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  1. I was at the unveiling last night with some friends. The uniforms looked great, IMO but I'll post my full review later. Right now, I just wanted to bring some attention to the new wordmark that Andrew had alluded to earlier in the thread. I bought one of the replica jerseys that came with a commemorative gift. The certificate of authenticity in the box had a detailed look at the new wordmark: For reference, here's the old wordmark:
  2. From the Bills Website... "The jersey held up by the Bills top draft choice is a league operation. From what I have been told the draft is NOT when the new jersey will be unveiled despite a lot of speculation to the contrary. The unveiling of the 2011 uniforms will be later in the offseason. So the league will use the current jersey when the Bills first draft choice is introduced, provided he?s in New York at the draft."
  3. I'm a Bills season ticket holder and will be attending the Draft Day party. I asked my ticket rep if the jerseys would be unveiled then and was told that the unveiling is scheduled to take place in June.
  4. I usually make it out to around four of five Bills games per year, and I swear I've seen a couple fans wearing merchandise with this logo on it (mainly caps). I'm not sure if it was ever sold or how they acquired it. Next time I see a random fan wearing it, I'll try to snap a picture.
  5. Is it just me or does it seem incredibly unsafe to basically have a 10 foot brick wall marking out of bounds in the back of the endzone? How many times do you see receivers run full speed out of bounds on a deep pass into the endzone? Seems like a there's a huge potential for injury, IMO.
  6. I've only had the new one pop up twice for me over the period of like a month. It's very sporadic.
  7. A couple weeks ago I noticed that Google had updated its logo and results page. I went back to the page again later in the day and it had reverted to its original version. Today, I got the new version again. I figured I'd show you guys some screenshots for those of you who haven't been randomly selected to test it yet. Logo: Home Page: Before: After: Results Page: Before: After: Image Results Page: Before: After:
  8. Hey, guys! I joined this forum in 2005 as a sports logo and graphic design enthusiast. Over the years I have drifted away from logo design and have turned my sights on web design. Which brings me to my next point: I am in the semifinals of a $10,000 web design competition and would very much appreciate your support. I have created a theme design for a Content Management System (similar to Wordpress themes) for a site called Weebly.com. All you have to do to vote is go to this link and click the Vote button. It only takes two seconds! Thank you for your time! Voting Link
  9. This is the first pic of the white throwbacks in action that I came across: Image courtesy of Terrell Owens.
  10. I like it at first glance! Only complaint is that maybe the green is a little too neon, but other than that it looks pretty sweet.
  11. A couple months ago a fellow CCSLC member directed me to SmashingMagazine.com as a place to get graphic and web design inspiration, as well as some tutorials here and there. Ever since then, I've been hooked and have visited every day. A couple days ago they posted a nice article on the ten most common mistakes in logo design. I think it would be a good read for some of the younger guys here, as well as some of the more established designers. Enjoy! 10 Common Mistakes in Logo Design