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  1. Thanks chief103182, at least some has common sense. The Chiefs will the AFC West this season! San Diego is going to drop off a little, Denver is going downhill and the Raiders! I'm tired of people saying just because they got Moss they going to be mad good. The defense is still horrible! Every year there is a surprise team and believe it's the CHIEFS year.
  2. All u guys are f****** stupid. Stop whining and just watch. If u hate it some much, DON'T WATCH IT!
  3. Kansas City gets no respect. Just what and see.
  4. These are my predictions AFC East New England 12-4 Buffalo 9-7 NY Jets 8-8 Miami 6-10 North Baltimore 11-5 Pittsburgh 11-5 Cincinatti 7-9 Cleveland 5-11 *Tiebreaker to Baltimore South Indianapolis 12-4 Jacksonville 9-7 Tennessee 6-10 Houston 6-10 West Kansas City (i said it!) 10-6 Denver 9-7 San Diego 7-9 Oakland 7-9 Playoffs- 3.Baltimore vs. 6.??? (you pick); 4.Kansas City vs. 5.Pittsburgh BYE-Indy, NE NFC East Philadelphia 13-3 Dallas 9-7 NY Giants 7-9 Washington 6-10 North Minnesota 11-5 Green Bay 9-7 Detroit 7-9 Chicago 5-11 South Atlanta 11-5 Carolina 10-6 New Orleans 8-8 Tampa Bay 7-9 Now the shocker! West Arizona (I said it!!) 9-7 St.Louis 9-7 Seattle 8-8 San Francisco (Anywhere from 3-13 to 0-16) Playoffs- 3.Minnesota vs. 6.St.Louis (Sorry Cowboy Fans); 4.Arizona vs. 5.Carolina BYE-Phily, Atlanta
  5. I have a good guess The rookie is Dannie Granger whose on the indiana pacers
  6. this is nice a way betther their current jersey. A mix somewhat old and new. Great Job, just make it a blue helmet with a white bill/buffalo.
  7. I always thought this team would need a new logo but it wonderful of how you incorporated an antual clipper ship with part of the current logo. Excellent Job! Send this concept to the team (trademark it first).
  8. Hey guys calm down... First before anything the Brewers should move back to the AL (why did they leave?)and then KC should go to the AL West. SO MLB w/ 30 teams would be like: AL East Baltimore, Boston, NY Yankees, Tampa Bay, Toronto AL Central Chicago WS, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee*, Minnesota AL West Anaheim/California/LA of Ana (whatever), Kansas City*, Oakland, Seattle, Texas National League would stay the same Now, If expnsion was added... The teams should be from Then MLB should be seperate by East and West (AL-west and NL-east) American League would be like... Arizona Colorado Detroit Houston Kansas City LA Angels LA Dodgers Milwaukee Minnesota Oakland (who should move to Portland) St.Louis San Diego San Francisco Seattle Texas and expansion... LAS VEGAS and align them whatever way preferably by geography and the National League will be... Atlanta Baltimore Boston Chicago Cubs Chicago WS Cincinnati Cleveland Florida NY Mets NY Yankees Philadelphia Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Toronto Washington and expansion... CHARLOTTE Interleague will be based on historical rivalries (i.e. Cardinals-Cubs, Dodgers/Giants-Yankees, etc.) I think this should make everyone happy.
  9. How about making the white inner circle a baseball?
  10. We all know that the USFL had teams with the most ridiculous and out-of-this-world uniform concepts, which were very damn cool. But as I do, How would this teams look today if the league was still in existence??? So to all logo creators/uniform designers, I'm proposing a logo/uniform package contest for each former USFL team. No rewards...just for pride. A different team at once. At the end we can decided and view the USFl 2005-06 season (using our imagination).
  11. That second logo would look way better if that broze buck was gold.
  12. This is one of the greatest concepts I ever seen and I think u should send this in to them and they should consider the changer. Silver is probably better than that metallic blue and how but u do another new concept sort of like the nuggets or sixers for at team like Dallas, Golden State, Milwaukee, or New Jersey?