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  1. Thanks folks. In three or four years I'll probably do this again, so stay tuned.
  2. The full body pic is most likely fake, absolutely. But are we sure that retail pic is fake?
  3. Quote: "A snake will hiss, and a dog will bark. Animals are creatures of habit." -Kong Tom
  4. They wanted to make all the helmets white that season so every team could pull from the same stock, but at some point they caved and gave them their own.
  5. When you put the logo on helmet, rotate it counter clockwise a bit. The logo is meant to be lined up when the helmet is being worn. A vertical line through the center of the logo should be perpendicular to the horizontal cross bar on the facemask.
  6. It's an inaccurate rendition of the jersey below. There is practically no chance that the Jets new road jersey was leaked on a Marvel comic (?) cover in October.
  7. Obviously the Tulane jersey and pants are bad, but I like the helmet. I would eliminate the green in the center of the helmet and make the blue one large stripe. Overall, I think it looks fun.
  8. Not really true at all. Here is last year's yellow uniform (which was the same at the white and black):
  9. Guess I can post these now. Here is the black and the white uniforms for the Shockers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  10. Also known as the UCLA template.
  11. To be fair, they are transporting uniforms no matter what. They go in a bin on the truck. And the red are washed well before the whites would be packed for the road game. On top of all that, it would much easier to launder the red jerseys again instead of the whites. It's harder to clean white. If I had to guess, I would say they are doing it for spite.
  12. Wichita State is moving to Under Armour, so they are getting new jerseys.
  13. I know this probably belongs in next's year's thread, but Wichita State is getting new uniforms next year with the switch over to Under Armour.
  14. Because if they switch, they could sell more with the throwback design than their current design. Then they could throwback to a different year and still have that source of revenue.
  15. Yep, you need the warning label. I'd make an argument for the numbers, and maybe the yellow microphone sticker. The rest? No, you don't need it.
  16. It was 100% the school's choice, no doubt. West Virginia has had that set for years. And as in almost all cases, a special order was made for the decals. I seriously doubt they are chosen solely because they had them on hand for no particular reason.
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