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  1. If they're going to do this, they should do it right. ABC used the same theme for all of its sports programming (except the Calgary Olympics, which still used "Bugler's Dream") in the late 80's. But they used a different arrangement for every sport. In FOX's case, they could use a pipe organ version for baseball and an electric guitar version for NASCAR.
  2. Yeah, but then we'd have to put up with that arrogant a*hole Bob Costas even more frequently. Please. Costas vs. McCarver is no contest. Hope the Peacock gets it. Maybe we all get lucky and they could have Costas host the studio show and Michaels do pxp. We probably wouldn't be that lucky, though.
  3. Yeah, no dice. Of course, I live in Fairfield County, so I can get the games in SD on FOX61, but these carriage disputes are getting ridiculous. It's all ESPN's fault. They jack up the subscriber fees so that they can gobble up more and more properties, and they have so many properties that the cable and satellite providers have to pay their exorbitant subscriber fees. And then the networks lose something like the BCS to ESPN and they say, "Basta!"
  4. Between this and the FSN graphics, FOX really treats baseball as an afterthought. I would love for baseball to go back home to NBC in 2014.
  5. You will beat the habs. One can only hope they will. Say, is that Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel?
  6. ESPN was the one who overpayed for the NHL back in August 1998, just to muscle out FOX/FX. When the rights came up for renewal, ESPN offered $60 million per year, 40 games on ESPN2, and nothing on ABC. ABC flatly refused to televise the NHL in primetime. Bettman made the deal with NBC to keep the league on broadcast television. And after the lockout, OLN was offering money. ESPN was offering quite literally nothing - just the same revenue-sharing deal as NBC. I know the NHL isn't that valuable as a television property, but if they have any respect for themselves they've got to take something over nothing. The whole thing was just a matter of inconvenient timing. The league and the PA announced the end of the lockout and ESPN says that they're interested in retaining the cable rights. Then, Turner says that they're also interested in the NHL. And out of the clear, blue sky, USA says that they're also interested in the NHL. And then, the NHL announces the deal with Comcast. Ah, crap. I don't know, but I don't think anyone else has mentioned one issue. Say what you will about Phoenix; I agree it's counterintuitive as a hockey market. But with all deference to the good people there, Hamilton is an armpit. It would be far and away the bleakest, most unappealing road trip in the league.
  7. Terry Bradshaw was sacked for a safety in each of his first three games.
  8. People keep saying this last as though the American League is some kind of abberation. There are only two professional leagues in the entire world that still have the pitchers bat: the National League and the Central League. Who are these people who want to watch pitchers bat? It's as bad as listening to Jennifer Lopez sing. No offense, but this is the worst idea I've ever heard.
  9. New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Philadelphia.
  10. The CFL without Toronto would be like the NFL without Los Angeles.
  11. OK, the gametime temperature for Game 4 of the '07 Series, which was played in Denver on October 27, was 64 degrees.
  12. Yes, I realize that. But it's the One HD broadcast, in SD.
  13. Say, is Ten showing the game in HD? ESPN Classic is showing the One HD broadcast.