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  1. Eh... I'm not a fan. I'll post some pictures when I can. The jerseys look as good as they can look, but that's damming with faint praise.
  2. Wichita State is wearing pink uniforms this coming Thursday.
  3. Hell, I would be okay with the rule that road teams never wear white. I can handle a home team in black if the road team's look is different enough from black.
  4. Wichita State's official color is yellow, but on the court and field it all ends up being athletic gold.
  5. I would take all your design elements and move them up the helmet. Between the ear hole, the facemask, and the chin strap, you are going to lose a lot of detail.
  6. Yep, this is 100% true. Randy hates red in the uniforms. I know he hated the old husky logo too. Not sure how he feels about the new one. I think it's funny how UConn is slowly moving away from their brand refresh a couple years ago. First the return of the block C, then the removal of red. Maybe now that Randy has the uniform he wants, he will win more than one game.
  7. Ben5

    NCAA Football Concepts

    That's it. Thanks for all the comments. I probably won't revisit college football for a while. I hope you liked it.
  8. Ben5

    NCAA Football Concepts

    I am not Kong Tom. I just think he is great at doing quotes.
  9. Ben5

    NCAA Football Concepts

    Taking things a little slower on a Sunday.