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    With my increasing interest in soccer I decided to come up with a concept on my own. The team is called ACDC based in Washington DC. I came up with a set of simple logos for the team.All comments appreciated. (Also my first concept).
  2. This is perfect! You should do more old USFL teams.
  3. If you're from Texas, that's you answer right there.
  4. I've heard many people talk about how the Mavericks should switch back to old colors. I like the idea but i don't like their primary logo. so I took one of their alternate (center court) logo and altered it with their old colors.
  5. Is it me or over the past few days have the Mets been wearing the all blue cap more at home and less of the black and blue cap everyone hates?
  6. I know you guys hate the black shadow but it gives the wordmark some definition. The wordmark would look really boring without the black shadowing (which I surely don't mind). but i got AN IDEA! What if they keep the shadow but have the blue wordmark with white outline and orange shadow OR blue wordmark with just orange shadowing. This might satisfy you black-Mets haters. And yeah, I hate the black unis, the black and blue cap, black lettering, and ESPECIALLY that multicolored batting helmet !
  7. Please do Drexel. They don't have a football team (or a couple of others..) And i would love to see my (future) school colors on a football jersey.
  8. Most the current ABA teams including this one: You money-hungry bastards!!!!
  9. these are frickin hot. did u make everything yourself?
  10. HORRIBLE! sorry that's just my opinion. where the creativity? And blue!?
  11. Someone ask for the old/proposed jags logo and helmet. Here it is:
  12. Lets get it straight. Kobes number change has nothing to do with Michael Jordan. As I heard, Kobe wore #8 as a child playing ball in Italy and because he was in the ABCD (ABC?)134 camp (1+3+4=8). He wore 24 in High School and then swithed to #33 (as we see in many of his high school photos) to honor his father, Joe Bryant. He couldnt 33 because of Kareem-Abdul Jabbar retiring that number for the Lakers.All this "he trying to be better jordan so he wants to be 23+1" stuff is bogus. Get facts straight before you make assumptions.
  13. The Cowboys should make their practice jerseys into their real jerseys.
  14. Uh... Do you guys know that they're coming out with a red alternate for the 2006-07 season. I think they ditched the grey because they wanted to lose as much refences to New Jersey seeing that they're moving to BROOKLYN! BK all day!
  15. Oddball is correct. If we or the NFL was now to recoin the Green Bay Packers into the Milwaukee Packers, there would be a huge outcry. What is a Green Bay anyway? But if that team could represent that small city as the bills can do for Buffalo, the Angels should be able to do it for Anaheim. I prefer LA Angels but I'm not from that area. But I can talk about one team, THE NETS! When then they finally move to the NEW YORK area, the NBA should name them the BROOKLYN Nets. Brooklyn isnt in NYC and is only incorporated with the other four boroughs probably for some odd reason. If Brooklyn were a city, it would be the fourth largest city in the US of A .
  16. How about a whole new uniform instead of that corny font and tacky side panels. And anything with green or double green (forest and lime) would be better than purple and green. Maybe the Milwaukee Penny (green and copper) Bucks or Milwaukee Golden Bucks or even the Milwaukee Christmas Bucks (throwback colors). And maybe bring back the buck spinning the ball with a fiercer look.
  17. For the sake of the New Orleans Hornets, eventhough I dont know if there hornets in new orleans, the current team colors are in sync with Mardigras (green, purple, and gold). Utah Jazz name doesn't make any sense. The mountains of good for the city of Utah but not the name jazz! As many people indicated, the Hornets and Jazz should switch names. Utah is the beehive state (hornets=bees) and New Orleans Jazz was the Utah jazz original name. Let's stop complaining. A lot of teams have names and logos that dont make any sense but there nothing we can do about it.
  18. I hope they change the name from Tampa BAy Devil Rays to the Tampa Bay Suns. Someone please come up with a uniform/logo package for the suns with blue,orange, and yellow and the logo with sunglasses.
  19. Those aren't his logos. A graphic designer made those logos and a couple of uniform concepts. I can grab the website for yall.
  20. BringBackTheVet, you're vey right. The panthers look really stupid with those all white unis along with a siver helmet. I think they should use those silver pants as the do with the other jerseys. And their alt is the best jersey in the NFL. I dont know why they dont wear those more often.