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  1. Tomato, tomahto. They're all the same to corporate folk.
  2. They trying to cater to the new New York, full of Hipsters, Starbucks, enviromental friendly ideologies. The 2019 Jets (and their logo) will be eco-friendly
  3. I definitely prefer the eagle as @BellaSpurs mentioned. I find this one to be lacking. Looks more like a store or business logo and not one for sports albeit soccer/futbol.
  4. They should go with the Oranges as the primary (is there a Orange-primary team in the NBA?), get rid of the white outline. Those OKC unis are probably some of my favorite unis in the NBA
  5. But here is the problem with modern sports (and somewhat society) in general; there just seems to be this desire to be "progressive" just for the sake of being progressive. Just because something is coined as "traditional" shouldn't equivalate to it being bad or needing for change. There seems to be a pining to be progressive, not realizing the chaotic environment that all this progression creates. There are some places where progressiveness is needed, but sports, at least in some aspects, isn't necessarily one of those places.
  6. Speaking of this logo, I always thought the mane was the face and the curvature in the mane actually was the horse's mouth, which makes for an ugly horse, lol.
  7. That's perfect, man. Keeps some of the spirit of the current Carolina while making a modern classic. Great job! EDIT: Agree with the poster under me. For the black jerseys, white numbers would look better.
  8. Agreed. The light blue facemask looks minor league. A stripe would give the helmet extra definition and character that would be removed by the addition of black facemask. A white one wouldn't bad either (as well as a white online aroubd the logo).
  9. Switch the cross between the letters. Right now the way you have it cross seems to help the C be more defined than the D. Switching the cross over with help switch that. The C can stand to lose definition and still look like a C. The D can't. In other words, overlap the top left side over the right.
  10. Agreed. I know you were trying to do something with the logo, resembling a steer, but the logo is good enough that its abstract form brings the point home.
  11. I love the Rockets earned jerseys except the dark red (). They should build off the black set, make the black red and make the red (lining, shadows, outlines) gold (like metallic gold). Miami's Vice (Miami Arena) font is nice but waaayyy too small. I like Miami's uniform (fonts, etc) as is.
  12. Yeah actually they are. If not no outline is too plain, I'd would do a very thin one.
  13. Your update on the black jerseys is great. I'd make a similar iteration to the whites. Additionally, the wordmark/numbers outlines aren't good. Have u considered going with no outline?
  14. Agreed. The neck/chin on the new one looks weird.
  15. Though this is a nice update, there seems to be too much blue (and that's said with blue being my favorite color). Maybe try it w/o the triangle, i.e.:
  16. I'd rather them be connected Lebron than look like Knick Jr.
  17. I sorta agree. The navy is really dark BUT royal is too bright. Maybe a dark royal? The green (teal) is perfect. When having ideas for the mavericks, my thought is simiilar to yours in finding a balance with the double blues of today (not unique) with the royal and gteen of the past (too old style. Doesn't tanslate well to the present). I like the Nowitzkific blueprint jerseys but I 'd like to give a suggestion: to use elements from both of the uniforms he wore as a Mav. Maybe the old Dallas font with the cirrent jersey template. Just a thought
  18. Wow that's sexy. Absolutely gorgeous. If that logo were a woman, I'd take her out an a date.
  19. I sorta like this. I agree with the stroke. I think it's too thin. Maybe make a lil' thicker? If anything, it maybe the font you choose for the W. I don't really like it.
  20. Go-go music is a musical style/genre popular to DC. So it's a regional reference. Such genre leads to hits like this: