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  1. Not that I dislike the Giants' road uniform, but this would be better than the simple block they use now. Even better, however, would be if they introduced a "SAN FRANCISCO" script in the same typeface as the "GIANTS" script used on the home cream jerseys. I hate the script on the away uniforms they have now, but I love the cursive script. I used it for my Giants concept in my MLB series, I need to go back and finish this series sometime. I am really digging this design. In the past I always thought this particular script logo was terrible but I think that was due to the orange and black tops they put it on. On the white and grays I really like it.
  2. Does anyone have insight into how the NHL All-Star site is chosen? I know that Selig typically tries to award the MLB game to the newest facilities in the league or at least those with historical significance. I ask because I wonder why St. Louis has never been considered. This is a pretty passionate hockey city but our building is now 16 years old and we have not hosted since the game was at the old Arena back in '88. Just thought maybe someone could shed some light on this.
  3. Agreed, just another way to sell more merchandise. They don't give a crap about eco friendly anything. The only green David Stern is worried about are the greenbacks flying into his wallet.
  4. Its funny, I used to be all about this but now that it may actually become reality I don't support it at all.
  5. What' sad is that I can name 3 or 4 high schools here in the St. Louis area that rip off Mizzou's logo and yet they decide to go after a school in South Dakota? Or maybe it was North Dakota....either way you get the idea.
  6. SEMOSTLfan

    MLB Concepts

    I'm digging these uniforms, up until i saw your work here I hated the brown and yellow but you made it look good. I would suggest some white piping around the letters on the alternates and perhaps a san diego wordmark on the road uniform. However I would prefer the San Diego to be in the same font as Padres on the home unis, that difference has always bothered me. Hope this helps.
  7. Thankfully my best friend is just as much a sports nut as I am so if I have one of these situations I typically just hold my tongue and then call him to discuss it.
  8. This happens to me more times than I care to count. Most of the time its my girlfriend who has to listen to my mindless banter but luckily she's a huge sports fan so at least she understands. The instance that comes to mind first is when I realized that West Virginia football uses the same font that my high school football team used my senior year. Of course since I graduated that have put the H logo of the New York New Jersey Hitmen on their helmets and I had to explain to my parents why I was so disgusted at the sight of their new uniforms.
  9. I think its something to do with Firefox 3....Mine did it at first too and then straightened itself out. Check your flash plugins and extensions etc.
  10. Which era of the River City Rascals are you referring to?
  11. I went to the last two games of the NLCS last year and they were STILL wearing them lol. but I think for the World Series, they started wearing the gray ones on the road again. Likewise I wish the Astros would figure out how to wear gray on the road rather than those damn brick ones THEY wear 9 out of 10 games.
  12. Man these throwbacks were executed to near perfection. Both teams wearing stirrups with accurate batting helmets. I wish more teams would go to this detail instead of doing half-a$$ed throwbacks.
  13. I'm embarrassed to say that I was not aware of that rule before this moment. I always thought the catchers box was just something the grounds crew added if they felt like it, in fact when I played baseball in high school I don't remember most of the fields we played on even having catchers boxes.
  14. Stupid...plain and simple
  15. Sadly I think the part that made me laugh the most was the comment at the end about the Detroit police pulling out by 2012.