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  1. two home jerseys plus halloween equals a great looking game
  2. u guys mite need to make an account to view this concept.. but would love to hear your thoughts
  3. hey i don't know how many of you guys have an EA account to view my team so u mite have to make one.. but here is my team.. love to hear your thoughts
  4. State 1. South Carolina(not biased, i just love the palmetto tree) 2. New Mexico(simple and unique) 3. Maryland(the design is just unique and famous) National 1. Canada 2. Jamaica 3. Argentina
  5. the SEC is a very good looking conference...but imo 1.Auburn 2.LSU 3.Tennessee 4.Bama 5.UGA 6.Florida 7.Ole Miss 8.Vandy 9.Arkansas 10.Kentucky 11.Carolina 12.MSU ur thoughts??
  6. yea i mean army could have been in there instead, same with bama instead of gsu
  7. wow imo ucf had great helmets before, this has to be one of the worst changes in recent memory
  8. this list is ok, the order should be different but i like that wofford and gsu, 2 D-1AA schools were included, i think penn state should be in there have at it
  9. i disagree with some, i like ND's green jerseys and isu's jerseys
  10. i really thought that AZ had the best jerseys in college basketball, the new ones are nice but there was no need for a change IMO and maybe im just seeing things but are the Fla jerseys supposed to look like gator scales?
  11. there is a lot of good unis, Stanford, Arkansas, South Carolina, CSUF, Nebraska, and some Tennessee jerseys are all my favorites
  12. here is an article about it
  13. i know a year or two back Southern Cal was having some issues with South Carolina using a similar looking SC logo, maybe thats the reason for the decline this is the South Carolina logo
  14. the big 12 has a lot of great jerseys, the best of any conference OK, Neb, CU, TAMU, and KU all have some of the best jerseys