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  1. 10 hours ago, edjb93 said:

    I like this! It's a nice and clean set. I think these should be on the court.


    P.S. You've got a nice uniform template to work with.


    I agree it should be on the court. But despite my best efforts, it won't be.


    That's actually the Under Armour uniform template for this style jersey and shorts. underarmourteamuniforms.com is the link, and you can make an account and do your own. Granted, I recreated this one in inkscape, but you'll be seeing the same thing.


  2. 3 hours ago, Discrim said:

    On a semi-related note, I've noticed a similar phenomenon in college softball



    Not as common as it seems to be in basketball but hardly a rarity.  As far as I've noticed, button-up jerseys don't get paired with too small wordmarks/scripts too often, if at all.


    It's the same thing: not enough real estate on a jersey for a long wordmark. You're more likely to see it in softball because the wordmark is the same for each jersey size. If the wordmark is too big for an extra small women's jersey, then it's going to get downsized.

  3. Yeah, you're right. It's a case of the wordmark not being basketball specific. When these jerseys are designed, the wordmark is typically designated to be 2", 2.5", or 3" inches tall. So if your wordmark is too wide when it's three inches tall, it gets bumped down a half inch in height. These longer wordmarks end up getting tiny in order to fit on the front of the jerseys.


    Makes sense to me that the width should be the set value, so the height can vary. But what do I know, I've only been ordering basketball uniforms for college teams for eight years.

  4. 31 minutes ago, MJWalker45 said:

    I believe the Michigan wing was available in the last iteration. I'm fine with leaving conference logos off uniforms because they had a way to do that with the field. One problem they did have for teams that would require mirrored logos. Even if they were the same size when you added them in two different areas of upload, they could be different sizes on the helmets. As far as jersey designers I'd like the option of choosing a Nike Mach Speed, Vapor or Under Armour style design when picking my uniforms, complete with proper branding instead of possibly wasting an upload spot for a logo that won't translate well on all the team gear. 


    Yeah, they had a wing and a ram horn. But in addition to those, give us an Oregon type wing. And an Eagles type wing. If we can't upload logos everywhere, then give us options to get close to existing designs that are notable and fun.


    I get that some people like having the different templates from different companies. Not my thing, but I wouldn't be upset if they put it in.

  5. Teambuilder was decent in the last iteration, but it was far from optimized. Here is how you make it better:

    • Better font selection. They aren't going to be able to put every font an NCAA team uses in teambuilder, but they can put more than three in. Give us a couple block fonts, a couple rounded fonts, maybe an italized font. Enough so that if you wanted to remake a few teams, you aren't reusing the same thing over and over again.
    • Instead of having a bunch of jersey designs (most of which are crap), break down the parts even further. Here are the different sleeve designs, here are the different shoulder designs, here are the side panel designs. That way one can mix and match elements without having to make a million different total jersey designs.
    • Add spots for conference logos (or manufacturers logo).
    • Add some flexibility to the helmets. Things like different textures or different logo sizes. Put in a simple wing helmet design or a tiger stripe design.

    Do I want the full creation suite that NBA 2K has? Absolutely. Can they make a good teambuilder without doing that? Yeah, they totally can.

  6. I don't think every team needs a custom number font, but I usually prefer it when they do. There are so many ways to do a block number that are unique without looking bad. If you can have a font that fits into your brand overall, use it! If not, don't use the same block font everyone else in the league uses. Do something different!

  7. 15 hours ago, Old School Fool said:

    Are these players wearing the shirts underneath the pads correct? That would be something to consider. I imagine the pads dig into skin or whatever sometimes and wearing an undershirt fixes that. We've seen undershirts in the past without a problem, anybody remember the infamous 90's turtleneck?


    I think it's down to the manufacturer, in this case, Nike does not know how to do these properly or something. Baggy stuff isn't "in" with fashion these days, dudes kinda want to wear the tighest possible clothing now. It's all Nike's fault and the teams equipment managers for not being smart about this. They had it right years ago.


    [Deon pic]


    I'm confused as to your point. It's an equipment manager fault that the player wants to wear a baggy shirt under their jersey? Or Nike's fault? How so?

  8. 3 hours ago, guest23 said:


    I don't think there's a nike factory in the traditional sense as nike has been a primary contract manufacturer for decades. From what others have mentioned over the years there is a manufacturer called powers that was nike's uniform manufacturer. Depending on your school and contract tier you may have been getting stock/catalog jerseys where they are working off stock on hand domestically and can turn around in a few days if you are close to the factory or can expedited ship. Elite schools and nfl teams are basically getting made to order product that is getting more customization with the difference being that nfl jerseys were traditionally delivered blank due to the wear/tear, roster turnover, and high degree of tailoring/customization/repairs for players. That customization was typically done by a local tailoring shop and not equipment staff because that was typically not a skill that equipment staff had but I think technology has brought some of that in house. If anyone has a better understanding they can correct or clarify.



    Yeah, I think we are saying the same thing. I was at UConn back when they used to be in the Big East (you know, before they eventually ended up in the Big East). When we needed a replacement jersey, we would get it on demand. I'm not sure if it was Powers or some other uniform manufacturer who we contacted, but they would put the numbers and nameplate on.

  9. I have a theory regarding the Patriots numbers.


    I used to work at at a Nike football school. We didn't get numbers to have sewn on blank jerseys; the Nike factory did it for us. We send them the size we wanted with the name and the number, and they would sew them together and send it to us. The turn around was only a few days, as in we would put the order in on Monday, and the jersey would be in our hands before we packed up for the week on Thursday.


    Is it possible the factory could be the ones putting the wrong numbers on the jerseys? I'd say so.

  10. On 8/13/2020 at 12:26 AM, Bruhammydude said:

    I have mixed feelings about Texas A&M. Yes, they finally got rid of the gray and the bevels, but those shoulder stripes were uniquely A&M. Now they mostly just look like a maroon Texas. I think it's a lateral move IMO, would've chosen something like this if I was the AD.



    This concept is garbage and whoever made it sucks.

  11. 27 minutes ago, CS85 said:


    White at home should never be perceived as boring, but I get where you're coming from.  I think a lot of this could be simplified by mandating home teams wear a "light" color, and the road team a "dark" color.  Home team should never wear black, navy, maroon, etc. 


    Hell, I would be okay with the rule  that road teams never wear white. I can handle a home team in black if the road team's look is different enough from black.

  12. On 6/25/2019 at 9:22 PM, 4_tattoos said:

    IIRC, there was a rumor during Edsall's first run at UConn that he didn't like/want red in the uniforms. Which is why they wore blue, white and gray during that time despite the rest of the school's teams having red as an accent color. Looks like he dropped red the first chance he got.


    Guess we know his gang affiliation lol        j/k


    Yep, this is 100% true. Randy hates red in the uniforms. I know he hated the old husky logo too. Not sure how he feels about the new one.


    I think it's funny how UConn is slowly moving away from their brand refresh a couple years ago. First the return of the block C, then the removal of red. Maybe now that Randy has the uniform he wants, he will win more than one game.

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