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  1. I concur with Suededesigns. A more pointed tip/top as if you were looking at the building from the bottom up.
  2. Man. This is really cool...awesome actually. It would definitely be cool to see you do a whole NFL series (logos and/or uniforms, etc.)
  3. Simple. It muddles things/tradition/the known for no reason other than for kicks and giggles. What is wrong with: 1. Home 2. Away 3. Alt 1 (alt/throwback/civic pride) 4. Alt 2 (alt/throwback/civic pride) We've known it to be that way for so long and people are used to it. Those Nikefied names have no soul, purpose or reasoning to them other than "marketing purposes" which is pretty pointless to everyone except Nike.
  4. That idea looks interesting. I'd go for it. With the numbers, I would go with something both bold, curvy and sharp to fit with the logos/wordmark
  5. Uniforms suck like the team, lol When did the Washington Generals join the NBA? ???
  6. Or could've it have been that he initially made his decision, wrote the piece but before he released it was still so conflicted/unsure of his choice that he didn't but made peace with his choice and released the piece coincidentally? (Think about it like writing a tough, risky, bold email to someone and hesistating to push the send button before you actually send it) We are just fans watching sports, a leisure and form of entertainment. One can not assume another person's intentions. Hayward is still human and has the right to be conflicted and might have been. It's a bit emotional (and a tad bit irrational) to assume ill intent on his part because the final result is the less than desired result for some. Hey, at least he didn't do an 1 hour special to announcehe was leaving. Btw, what's the point of these Players Tribune pieces? Like said prior, nothing is wrong with a simple announcement. All these article/letter, boys and girls club announcement like stunts are seem unnecessarily attention seeking and should be done away with.
  7. agreed. I'm not an expert in branding, but although creativity is a big part of branding, it's not the only thing. Today's society seems to be very big on nostalgia and although the "new" pistons logo isn't the most creative per say, it excellently excutes the meeting of the past and the present. It takes a logo synonymous with success/championships (the past) and adds a modern flare with the font (the present/future) which brings memories and plays on the feelings of old fans and introduces new fans to the past while bringing old fans to the present. It's simply the best of both worlds. The horse, while more creative, isn't the strongest brand and it's history isn't as synonymous with success as the bad boys logo. The current was half-hearted attempt to replicate the past and a new logo further muddles the brand. What they chose to use is the BEST option.
  8. Derrick Williams hasn't been on the Knicks since last year. He was on the Heat earlier this season, and played like trash. I understand the Knicks are a mess but 1. that jab was unnecessary and 2. proves that the NBA is trash. if players only play inspired when their situation is good, what's the point? Though the NBA has to do something about the competitive balance; the Cavs are over the luxury tax and keep finding ways to sign every newly released free agents. What's the point of the other 28 teams?
  9. A. Smith (vs. ATL (12/4)) C/ATT 21/25 YDS 270 AVG 10.8 TD 1 INT 0 SACKS 1-4 QBR 91.2 RTG 125.0 What bailing out did they need to do for Smith??? Smith may not be the "sexiest" playing QB in the league but the disrespect he gets even after what he did last week against Denver and again with Atlanta is baffling.
  10. The Nuggets pix axe man logo is great except for the shoes. The contrast in dimensions is off. The body is 3-d but the shoes are 2-d, lacking in definition. You should update that.
  11. Exactly what they need to be. Beautiful
  12. Needs some gold . But excellent job, btw
  13. The top court design is better. More of color balance. The second one has an overload navy and sky blue on the baselines. It's too much for similar colors
  14. And what's up with this "Detroit Basketball"??? It's so stupid sounding and generic. As if there's some real sense of civic pride. It's so dumb. We know you play in the Detroit (well actually you don't). And these players would be proud play for any team if they paid them no matter where they're from.
  15. Yeah like the addition of the teal but there still too many color. Would get rid of the blue and yellow.
  16. MBannon, again great job with the NFC East Dallas: 7/10. I like the alignment of colors. The uniform? Meh. It's not bad but it's not great. New York: 11/10. I know it says 11/10 (not logical, lol) but this is the best one and by far how the giants should look. The color balance and use and nearly perfect. The only change I would make is making the middle northwestern stripe on the pants white instead of gray. The best one yet! Philadelphia: 9/10. This just falls short of perfection. I love you simplified the colors to just midnight green and silver (no need for midnight green and black). The only issue is the striping choice. Everything (the number choice and helmet) looks modern. Felt you could've been a little more modern and creative with the striping. Washington: 7/10. I personally more of a fan of the spear uniforms and colors. But these are cool and nice. Great job. Can't wait to see more.
  17. These are all mostly great. Buffalo: 10/10. Mimicking the stripe from.the logo into the uniforms is cool, modern while remaining true to their history. Miami: 7/10. It's cool but seems a lil dull. Maybe it's the lack of orange in the numbers. Maybe putting a thicking orange outline aroubd the navy. New York: 9/10. This just falls short of perfection. Tapering the stripes in the helmet and pants would give it a more aerodynamic feel. Also adding a jet over the NY. New England: 8/10. Something is slight off with the whites. Maybe it's choosijg a silver outline around the uniform stripes instead of navy. Also.maybe adding a star in the uniforms stripe. Great job. Can't wait to see more.
  18. I think that is if not the best Ducks concept seen by me. But just like tigerslionspistons... elluded to, something is off but I think it's the bright yellow. Maybe swapping that with a gold (vegas or plain gold)
  19. Definitely great design. No doubt about that. But as others have said, this is a not a great (not in quality) basketball logo. It doesn't really say anything basketball other than knowing that Indiana Pacers are a basketball team
  20. That empty space in the PS logo is weird. Maybe they should've a small U in that space instead (I'm guessing it's Portland State University). Could someone mock that up?
  21. By far (real far), your best one yet. Exactly how the Knicks should look will a slight addition.
  22. You've got my The rams should go for: 1. A blue between royal and navy with 2. A metallic yellow-gold