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  1. That empty space in the PS logo is weird. Maybe they should've a small U in that space instead (I'm guessing it's Portland State University). Could someone mock that up?
  2. By far (real far), your best one yet. Exactly how the Knicks should look will a slight addition.
  3. You've got my The rams should go for: 1. A blue between royal and navy with 2. A metallic yellow-gold
  4. LA Times article poll asking which team would fans like to see move to LA?: 49% want the Rams, 20% for the Raiders and only 5% for the Chargers but the league recommends the Chargers and Raiders, who got 11%. What's so great about the Carson project?
  5. Saw somewhere (Bleacher Report) that the NFL is expected to back the Carson site. Edit: (source (not sure if he is credible): Jason Cole)
  6. 100% agree. 50 years in one city says something if not a lot. The Rams still have fans there in LA and as the proposal made clear, the Rams (Kroneke) seems to be completely detached to St. Louis. The NFL better not fudge this up. Why the Chargers even being considered to move, I don't know. If anyone else makes sense it's the Raiders. This is what happens when $$$ trump history/tradition. Btw, why does Jacksonville have a team? (#JaguarstoSTL). Kinda wish the Cardinals went back to STL and the Jags to Arizona.
  7. I think the presentation is awesome as well as the logo packages and it fits an western feel. However, the colors on the uniforms don't mesh well together. Like you have a solid Navy wordmark, a solid orange bolt, solt light blue okc in the uniforms which seems disjointed. Also, different colors would've been cool to specifically the colors in the Kevin Durant pic (like an electric blue, volt green/yellow). JMO
  8. Great article (with some legit points) from SI writer Lee Jenkins, who is a San Diego native and Chargers fan. Also another hoghlighting Chargers S Eric Weddle's postgame response: Personally, if anyone should move, it should be the Rams and/or Raiders.
  9. You should definitely add some silver to the uniform wordmarks and uniforms; jersey seems a bit bare or plain. The overall logo package is boss although you may have one or two more logos than you need.
  10. TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I agree with everyone; this is an awesome concept. BUT I'm afraid I have some bad news...well a suggestion. Is there a way to add more yellow to the logo?
  12. Sorry to bring this from the graveyard but here's some updates:
  13. I agree, as a fellow Blazer fan, the outline stroke is kind of thick. Maybe adding a white outline between the black and red.
  14. I agree about the white highlights; definitely added some definition. Would love to make jerseys but: need to learn how and I wasn't planning to,lol. I have an idea and someone else could take a stab.
  15. Here's a quick update (with the removal of the white highlights and some little other fixes):
  16. Would love to make jerseys but: need to learn how and I wasn't planning to,lol. I have an idea and someone else could take a stab.
  17. Yeah I agree with that. I'll probably try something with both (adding white and removing it).
  18. Hey. So this isn't really much of a original concept just a combination of eras for the Warriors. There are aspects that I believe are great for the current identity (the bridge, royal and gold) and good aspects from the former identity (wordmark, uniforms) that would work together in my opinion. So taking these aspects and combining them, I just made a logo idea based on what I think think they should look.
  19. This is what they should've done. This looks great. Is there any way to eliminate the white outline, so that the ball outline is the same as the inside of the roundel?
  20. Okay these are my ideas: AFC East Buffalo: Perfect. Just wear blue pants more (maybe a blue helmet?) Miami: Please add more orange with a modern sleep stripe. New England: Simplify and modernize uniforms using new wordmark font NY Jets: Make NY alt logo on helmet with added jet (from Kelly era) over the NY. Revert back to Kelly Green (although their current green is unique and more military-ish). Taper all the stripes (pants, helmet, jersey stripe) AFC North Baltimore: Add purple and gold tapered lines (like the helmet) to the black pants. Get rid off the white ones. Fix logo helmet. Cincinnati: Get rid of the side panels. Broaden the numbers and lose the drop shadow by replacing it with an outline. Cleveland: Go backwards. Add orange pants and bring back the brownie logo (a more modern version) Pittsburgh: Change to a more block font or something blockish but still curvy. AFC South Houston: Change to a more modern pant stripe reflecting Texas. Add more white to the navy and red jerseys and navy to the white. Lose red pants. Jacksonville: Move to St. Louis. Lose the gradient helmet (go solid black). Combine the old jaguar with the new one (new one looks not like a logo but an illustration) Indianapolis: Make helmet stripe a double stripe to match stripes throughout the uniform. Revert to white or back to blue facemask. Tennessee: Go light blue, red and silver re-do. AFC West Denver: Modernize the orange and blue 60's uniform and keep the logo. Go Dark Royal rather than Navy. Kansas City: Slightly modernize uniforms. Add yellow to helmet log. Go with metallic Red helmet. Oakland: Switch to silver numbers with black outline on homes. San Diego: Love the Chargers look. Just make the light blues the home jersey and the navy the alt and fix stripes and light bolts on the uniforms. NFC East Dallas: Standardize the blues and silvers (go with dark royal and silver-blue) with the old font type from the 60s and 70s. NY Giants: Add red northwestern stripe to blue uniforms. Make the numbers on the away uniforms blue. Keep the white pants with gray. Philadelphia: No midnight green. No Kelly green. But Emerald Green with silver. No Black. Get inspiration from 80's Super Unis and Oregon. Washington: Combine Vince Lombardi era uniforms with the spear uniforms. Burn the current ones. NFC North Chicago: Get rid of the orange uniforms. Detroit: Keep uniforms but get rid of black. Green Bay: Cool Minnesota: Modern classic NFC South Atlanta: Some guys on the board has done uniforms simplifying the look but keep the numbers and adding the falcon wings as jersey stripes. That's the perfect look. Carolina: Silver pants with white uniforms or black helmets with elimination of silver. New Orleans: Modernize 60s/70s uniforms. Tampa Bay: Keep uniforms. Remove clock effects to number fonts. Go back to old logo and helmet. NFC West Arizona: Follow the Vikings lead. Simplify but modernize. Los Angeles (St. Louis): Keep uniforms but change gold to color between athletic gold and Vegas gold. San Francisco: Either add a little black or remove black completely. Add a little gold to uniforms (stripes) Seattle: Keep new logo and number font. Revert to silver helmet. Modernize Steve Largent uniforms. Not Navy. Not Royal Blue but Marine Blue (Blue with a little green in it).