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  1. The first game of the finals - Vandy wore their Stars and Stripes uniform, which is my least favorite of their possible combinations. For any team, those should be relegated to games on holidays. Are they saying they are more patriotic than Virginia? Anyway, go Vandy!
  2. I would still find the whole uniform to be a boring mess. The current helmet just makes it awful.
  3. I'm appalled by bloody flag imagery on college, or pro uniforms. These guys are not actual soldiers (although a few could certainly be veterans). Real soldiers spill their actual blood on their uniforms almost every day. Frankly, the US flag should not be butchered as a fashion statement for a college football uniform. The administration at Northwestern should step in and not allow the team to wear these. Put the flag on the jersey and helmet and leave it at that. Why not simply donate the money used to create these uniforms to a veterans' cause and ask fans to donate as well?
  4. You know sir, a LOT of other schools feature stone on their buildings too. Duh.
  5. IU's chrome candy striped helmets look awful at night. The top of the helmet looks black due to the night sky. Similarly, Mizzou's logo on the matte helmet is not visible at a distance on the TV. Overall, a terrible helmet match up in Bloomington under the lights.
  6. Here are some details on Tuesday's update:
  7. D2 & D3 would be a some cool DLC though that some might pay a few bucks for. I recall that they used to have the Ivy League in the game, which was kind of cool. At least the FCS teams would be better than the generic teams they use now.
  8. So far, I enjoy the gameplay in this year's version best of all. The variety of tackles and movements seems like a leap compared to previous versions of the game. Although, I must admit I had a bizarre situation where on 3rd and goal, I tossed it into the endzone and the cornerback intercepted the ball while falling out of bounds. I hesitated calling the next play hoping it would be a booth review and the game came through, but instead of calling the cornerback out of bounds, they awarded me a touchdown despite my receiver not even touching the ball. The cornerback did get his toe inbounds according to the replay, but they didn't give him an interception. I even watched an instant replay again, and my receiver never touched the ball. Still, this year is a keeper for me.
  9. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but Vandy's previous set with the piping is in there and Arkansas' previous two sets are there, so they did leave in the earlier uniforms. I haven't checked every team.
  10. That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever read on here. Why would they give people an incentive to keep their old game and not buy the new? They would presumably make you pay for the new uniforms, but as I pointed out, I already knew the answer. They stopped updating the uniforms before the season even ended last year, so they aren't going to offer the new ones for NCAA 13. I'm carrying an extra $60 in my wallet now, to buy the new unis.
  11. I see they dropped old uniforms they had left in the game in previous years, such as Arkansas's. Also, I noticed that all of Army's alts disappeared, yet they left in Navy's and Air Force's. Last year they only offered two free updates if I recall and then charged for later updates that happened to all be manufacturer specific. Frankly, some were rather odd unless you were an alum of the school, why shell out extra for it? Some that you had to pay for last year are already in there. I'll be interested to see if they offer any of Indiana's alts later in the year. They never updated many schools that announced their changes in the spring last year, such as Vandy, which has been updated for this version.
  12. I already dread the uniform they will likely pair with the chrome helmet. I agree with most of the anti-posts above. Stick with the interlocking IU and get rid of the others, which are unnecessary. I am an IU grad, so I do try to watch their mediocre football teams.
  13. Well, would you go up to a group of black guys and say "What's up, Negroes?" If not, why do we still refer to early 20th century black baseball as the Negro leagues? I think referring to something that hasn't existed since Negro was considered a polite term has a bit to do with it. Now if you want to talk about the "C" in NAACP, you might have a point. It's real simple. It's called the Negro Leagues because that is what the leagues were officially called. You had the Negro American League and the Negro National League. One of the earlier major leagues was called the Eastern Colored League. You just can't go changing history after the fact to appease today's politcal correctness. It is what it is. I've done more research on the Negro Leagues than you could ever imagine... I even made an NES rom based on teams that competed in them. Trust me, I don't need your agenda-driven "correction." I've found that "What's up, Mario?" or "What's up, Tahrim?" usually works best. I tend to simply say, "What's up, gentlemen?" to any group of males, unless I know them personally. I was raised to be polite to everyone. If by some odd quirk, the Negro Leagues still existed, they certainly would have changed the name of the leagues in the 1960s. Frankly, it is odd that the NAACP hasn't changed the 'C', but they are certainly known more by the letter combination than the full name.
  14. That would be a great poll. Question: Would like your local NFL franchise to continue using a racist nickname that offends many Native Americans?