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  1. I was looking for something else today on second hard drive and found these, which someone here did a while back. I really like this look, and it proves once again the two helmets would have been very classy looking. Doesn't look bad. However, there is no silver in the jersey so it would probably end up looking weird.
  2. The post of Alexander in the video game against the Cardinals is probably one of the best looking uniforms in the league rarely seen (well at least presently).
  3. Is there a way (on this board) to prevent outsiders from coming in and jackin stuff off the board to use and claim it as their own? It's a shame how some take credit for other's hard work.
  4. I figured it was just a matter of time before New Orleans would eventually shift to a look that was a less generic and more identifiable. That said, the new set looks great. Upgrade. These for the most are great. The only thing that irks my is the away unis. There is to much white and the yellow wordmark is annoying. If they switch everything yellow for white and vice-versa, these would be 10X better.
  5. Go to the Hornets website. If you look in the lower-right hand corner, there is a NBA store ad with the new unis on them and new logo on ad next to that.
  6. Props to Dream Team IV for making the finals (Not USA Basketball but Nigerian Soccer Team).
  7. MLB- New York Mets NFL- Kansas City Chiefs NBA- Portland Trail Blazers NCAAF- Florida Gators
  8. These are cool. I think pointed stripe on the pants like the Panthers, and Broncos and the unis would be better (Well IMO). Nice job anyway.
  9. These are all perfect. The cream on IU's unis add a classy touch and everything else....no flaws. Great Job.
  10. Those uniforms, although simple, are every bit perfect. Great job man.
  11. THE SCHEDULE IS HERE!!! http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/schedule?date=20081029
  12. It's a great idea (the blue unis) but it doesn't look right to me (in terms of the font). Maybe switch the font outline color from black to orange and the shadow from orange to black or make the font orange, outline white, and shadow black.
  13. I actually have a critique...a few I might add. Although the logos are great, the unis don't look right. I understand the desire to have old and modern ideas within the unis but that's were the unis clash. For example, you have modern uni striping which I like but the team font looks forced, the number font is really plain and boring and the curved neckline doesn't fit with a modern look (striping). Some suggestions for the unis would be: Use a modern neck type (I forgot what you call it) similar to their current unis Use a modern yet simple font and maybe like the old font, have many outlines around the font.
  14. I wish the Suns would change the whole uniform identity to suit these logos and that uniform on the gorilla. Everything looks good espcially both star logos.
  15. Can anyone see the possible lining behind this? If not check this: We got an expansion D-League team in Reno, Nevada. Their affiliates are the Knicks and no other than the Sacramento Kings! My Prediction:The Kings will be in Vegas SOON.
  16. How did u get a hand on the pic? The unis from the photo look pretty neat and classy .
  17. You guys did miss something: The added line in the bird's torso.
  18. Can u do a combined Chiefs and Gators? Thanks your work is greatly appreciated.
  19. Actually Notre Dame was one of the last teams to use the old nylon-front "shiny pants" from the 1950s/60s - even Joe Montana wore these through most of his career. However, I think Notre Dame swiched to the "modern shiny pants" during the Gerry Faust era. For sure, by the time Lou Holtz got there they were using the modern metallics that were a good color match for their gold helmet shells. EDIT: Turned up a Montana photo from 1975 with the nylon-front pants on the SI Vault: Note that USC has very faded all-knit pants. Man those looks bad. I think the shiny does all of justice.
  20. Although I'm a gators fan, if true, this combo would be great. It made me just realize how unique UT's color combo is.
  21. Who is the star of the team now? This doesn't look like a good season for the Pacers.