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  1. There was no "Super Bowl hangover" talk when the team was 3-0. A few things: 1. Denver got a lot of talk about "Super Bowl hangover" when they got crushed by the Seahawks. Two seasons later, they won the Super Bowl with many of the same players. Especially with how young the Falcons' core is, it's pretty foolish to "blow it up". Their lone "old guys" are the roster spots where you want guys being older: starting QB and kicker. Some analysts have compared the sheer youth of the team's roster to the 2012 Seahawks. 2. This is the first year that Ryan and Sarkisian have worked together, and it's looking a lot like the first season when Ryan and Shanahan worked together. Glimpses of brilliance and glimpses of "Da hell?".....learning curves. Now aside from showing up to work drunk, Sarkisian was known for being quite the talent on calling an offense. He gets a pass on his one game with Alabama, and he's only 6 games into the Falcons. Now tonight wasn't a good night for the offense, but they did some good things. Kicker (and special teams, really) had a bad game, and the game situation altered what would have been a likely 3 points into that doomed Jet Sweep call on 4th down. 3. Aside from three games since the start of the 2016 season (Week 1 vs. Tampa last year, the game at Philadelphia last year, and tonight), the Falcons have held a lead at some point into the 4th quarter. So they're pretty much in every game and have been getting that fortunate "one more made play" than the other team on most days. Plus, the analytical stats that are probably the most meaningful for successful teams (points per drive, net yards per play), the Falcons have been solid in. One lousy night isn't cause for concern yet. Plenty of things that need to be cleaned up, sure, but blow it all up? Way too much of an overreaction. Hell, last year's team, one that went to the Super Bowl, was 4-3 after 7 games.
  2. Words never uttered together: "I miss Kyle Shanahan"....
  3. Right, but 2016 showed that you don't have to be a conference champion to be able to get inclusion into the playoffs. Get the four best teams, no matter what their end-of-season distinction is.
  4. About the only way a Pac-12 team makes the playoffs is for Washington and Washington State to win out, and whomever wins the Apple Cup wins the conference. But neither one played an out-of-conference slate worth a crap. So we can basically eliminate the Pac-12. The next two conferences in trouble are the Big XII and the ACC. I'm not sold on Miami and TCU finishing undefeated before their conference championship games. And, should Georgia go 12-0 and lose a close game to Alabama in the SEC Championship, I don't see how an 11-1 Notre Dame gets in while a 12-1 Georgia, which won at Notre Dame this season, doesn't.
  5. Well, they did used to be divisional rivals....
  6. Yeah, I was gonna say, people are talking about his sexist, big-mouthed dad more than the actual player.
  7. Pittsburgh lost at home to Jacksonville and won at Kansas City. Nothing makes sense in the NFL.
  8. Ok, I'll bite. What is the target audience for the NBA?
  9. Even a drunk should see that the Patriots pass defense sucks.....
  10. Career record of 1863-1636, and a 192-132 record with a Nationals team that was known for being huge underachievers. I dunno, you could do worse than hiring Baker. The bigger albatross is likely leaving the Nationals....no more Jayson Werth or that insane 7-year, $120 million contract.
  11. I'm feeling strangely confident about the Falcons' chances of beating the Patriots this weekend.
  12. I'm a STH for an MLS team. I've got nearly 15 years of experience working for sports teams. I know how these things work. I'm probably the wrong guy to approach when it comes to tying emotion into sports. I grew up seeing an autumn without a World Series. I had just started a part-time job with the Thrashers when the NHL decided not to play a season. And, I survived job cuts in the front office when the Thrashers got sold and relocated. I've put emotion out of sports and just see it for what it is....a form of entertainment. Of course I want the local teams to do well, but if they don't do well, I don't let it overtake my emotions. Hell, when we went to the Super Bowl this past February (I think I've told this story before), I never really thought about anything long-term that many fans thought about....all I thought of it was "Great game that may go down as the best SB of all time, hella fun weekend, glad we were able to experience this before real life happens.". And while I understand the anger portion of it, ultimately you are just purchasing tickets for a team's games. Whatever contract/agreement there is between the team and the fan doesn't account for how much emotion you plan on investing...that's not tangible. It's only misleading if there's contractual language that says they're definitely playing games for a given length, and teams are usually pretty smart about not guaranteeing long-term promises, such as relocations. Now the wife is entertaining (lord have mercy is she entertaining), but that's a tangible relationship with years of growing and meshing and building trust and sharing experiences with and all that stuff. She's not a sporting event. I know what I'm expecting when I purchase single-game or season tickets. There is a reason why STH's are year-to-year deals.
  13. These players are already taking less than market value to create these superteams. No amount of money will make Minneapolis sexier than Miami, Oklahoma City sexier than Los Angeles, etc. when these stars make a lot of money off the court. Players have shown they'll take whatever amount if it means they can buddy-up and go for a ring. How would you sell me on buying a ticket to see the Hawks, without mentioning arena renovations or the opponent?
  14. But here's the thing....it's not like they aren't playing the 2018 season in Columbus. Those games are still taking place. It's not like they took their money, then said "Yeah, these games aren't being played" and not giving refunds.
  15. It is pretty amazing that it took nearly 30 years for the Dodgers to return to the World Series. Like the Cardinals, they rarely have seasons where they aren't competitive and don't seem to have a prolonged stretch where they've been dreadful. I can't recall many losing seasons from them since 1988.
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