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  1. Yeah man, what you did with Orlando isn't.........the greatest. Although the last update is the best, the compilation of eras definitely is lacking. Orlando because of a lot of reasons should probably have the most modern uniforms types. Pick a few of the aspects from the past and put them together on a modern template (Apologies if that sounds harsh, not trying to be).
  2. Great job on New York and New Orleans though I have some suggestions: For New Orleans: Switch the wordmark and outline colors on the away. New York: Remove the white outline from the wordmark in the logo and make the orange circle in the a ball with blue seams.
  3. Minnesota is the best by far although as one mentioned maybe you could use the slate blue rather than the navy. Other than that and maybe modernizing the collar, these are top notch (A+ for using the profile wolf logo as the primary as it should be). Miami is by far the worst. Cleveland. Atlanta, Houston and Kansas City look too similar to the Heat and the way you use the colors you chose give them a very tacky look. Milwaukee, I don't understand why people love and use that old Buck logo. It's dated and doesn't fit for many reasons. The current Buck is fine; there just needs to be few tweaks. Maybe aiming for modern looks that appreciate the past utilizing some of aspects of the past is the way to go.
  4. The Grizzlies are awesome!!! Color scheme is great while balancing the Vancouver and Memphis traits.
  5. If anything, the proposed center logos are actually good if put between the 3-point key and the paint not a half court. Their primary is perfect for half court even some if the tertiary logos are better than the hornet profile logo.
  6. I agree, I think the thing that bothers me with a lot of your concepts are the detailed collar/sleeve design. But that's just a matter of personal taste. Overall I like the Clippers' redesign, it would certainly be a unique look in the league. I like the idea of the secondary logo (I've thought about trying out a similar one myself) but I feel like it's too... literal, for lack of a better word. There's too much empty space in the circle because the flags don't fill the shape very well. I think you could find another way to fit the nautical flags into an alternate logo without them being literally flags. I totally agree with these statements. The issues with your series is not your design/artistic ability (it's decent and miles better than some of the stuff some members of this board post on a daily basis), but the elements your use specifically your jersey design and collar choices clashing. A lot of old school collars with modern jerseys. IMO, it's not visually pleasing. So far this series gets a 7 out of 10 for me; great work but definitely room for improvement.
  7. There's nothing wrong with the Bucks. A lil thing here or there would help improve their overall graphic package. Green and Red work well together. The double/triple green look isn't spectacular; too me it's extremely bland. It seems like this is nothing more than a nostalgia trip.
  8. So far only the Hornets are getting new unis but I expect the Hawks to get new threads too. Hawks didn't announce anything so they're not revealing anything.
  9. These are great. I would definitely look better with outlines around the font but these are good even w/o. It would be cool to see a logo package.
  10. The arguments against Seattle don't make any sense, imo. To say that Seattle didn't try like Sacramento is a little foolish. If an owner makes comments saying he will a team where they're at while making an outlandish demand for an arena or little attempt to put one in there all the while his people (maybe himself) secretly already had it in mind to move the team. What should have Sonics fans done??? Ballmer and others offered to keep the team in Seattle by buying them back. Bennett refused and Stern let them go. So what could've they done? What happened in Sacramento wasn't that their fans were "more passionate" but the NBA learning from a previous fiasco and allowing them as many as chances as possible to keep their team (really doing whatever they can to not make themselves look like corporate jerks again). At least, Hansen was honest in what he would do after buying the Kings. Anyway, Clippers shouldn't move. People are too fickle. What if something bad happens to a team every year? Should they constantly change their identity? What the Clippers needed to get rid of, they did. They were the Clippers before Sterling. But if Ballmer moves them to Seattle, I ain't against it.
  11. -edit I was way to harsh on the metallic colors, and I apologize if I came off like a stubborn dick about the yellow. Here is the logo sheet with a sampling of different color schemes. Nah...it's cool man. After all it's your concept so you can do whatever you feel like with it, lol. Updates are good and agree with with you on the Cardinal Red/Athletic Gold. It looks the best. Old and Vegas Gold look a bit drab.Whatever gold the saints wear or Notre Dame wears (at least the helmets) would be cool too.
  12. Thanks man. I've tested out your ideas for the primary and tertiary (which also allowed me to eliminate the contrail, the last non-original element in the set). I assume this is what you meant with your suggestion for the secondary (the "R" was added so that the road could have a representation of the team's name on the road). I love the way this turned out, thank you so much. These updates are a lot better for sure. I just wanted to make some possible suggestions. There is already an inconsistency with outline stroke around the rocket in the primary/tertiary and secondary. Make the stroke size of the rocket primary/tertiary just as it is in the secondary. Try slanting the rocket in the secondary just as in the primary/tertiary. Would give the logo a more aerodynamic feel. A white outline around the yellow ball would improve yopur logo, imo (similar to Utah's primary logo). The way the three colors meet with the white laces, yellow ball and red roundrel is making the logo look a little minor league (You also give the white ball laces a more modern feel lie the ball in Cleveland, New Orleans, Charlotte or Indiana's logo). What would you think about giving the Rockets Vegas Gold and a darker Red rather than the Goldenrod/Atheltic Gold/Yellow they have? Would definitely help differentiate the Hawks from the Rockets. The Rocket you have now, albeit good, comes off stale, static. maybe a little added details (similar to the first rocket) would do wonders.
  13. Not feeling the collars...although everything else is cool. Modern uniforms and old schools uniform collars don't go well together at all. Something modern would make this set perfect. It doesn't have to be the nike wishbone collar (although there's nothing wrong the wishbone collars imo). The return of the old logos and the court design are awesome. Although for the pistons aways, a red font w/ white outline is better white you currently have.
  14. - Absolute downgrade going with V-necks - Upgrade on the wordmark/font (that's font they use in their logos) - Court is kinda tacky, imo. The foul line/line paint and such is a bit much, doesn't look like something that woukd work in the NBA today. Suggest going solid point and circle (more professional looking, minor leagish).Court also lacking orange. Make out-of-bounds either blue or orange and have the foul line paint be the opposite color. Lastly make the "New York Knicks" in the outbounds plain white. - Logo is a wash for me. - Too much silver. Should be a subtle amount.
  15. I like this although Milwaukee should be in there (maybe at Indianapolis's extent) NORRIS Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Detroit Red Wings Houston Aeros Milwaukee Admirals Minnesota North Stars St. Louis Blues Winnipeg Jets How's this? That's cool.
  16. Thank you for this! Honestly, this is really annoying. Teal, you like sleeves? GREAT!!! Now talk about something else and stop behaving like a troll (in the infamous words of Ryan Leaf: "Knock it off!!!"). You always mention this and everyone gets it: YOU LIKE SLEEVES!! (which is why people always are talking about what you mentioned Mr. Nascar). And trying to be Be-A-Star and defend him, it's a waste of time; you're not gonna get a CCSLC badge of honor from it. Let just get back to talking jerseys. All of that stuff takes so much out of the discussion/topic. I too agree that Rockets should splice the championship uniforms with their current ones (but not in the form of their current alternate. Those side panels are a bit tacky).
  17. I like this although Milwaukee should be in there (maybe at Indianapolis's extent)
  18. Hey question: Where can one get a hold of NBA teams fonts?
  19. I've definitely been waiting to see the day someone do this with the USFL. Your illustrations/concepts are greatly designed. Jacksonville's design is excellence BUT there is enough white in the unis. The yellow numbers come of a bit tacky. Maybe adds some white lines into the uniforms to break the orange and yellow (personally i think the yellow is unnecessary). Michigan's design is nearly perfect, IMO. Those colors go extremely well to together (something that would be good for like the grizzlies). The only thing this back is the uniforms which could be a little more modern to fit the logo. Washington's is good as well. I just don't get a patriotic vibe from the eagle you drew. Other than you adding in stars into the uniforms, this teams could be easily called the green hawks or eagles or something. Maybe taking more of an influence from the old logo (an abstract looking eagle with a star for an eye?). These are just suggestions. But overall, great job. BTW, 1. minimize the font size of the wordmarks on the uniforms. It makes the uniforms looks semi-proish. 2. will be designing a new USFL logo? Maybe you can add into the uniforms?