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  1. That's it. Thanks for all the comments. I probably won't revisit college football for a while. I hope you liked it.
  2. I am not Kong Tom. I just think he is great at doing quotes.
  3. Taking things a little slower on a Sunday.
  4. I am going to keep Wisconsin the same. I have to do something before to separate the Badgers and Nebraska.
  5. It's a deliberate choice to make them look bad.
  6. Can no one comment, please? I'm trying to get the most concepts in a thread with the fewest comments.
  7. Previous entries in this series "A car is more than a vehicle, it can be your friend and your life"-Kong Tom
  8. That clutters it up and makes it harder to see.
  9. I tried that, and I was not liking it.
  10. You're right, it is better.
  11. I like the number on the pants.
  12. Good call, these are both better.
  13. Hmm, I see where you are coming from. They both are fairly thin, non-traditional fonts. But I think they are different enough, personally.
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