someone here did a while back. I really like this look, and it proves once again the two helmets would have been very classy looking. Doesn't look bad. However, there is no silver in the jersey so it would probably end up looking weird.
  21. The post of Alexander in the video game against the Cardinals is probably one of the best looking uniforms in the league rarely seen (well at least presently).
  22. Is there a way (on this board) to prevent outsiders from coming in and jackin stuff off the board to use and claim it as their own? It's a shame how some take credit for other's hard work.
  23. I figured it was just a matter of time before New Orleans would eventually shift to a look that was a less generic and more identifiable. That said, the new set looks great. Upgrade. These for the most are great. The only thing that irks my is the away unis. There is to much white and the yellow wordmark is annoying. If they switch everything yellow for white and vice-versa, these would be 10X better.
  24. Go to the Hornets website. If you look in the lower-right hand corner, there is a NBA store ad with the new unis on them and new logo on ad next to that.